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Cheap DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas to Beautify Your Residence

It’s not challenging to recognize a unique decor for your apartments. If you would like to apply studio apartment decorating ideas that could thrill everyone, you should focus on detail. Your apartment is where your home is, and you must do everything in your ability to make sure that it always makes you truly feel comfortable. If your budget is limited, there are several ways that you can do to decorate your apartment in a cheap way. Doing the DIY project can be the answer. You don’t need to make a big change in your apartment, just make a simple thing from your hand and it can create a different look to your apartment. To guide you about what you have to do, we have gathered some cheap DIY ideas for the apartment decor. Take a look at some ideas below.

Hanging Shelves

Every home needs storage space. And for the apartment that has limited space, hanging shelves are a good option. All you have to do is just use some wood board then tied them neatly with rope. Hang the shelves on the wall or ceiling and you can use them to store your things, such as books, decorative items, or small potted plants.

You can apply this plywood hanging shelf that is hung using a rope on an empty wall. The gold ring is an accent to hang this rope so you don’t need nails to hang it. Besides looking unique, this hanging rack is also a decorative item that is used to store decorations such as mini pots that have different materials and shapes. Plywood hanging shelf from homedit.

Arrange several hanging shelves vertically to store more decorative items that will beautify the room to the maximum. Choose melamine wood as the main material for the shelf to give the impression of a cleaner and modern room. Pink ropes are a medium to hang it on the wall area, besides that it gives a more beautiful and cheerful feel to the room. Hanging vertical hanging shelf from homedit.

If you have several small plant pots and painting frames, display them through a hanging shelf equipped with a rope accent as a tool to hang them. This shelf is one of the DIY storage ideas that you can use in decorating the apartment dining room as an interior idea that is cost-friendly. Block wall paint perfectly complements this hanging shelf. DIY hanging shelves using ropes from decoist.

String Light as Headboard

If using the bed frame will take up space in the apartment bedroom, you can just use a mattress. But how do you make your room attractive without spending a lot of money? It’s very easy. You can utilize some string lights to make a headboard. It sounds very interesting. When you turning the light, it can highlight your room and the dim light will bring calm and romantic nuance.

In addition to being a headboard, string light here is also a functional canopy bed idea. You can turn on this string light at night so that it can be a dim main light and suitable for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Choose a string light with white lighting for a maximum display. String light as a headboard as well as bed canopy from digsdigs.

This white string light in the shape of a house is suitable when applied as a substitute for a headboard in your bedroom. This lamp is suitable for use during the day or night. In addition to having a cheaper purchase cost, this string light headboard is also easier to find in stores around your home. House-shaped headboard made of string lights from digsdigs.

Another option for string light ideas in your bedroom decor is to make it a headboard that is full of dramatic lighting and certainly gives a romantic impression. This lighting has a yellow light that is so dim when used at night, it’s not enough until here, you can also arrange it with a signed writing to welcome your guests or family who stay in this apartment bedroom. Sign headboard string light from digsdigs.

DIY Wall Decor

Don’t let the wall of your apartment is blank. Make your own artwork. Go to the dollar tree and grab some cheap frames. Go on Pinterest or your photo collections, download the pictures then print out them. After that, you can frame the pictures with your own frames. Voila, you are ready with your own gallery wall. It would be the cheap but beautiful wall decor.

Some decorative items in the form of Anthropologie art plates have become one of the wall decoration ideas that seem more classic but suitable to be installed in any decoration and in any style. This art plate has different sizes so that it adds a beautiful artistic impression and of course it will never be boring. Anthropologie art plates wall decor from prudentpennypincher.

Decorate the walls of the apartment that are still empty and plain with canvas paintings that have different themes and patterns. After that, you can install it with a distance that is not too far vertically. Blue wall paint provides a bright color contrast that you can easily try and certainly doesn’t require a professional to paint it. DIY canvas painting from prudentpennypincher.

DIY Lampshade

When all the focus is on decorating the space as a whole, there is one simple thing you can do to give your apartment a different effect, which is to add a touch to the lampshade. You can make a different look to the lampshade. Spice up your lampshade with a lampshade decorating kit. The pattern of the lampshade can be adjusted according to your taste.

The appearance of the apartment decor will be more unique and different when the chandelier used is covered with a DIY lampshade made of beads and natural tassel accents underneath. This lampshade idea doesn’t cost a lot of money, just enough creativity is needed to make it. Use beads of different colors to make them appear more colorful. Colorful beaded lampshade with tassel accents from homedit.

A4 size white paper will be more useful when used as a decorative item that is converted into a DIY lampshade on a budget. You simply fold it and then shape it like a cone that is glued on the sides. After that, attach it to the top of the light bulb, this lampshade is very safe because it has a lighter and smoother texture of course. DIY a4 paper lampshade from homedit.

Do you have leftover origami paper in your apartment? If so, then you can use it as a DIY lampshade by shaping it to be more unique and attract attention. Install this lampshade in the kitchen area to attract the attention of people who see it, don’t forget to use several different colors of origami paper to make it look more leverage. Doesn’t it look creative and fun? DIY paper origami lampshade from homedit.

The last choice for lampshade ideas in decorating your apartment is DIY rattan wicker which looks more natural and environmentally friendly. You can shape this lampshade to resemble a round shape that is suitable to be installed in your living room decoration. This lampshade will look more united when installed in the ceiling area which has white paint. DIY wicker rattan lampshade from homedit.

Wood Crate TV Console

Living in the apartment, sometimes, not allow us to mount the TV on the wall. To solve this problem, you can take advantage of four wood crates to make a console table. You can use the surface to put the TV then the bottom can be used for storage area. By doing this DIY project you will have two benefits and enhance your apartment decor at the same time.

If you have several wood crates in the warehouse, then remove them and use them as an area to place the TV. Next, use the empty crate area underneath as an idea for storing some of your favorite books and decorative items that will enhance the appearance of this room to the maximum. There is no need to repaint this wood crate to make it appear more natural and of course more environmentally friendly. DIY wood crate TV stands from getbeautified.

Reuse the wood crate in your home as a DIY TV console idea that is cheap and doesn’t cost a lot of money. The first step you can do is clean it first before repainting it with a more neutral and clean color. Arrange a small wood crate into two levels as a built-in storage idea that you can make the most of. Repaint DIY wood crate TV stands from getbeautified.

This triangle wood crate that is arranged neatly and regularly will be a TV stand idea that is suitable for cheap apartment DIY ideas. You can install this wood crate in the corner of the room so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor area in this room. Aside from being a TV console, the wood crate at the bottom is equipped with an open storage idea that makes this furniture more functional. Triangle wood crate TV console from getbeautified.

Decorating the apartment doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of costs. By doing a DIY project, you can make a simple thing yet give a beautiful look to your apartment.

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