Start Living “Rustic” with One of These 4 Rustic Apartment Designs

With a variety of exciting styles in rustic, this particular design also mixes well with others like monochromatic or minimalist. And it’s not only for a country house! Recently, people living in an apartment have been devising how to bring rustic feeling to the tiny space, and the result is marvelous. They can boost an extremely cozy ambiance without giving hassle in terms of its resources.

If you’re considering living rustic, look no further than our rustic apartment designs below. The simplest method of creating the foundation for such design is from every coolest thing imaginable. Be ready to work with lots of natural resources, too!

Use Unique Table

Rustic design is a design that embraces a natural vibe then brings this sensation to the home. Not only for home but this design also suitable to be applied for apartment design. The rustic design will bring a comfortable feel to the apartment decor. The simple way to decorate your apartment in a rustic style is by placing a unique wooden table. The wooden table tree or DIY stump table with hairpin legs is a good choice for your apartment.

A wooden table tree or a DIY table stump with hairpin legs are good choices for your apartment. You can make it yourself or buy it at a flea market at a cheap price so that it will produce a charming apartment decoration. This piece of wood will bring a rustic feel to your apartment. This makes for the perfect style for you to try. Wooden table tree from homedit.

A simple way to decorate your apartment in a rustic style is to place a unique wooden table. Tree stumps or tree trunk wedges make a beautiful table for a side table or coffee table. Using the legs of this hair clip will look sturdy and stylish. You can put it in your apartment to bring a rustic feel to this room. Tree stumps table from homedit.

A coffee table with hairpin legs painted in a bold color can look beautiful in a country-style apartment. Using this tree cut surface gives a unique look and is suitable for you to try. You can combine it with a dark sofa and soft green carpet to add comfort and warmth to the living room of your apartment. Coffee table with hairpin legs from homedit.

This DIY coffee table stump project with hair clip legs is pretty easy to make. This DIY wood wedge table is a great example. You really only need a few materials to create a stylish surface that you can use as a coffee table or side table. This decoration will add a rustic style to your apartment living room. DIY coffee table stump from liagriffith.

Decorate with Plant

It is because the rustic design is identical to the natural vibe, then placing some house plants is highly recommended. Plants are the items that often used by this design. It is not only for those of you who have a large home, as an apartment resident, you can also place a big one or several house plants into your apartment and feels a bold rustic vibe. Whether put on the floor or hanging them, obviously, the plant will freshen up and create a perfect rustic style. 

In the living room of this rustic apartment, it is equipped with several green plants in terracotta pots to give a natural impression and fresh air into the room. Equipped with a large window near this plant will let sunlight into the room but it will give the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Plants are an item often used by this design.  Greenery rustic apartment from apartmenttherapy.

The rustic design is synonymous with natural nuances, so you can add some potted green plants in this room. You can put plants on the floor and open shelves to bring fresh air into this room. You can also add some antique furniture to complete the decoration of this small apartment. Wooden floors and large carpets will give a warm impression on your feet. Green plants from apartmenttherapy.

If you want to liven up a certain shaded corner in your bedroom, you may have to opt for a large green plant in a pot for the perfect room design. Of course, the plants will refresh and create the perfect rustic style. Combined with large windows on the roof, this will provide enough sunlight for your plants. Large green plant from trendir.

It is important to choose a location for your potted tree in advance. If you want to give a natural impression and fresh air into this room. Placing it in the corner of the room near the window will produce a stylish design in this rustic apartment. Paired with a pale white color scheme and hardwood floors will make the room spacious and warm. Large plants indoor from trendir.

Opt for Hanging Lamp

By applying the right lighting fixtures, you can also easily bring a rustic vibe into your apartment. If you tend to use a table lamp for the modern style, you can change it with a hanging lamp to create a rustic vibe. The hanging lamp with a “rustic” style can be your option. In this case, you can choose a pendant lamp in a classic but simple design for your apartment. 

Bringing dramatic country lighting into this apartment kitchen provides dramatic lighting. You can place it on a kitchen island to give it the perfect design. Choosing this lantern chandelier creates the focal point of the room and will make your money more attractive. Lantern chandelier from roohome.

By applying the right lighting fixtures, you can also easily bring a rustic feel to your apartment. Choosing a pendant lamp and placing it on the kitchen table will provide perfect lighting and will steal the attention of many people. You can also combine it with a white color scheme to give the illusion of a spacious and airy room. Lighting fixtures rustic apartment from roohome.

Unlike the more ornate chandeliers, this lamp has a clean grid frame. In the center of the box, there are two groups of lights, each with four light bulbs. This chandelier is fun and understated example of rustic lighting. You can also combine it with a rustic dining table set to give the perfect design. Rustic chandelier from homebnc.

This understated rustic apartment lighting idea uses hanging lanterns that will bring the perfect design to the look of this dining room. The exposed light bulbs and structured fixtures will cast interesting shadows on the walls. The style is simple and clean, creating a stylish room decor that will grab the attention of many. Hanging lanterns from homebnc.

Use Wooden Headboard

Another way to start living “rustic” in your apartment and surely you will agree with this is to use a wooden headboard. This is a simple but aesthetic way to decorate your apartment bedroom. You can use some wooden pallets then create them to become a headboard. For the strong rustic vibe, you can choose old wooden pallets to achieve the distressed look. 

The floor-to-ceiling headboard with wood planks in this rustic bedroom provides a strong rustic feel. You can opt for an old wooden pallet for a distressed look. Complete with chandeliers on the right and left, this will create dramatic lighting. This is a simple but aesthetic way to decorate your apartment bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling headboard from decoist.

Reclaimed barn wood finds its way into country bedrooms. You can use this wood to design the headboard of your rustic apartment bedroom. Leaving this wood color toned down will make for the perfect room decor and will grab the attention of many. This decoration will give a strong rustic impression. Reclaimed barn wood headboard from decoist.

The headboard brings a bit of rustic charm to this modern rustic bedroom. Using this unpainted wood palette will add a unique look to this bedroom. Making it yourself will provide low-budget decor so it will create an interesting room for you to try. Combined with the yellow and white color scheme will create a fresh impression. Wooden pallet headboard from decoist.

Bringing a “rustic” into the apartment is not a big deal. With a creative and simple way, you can start living “rustic” with one of those rustic apartment designs above. Have a nice to try.

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