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Best Modern Wood Table Design Ideas

Wooden tables can trace their roots back to the medieval era where they were used as community dining tables. Since then, the wooden table has made its way into our homes and our hearts. Wood is quickly becoming the go-to material in the contemporary interior. Often made of sturdy hardwood, this kind of table is guaranteed to be the center of your home for years. So, why don’t you bring this wood furniture into your home? And for a modern person like you, we’ve gathered these best modern wood table design ideas below to inspire you.

Wooden Coffee Table

When we are talking about coffee tables it comes in a wide range. From shape, style, to the material. But for a sturdy and durable, a coffee table from wood material is a good choice. Wood is not identical to the classic or old-fashioned look. But now, wood furniture has developed with a modern and good design as well as a coffee table. To complete your modern home design, you can choose the wooden coffee table that has a modern design too. It is usually sleek, compact, but functional.

To bring a natural and environmentally friendly impression to your modern farmhouse living room decor, then try a re-polished teak wood coffee table so that it has a smoother and cleaner surface. This coffee table seems more functional because it is equipped with storage underneath, this table can also be used as a temporary work desk when needed. Teak wood functional coffee table from homebnc.

Perfect your modern living room decor with the use of a wooden coffee table with a surface that can be lifted up so that it can be used to put your coffee or laptop when needed. When the surface of this table is lifted up, then at the bottom there is a storage area that can be used to store all the books or magazines that you often read. Folding wood coffee table from loveandlavender.

Choose and use a reclaimed wood coffee table with a more unique shape so that it gives a different impression in your living room decor. The table material used has a harder surface so it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Don’t forget to decorate it with greenery on the table surface as a fresh finishing touch. Reclaimed wood coffee table from loveandlavender.

Wooden Dining Table

If you’re looking for a great way to break up the rigors of your daily routine, there’s no better way than to use modern wooden dining table ideas to do it. No matter if you’re looking for a new dining room set, or just want to add a fresh look to the one you have, it doesn’t take much effort to find the perfect one for your space. Wooden dining room tables are a classic choice for many homes, as they’re both durable and look fantastic.

This round wooden dining table will look more symmetrical when surrounded by iron dining chairs in dark colors. These two pieces of furniture look more contrasting and give a modern impression to a room. In addition, the combination of these two materials also has a harder texture so that it is more sturdy in use for a long time. Round wooden dining table from mydomaine.

To emphasize the farmhouse style in the dining room decoration, then you can try a reclaimed wood dining table equipped with spindle legs that have an instant vintage and classic impression. Cover the wooden dining table and chairs in this room with rattan woven carpets which both have natural and environmentally friendly materials. Herringbone plywood flooring for a smoother toe surface. Spindle leg wooden dining table from mydomaine.

Wood and Metal

Another modern wood table that you can use in your home is a table with a combination of wood and metal. The hardwood will be a durable surface of the table and the metals will be a strong leg. The combination of the two materials will produce a sturdy table. This is the simple way to bring a modern rustic or industrial style to your home.

The combination of wood and metal on this coffee table is suitable for farmhouse living room decoration ideas. You can use metal hairpin legs to make it more sturdy when supporting the items placed on it. Don’t forget to add green mini plants on it as a fresh decoration that never gives a monotonous or boring impression to the room. Hairpin metal wooden table legs from homebnc.

Reuse the reclaimed wood material that you have as an idea for a coffee table surface in your living room, in this table design you can use metal legs with unusual and more unique shapes. So that the metal table legs do not scratch the plywood floor, then you can cover them with a faux fur rug that has a fairly thick material. DIY reclaimed wood coffee table with metal legs unique from homebnc.

An easy way to present an industrial style in the living room decoration, then you can use a coffee table made of a combination of wood and metal. This table is perfected with weathered metal wheels for a more classic look. In this room, you can also use rugs with slightly dull colors and patterns for a more vintage and simple vibe of course. Industrial style coffee table from loveandlavender.

Wood and Glass

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, why not go for a table with a glass top table? With modern technology, they make a beautiful and durable addition to any home. The combination of wood and glass will strengthen a modern vibe. The shape of the table comes in various designs. You can choose according to your taste.

This coffee table with a surface made of transparent glass will be easier to clean when it starts to get dirty. Don’t forget to combine it with DIY wood materials that are applied to the sides and bottom of this table. These two materials will work well together for a sturdier coffee table finish. DIY glass and wood coffee table from homebnc.

You can get a more modern coffee table appearance easily by combining hardwood and transparent glass which has a better thickness so that it is not easily broken when used for a long time. You can design the wooden legs on the table as attractive as possible so that it produces a more unique impression and is of interest to many people. Modern glass with wooden coffee table from inspirationfeed.

If your living room decoration has a wider floor area, then you can use a wooden and glass coffee table with a rectangle shape. The advantage of this table is that it can be used as storage in it so that it becomes one of the functional furniture that is highly recommended for you. The faux fur rug layer adds an elegant and modern impression. Functional coffee table from inspirationfeed.

Plywood coffee table with a combination of transparent glass material on the surface becomes a modern furniture idea and you can have it at a price that is not too expensive. This coffee table has a unique shape and will look more elegant and luxurious when combined with a green velvet sofa. Plywood with glass material coffee table from loveandlavender.

Modern and Minimalist Look

Even though you are applying a minimalist home design, there is nothing wrong if you are inserting a wood touch into your home decor. Using wood furniture can be your option. You can choose the wood furniture in modern, sleek, and minimalist designs.

Wood is always the choice of furniture material that can be a modern or minimalist style in decorating your living room. This table will look more functional because it is equipped with storage on the sides and bottom. In addition, the advantages of this table also look slimmer and shiny so that it is suitable to be combined with any colored sofa. Sleek plywood coffee table from inspirationfeed. 

This flat wooden table with a fairly thick material has no legs so it seems lower and is suitable for those of you who will sit on the rug. You can use sofas and rugs with matching colors such as light gray so that they seem more elegant. Flat wooden table with thick material from decoist.

The last modern and minimalist coffee table option that you can use is a combination of wood and iron which has a smoother and softer surface. Here you can use teak wood so it is not easily porous and durable. Take advantage of the storage underneath to put some of the books or magazines you read often. Modern wooden coffee table with storage from decoist.

Wood is the winner when it comes to home design and decorating. If you love to add a natural ambiance to your home that is relaxing and warm, wood is the perfect option for you.

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