Rustic Décor for a Country-Like Kitchen

There is something so attractive about a rustic vintage kitchen you usually find in old country-houses. The well-worn equipment, open shelves, as well as white walls decorated with wooden planks employs a welcoming look to your kitchen.

Don’t have any idea for your rustic kitchen? Let’s look at these rustic kitchen décor inspirations that effortlessly bring classic touches to your home.

Rustic color wood stain

A simple way to start out with rustic kitchen decor ideas for your home is to choose a rustic style of paint or stain for the walls. Paint in soft pastel colors to create a warm look. Rustic colors like pale yellow, cream, and white will create a cozy, country feel. Choose smooth-textured wood stain instead of the rough acrylic types. With a little research and planning, you can find an affordable, reasonably priced wood stain that will match the rustic interior decor theme.

When your walls, roof, and floors have used wood colors and materials, the next rustic kitchen interior idea you can try is repainting the kitchen cabinets and kitchen island with neutral pastel colors such as light blue and gray. These two colors will work well together when surrounded by an oak interior. Wooden interior with pastel-colored furniture from onekindesign.

The red oak wood applied to this floor is combined with the kitchen island and ceiling made of reclaimed wood which looks more shabby chic. In this room, you can use white wall paint as a neutral color that is easy to mix with other furniture around it. White wall from onekindesign.

The entire interior as well as furniture made of wood is one of the characteristics of the rustic kitchen decor that you are currently applying. To improve the look instantly, then you can repaint the walls with warm and neutral paint colors such as beige. Vintage rugs lining the wooden floor give the room a more elegant feel. Beige wall paint from onekindesign.

An aged wood style for shelves

Another easiest thing to do to get rustic kitchen decor ideas is to go with the aged wood style. You will be able to find these types of shelves made out of maple, hickory, and oak. If you are trying to find a pine shelf that is distressed, then you will have an even better chance of finding one that looks great. Rustic pine shelves will easily hang from the wall and will be very useful. They also come in a variety of shades that will allow you to match the decor of your kitchen perfectly.

Do you need more storage in rustic kitchen decorations? If so, then you can use floating solid oak wood shelves which are equipped with sturdy iron supports and is not easily porous when used for a long time. This shelf is built openly making it easier for you when storing goods. Floating solid oakwood shelves from decoist.

Open storage is one of the important accents that must be had for kitchen decoration ideas with limited space, choose and use floating brown oak wood racks that are arranged vertically in the kitchen wall area or more precisely in the corner of the room neatly. Stack several types of tableware according to their needs so that this shelf can store more items. Brown oakwood rack from decoist.

Use the wall area in your kitchen decor as a storage idea to make it more useful. If your walls are made of stone which is painted white, then you can install some floating maple wood shelves that are used to store kitchen spices and some ornaments that make the room look more beautiful and unique. Floating maple wood shelves from decoist.

Adjust the kitchen cabinet materials with hanging shelves that will be used in this kitchen simultaneously, hickory wood material is one of the best choices suitable for presenting a rustic country vibe that seems more natural and environmentally friendly. No need to repaint, you just need to polish it for a more glossy surface when exposed to reflected sunlight or light. Hickory wood rack storage from decoist.

Rustic Floor

If you want to try something different with your rustic kitchen decor ideas, go rustic on the flooring. Pine and cedar floors are great for an aged look. So this is suitable to create a strong rustic vibe. Not only do these two species provide a soft, warm glow, but they also allow for lots of foot traffic. In addition, they’re very easy to clean and maintain.

Reuse reclaimed wood materials to be used as interior ideas for rustic kitchen decorations that are on a budget and certainly seem simpler. Apply this material to the wall area as well as the floor so that it makes the room more harmonious and harmonious, the advantage of using wood is that it makes the atmosphere of the room warmer. Kitchen reclaimed wood walls and floors from architecturaldigest.

This white rustic kitchen decoration will look more colorful when combined with red oak floors which have a smoother surface and are not easily slippery when exposed to splashes of water. In addition, the wood material is also very easy to maintain and is not easily damp when exposed to the reflection of sunlight that enters through the kitchen glass window which is quite wide. Oakwood floor from architecturaldigest.

The next rustic country kitchen floor idea that you can try is wood pallet material that is not painted or re-polished so that it looks more natural and environmentally friendly. Complete the look of this floor with some matching colored furniture that makes the room more elegant. The metal chandelier gives off an instant vintage vibe. Pallet wood flooring from architecturaldigest.

Perfect your rustic kitchen decor by using hardwood floors which have a smoother and softer foot surface so they are safe for children. This wood floor will appear bolder when combined with colored poles and ceilings with matching materials. Furthermore, hanging rope lights become the main lighting idea that you can try. Hardwood floor from architecturaldigest.

Rustic Lighting Fixtures

One of the most common rustic kitchen lighting ideas used today is a combination of two very common items: the traditional lamp and the chandelier. In fact, you might find a combination of a traditional lamp with a rustic chandelier that is very interesting indeed. Typically, a traditional lamp is made out of iron or some other metal that is then covered in stained glass or some other type of material. You can also use lanterns to present a traditional and vintage vibe. This kind of rustic lighting fixture will make your kitchen look country-like kitchen.

Install and hang weathered copper lamps with yellow lighting to make your rustic kitchen style warmer, dim and romantic. If this lamp does not illuminate this kitchen room, then you can also turn on the recessed lamp simultaneously because they both have yellow lighting. Try these lighting ideas easily. Hanging weathered copper lamp from deavita.

Lighting is the main accent for all types of rooms in your home decor, including rustic country-style kitchen decorations. This lightbulb with weathered iron lampshade gives a vintage impression that is suitable for your current kitchen decor, you can hang this lamp in several different areas to get maximum lighting results. Lightbulb with a weathered metal lampshade from deavita. 

Orbit lighting is one of the suitable lightings for antique and vintage rustic kitchen decorations. This orbit lighting uses candlelight to make the room warmer and of course, it makes the kitchen room seem dimmer and dramatic. You can only turn on this light at night to save on expenses. Orbit lighting fixtures from deavita.

This chandelier with a copper hood is equipped with several candle lighting that makes your rustic kitchen room warmer, hang this lamp right above the kitchen island to reflect the light throughout the room evenly because it is in the middle of the room. You can use two lamps of the same type, size, and shape. Lamp with copper shade from deavita.

You don’t have to choose just a few items to turn your kitchen from a typical kitchen into a country one. The key is to choose pieces that are a little different and let your creativity take over. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with plenty of rustic kitchen decor ideas that you can use. Your kitchen should be a place where you can escape from the stresses of the day.

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