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Warm Bedroom Decor Ideas to Warm Your Heart

warm bedroom décor can go a long way: better sleep, better snuggling, better lazy lounging, and so on. Most people agree that the bedroom is the most comfortable space in the whole house, and there are design tips and tricks to apply to get the much-needed warmth there.

Don’t sacrifice the comfort of your very own private space by ignoring the aesthetic aspects, too. Therefore, to achieve all these, we have compiled five ideas that make for a warm bedroom décor at once. They’re guaranteed to get you inspired to start throwing the new shades or features inside the room.

Earthy Colors

Decorating a bedroom can’t be separated from the color scheme ideas. Choosing the right color will be affected to the bedroom nuance. To create a warm bedroom, using warm earthy colors can be a good option. Color like nude, cream, soft brown, brown, beige, grey, or terracotta can be chosen. The warm earth tone color will create a warm impression of the bedroom. So, it can add coziness to your sanctuary space.

The dark brown color applied to the bedding and wooden floors is an interior idea that is suitable for decorating a warmer bedroom, you can also use a rattan wicker basket next to the bed as an idea for storing blankets or some pillows that have been used. You can combine it with clean white cloth carpets, headboard pallets, and wall paint. The combination of dark brown shades with white from homebnc.

Complete the appearance of your warm bedroom with several layers of fabric on the bed with a beige color that seems more neutral, in this room you can also use wooden furniture with mini green plant decorations placed right next to your bed. Beige color can blend perfectly when combined with white shiplap walls and floor surfaces covered with rugs of the same color. Beige fabric over the bed from homebnc.

Another color choice that you can use to give an earth tone color vibe to your warm bedroom decor is dark gray on puffy bedding which has a warmer and softer surface, of course. The bed, floor, and several other wooden interiors are the perfect combinations that you can use at the same time. Glass windows that are large enough to be a source of natural light. Gray puffy bedding from homebnc.

Layered Textiles

Textiles play an important role in creating the warmth of a room. Likewise in bedroom decoration. Applying layered textiles can add warmth to your bedroom. In this case, you are free to apply layered bedding. Placing a bed cover and soft blanket can be a smart choice. Add some pillows and throw pillows to strengthen a warm ambiance. Choose a soft fabric to add warmth and coziness. 

To get maximum warmth while in bed, you can use several layers of fabric, namely bedding with a thick blanket that has a smooth and soft texture. In addition, this bed is also equipped with several throw pillows that you can use to make you more comfortable and warm when the weather in the room feels colder. Layers of bedding with thick blankets from homebnc.

This brown ruffle bedding is not warm enough when not covered with a matching faux fur blanket, brown is one of the colors of choice that gives the earth tone color a warm and more neutral vibe. The floor lamp lighting that is beamed towards the bed provides extra warmth, you can try it easily. Combination of ruffle bedding with faux fur blanket from homebnc.

When winter weather arrives, using cotton bedding is not enough to warm your body while in bed. Blankets are an important choice as well as an accent that you can use at the same time with a selling value that is not too expensive. You can choose this blanket with a color that matches one of the patterns on the bedding so that it can work better when decorating this room to the fullest. Accent blankets as bedding layers from homebnc.

Upholstered Headboard

Besides layering the textiles, using an upholstered headboard also can create a warm bedroom decor. A soft texture of the headboard creates a cozy spot for lounging, rest your head, and sleeping. Try to choose the headboard in a warm and neutral color. Combined with your cozy bedding set then it can create a perfect warm ambiance in your bedroom. 

You can use an upholstered headboard made of linen in dark colors for your all-white bedroom to make it look more elegant. Choose a headboard with a plain and non-textured motif to get a minimalist impression and of course remain comfortable when used. Upholstered linen headboard from thespruce.

To make your bedroom look luxurious, you can add an upholstered headboard with maroon velvet color with an unusual tufted texture. You can also combine it with gold color pillows and several other pillows with different motifs. Flower wallpapers will add a feminine vibe while giving the impression of maximum luxury. Maroon red velvet headboard from thespruce.

Install A Rug

Covering the floor with a rug can be the next step to add soft texture to your bedroom. Install a rug under your bed or in front of your bed and you will get a warm feeling when your feet step to it. Besides that, covering the floor with a rug is a smart and chic option to upgrade and get a warm ambiance. To get a match with a warm earthy tone of the bedroom color scheme, better for you to choose the rug in a neutral color too. 

To get the maximum warm atmosphere when winter arrives, you need a carpet to cover the floor under the bed. For a bedroom with a minimalist style, try using a faux fur rug. If you use a faux fur rug with a small size, you can feel the warmth. Choose white on this faux fur rug to make it easier for you to combine it with other colors. Faux fur carpet from homebnc.

This boho carpet with a splash of dark color is perfect when used to coat your plywood floor which has a lighter wood color. This carpet has a material that is not too thick so it is easier to wash when it starts to get dirty, you can choose this carpet with a size that is not too big. Try it in a modern bedroom decor that has a warm color vibe. Boho carpet from homebnc.

If you want a warm bedroom atmosphere with simple things, you can install a rug under your bed. This is done so that the feet do not come into direct contact with the floor when you wake up from sleep so that they feel warmer. White splash carpet from homebnc.

Built-in Fireplace

It is undeniable that the fireplace can create a warm feel to the room. Is there anything cozier and warmer than a fireplace? If you think to build a fireplace in your bedroom, you are a smart person. Build a fireplace opposite the bed and feels the warmth. You can add a soft armchair beside the fireplace for an appealing spot to rest and read. Obviously, it can add warmth and cozy feels.

If your room has a slightly more spacious room, there’s nothing wrong if you prepare yourself for winter by applying a built-in fireplace made of natural red brick in the bedroom. Install a fireplace beside the bed to make your sleep more sound because it gets perfect warmth. Brick fireplace from hgtv.

Not only can it be installed next to the bed, but you can also add a fireplace right opposite your minimalist bed. This position is a smart way because it can warm the room to the maximum. This fireplace is smartly built into the wall so it doesn’t take up much floor area. Built-in fireplace from hgtv.

Wood Touch

Wood is known for its ability to create a natural and warm ambiance at the same time. In order to create warm bedroom decor, adding some wood elements to your bedroom is highly recommended. Placing wood side tables, an organically shaped mirror, and a palette of warmth will create a serene and warm nuance. It’s all about warm wood tones.

To create a warm impression in the bedroom, try to add a touch of wood to some of the furniture that is used. You can start by using beds, nightstands, and hardwood floors which have natural colors and are certainly suitable when combined with any colored interior around them. Wooden furniture from contemporist.

Not only is it enough for furniture, you can also add a touch of wood to get a warm atmosphere in the bedroom. Try installing wooden floors and wooden ceilings in your bedroom. That way you will get a warm atmosphere in winter to perfection. Wooden floor and ceiling from contemporist.

These are some warm bedroom decor ideas that you can apply to your bedroom. Hopefully, the result will warm your heart and feels cozy to linger in your bedroom. 

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