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Minimalist Interior Design Ideas

Minimalist style is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Many homeowners are into this style, thanks to Konmari Method. But how exactly do you achieve a minimalist aesthetic in your home? Keep reading to find the answer.

For designing your interiors with a minimalist mindset, you can start by choosing a neutral color palette and pick a timeless piece for your space. The trick to minimalism is the ability to edit your stuff: take everything off the shelves and only put back the necessities. Now check out these minimalist interior design ideas below to inspire you.

Use Neutral Colors

One of the most common minimalist interior design ideas is the use of only a few colors. This doesn’t mean that the colors used in the room must be limited to just black or white, though. Rather, it’s about using only a few colors that make up a solid palette. In this case, consider using neutral colors. By using only a few colors, the end result is cleaner and more professional-looking than what you could achieve with a cluttered and careless use of color.

Neutral colors are always the color choice to be applied in a minimalist living room decoration, in this room you can combine two different colors, namely black and white. These two colors will blend more perfectly and can present a monochromatic style instantly and of course give a modern style vibe. Monochromatic minimalist living room from housebeautiful.

The entire living room with white interior displays a cleaner impression and of course gives the effect of the room feeling wider. Another color that you can enter is green plants that are quite large, this green color is an elegant blend and refreshes the room as a whole. Hanging macramé on a round mirror becomes a wall decoration that gives a natural touch. All white interior living room from housebeautiful.

The next minimalist living room idea that you can try is to combine three different colors, namely gray, white, and wood colors that are applied to the table legs and herringbone hardwood floors. This wood touch gives a natural effect and is more environmentally friendly. Decorate your plain walls with several frames that have different themes and sizes, try it easily. The combination of the gray, white, and brown interior from housebeautiful.


Even though you don’t play with patterns and colors for the minimalist interior design, you can still have fun with texture. Embrace the different textures for your minimalist design. For example, you can add of wood touch to the floor and pair it with a faux fur rug to give a soft and hard texture. The wood also can bring a warm nuance to the room.

Cover the wooden floor in the living room area with a faux fur rug pattern that has the same color as your room so that it blends in more perfectly and doesn’t damage the color tone of your room. This rug is warmer footed and provides a soft surface texture that is perfect for when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel cold. Wooden floor covered with faux fur rug from housebeautiful.

Another option to coat the wooden floor in your living room decor is a woven rattan carpet which has a softer texture when stepped on. This carpet is an interior idea that is on budget and of course more natural. Put all the living room furniture sets on the carpet for a more elegant look and are suitable for guests who come to your home. Woven rattan carpet from housebeautiful.

Choose and use a faux fur carpet that has a material that is not too thick so that it is easy to wash when it starts to get dirty. You can use a green carpet to enhance the appearance of a synthetic leather sofa on it. With this carpet, the wooden floor has a softer and smoother surface, you can add green plants that are placed near the window as a fresh room decoration. Green faux fur carpet from housebeautiful.

Flat Surfaces

When it comes to minimalist interior design, avoid a complex surface. Better for you to use a flat, sharp, sleek, and clean surface. It can perfectly reflect the light and gives effect more spacious to the room. The sleek look of the minimalist interior design will avoid a cramped and overwhelm nuance. 

Perfect your minimalist dining room decor with a granite floor that has a splash of neutral color and matches the surrounding furniture. Granite floors have a glossy surface when exposed to reflections of sunlight and light so that the room looks more luxurious without being too much. Granite floor with a splash of neutral color from elledecor.

This minimalist interior which is equipped with a glossy marble floor is the perfect combination that you can apply simultaneously in one room. The advantage of using this marble floor is that it is lower maintenance because you simply sweep and mop it using a cloth that has a soft and smooth texture so as not to scratch this floor. Glazed marble floor from elledecor.

Wooden floors are one of the favorite choices that you can try for minimalist kitchen decorations because they have a surface that is not easily slippery when exposed to water splashes. In addition, wooden floor materials also have a selling price that is not too expensive so it is more on the budget, the shiny surface is suitable to be combined with some modern kitchen interiors. Wooden flooring from elledecor.

Open Spaces

The important thing when you decide to apply minimalist interior design is the open floor. This is the important element. Minimalist interior design is known for its simplicity, effectiveness, and functionality. Then the open space is the key. Minimalist home has open spaces that seamlessly blend with other room. For example, the living room and dining room that merge together. Besides, save space, will maximize natural light.

Remove the room divider in the house to make it look more spacious and open. Decorating the living room with the kitchen looks unified without a barrier, just use some dominant furniture so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor area so it doesn’t interfere with your space in this room. Remove room divider from archify.

The decoration of the living room, kitchen, and dining table combo blends perfectly without any room divider that makes the room feel narrower and not open. Another interior accent that will support the open space of this room is the large glass window that can provide more natural light into the room. Decorating the living room, kitchen, and dining table combo from archify.

If you want an open space in minimalist home decor, then the use of furniture with matching colors is a smart idea that is highly recommended for this room. White, light gray and blue make a perfect combination that will blend well in one room. Hanging pendant lamps are lighting ideas that you can use at night. Neutral color furniture from archify.


Pay attention to the lighting for the minimalist interior design. The minimalist interior design is dominant with the natural lighting. So, letting the natural light through the window is a good deal. But to complete the source of light in the night, sleek lighting design ideas can be your option. 

Roman blind windows are the best choice that you can apply to the dining room decoration to let more sunlight into the room so that it is more efficient and economical when making electricity payments at the end of the month. But at night you can use a minimalist chandelier that has a splash of gold. Combination of a roman blind window with a gold chandelier from mydomaine.

You can use this hanging sputnik lamp above the dining table when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel dark, but to save on expenses you can use the glass window area during the day so you can turn off the chandelier for a moment. White chairs and a dining table are a suitable combination and display a more elegant impression. Sputnik chandelier with glass windows from mydomaine.

Instead of using walls with glass windows that are large enough to enter sunlight into the room brightly and maximally. When you have night activities in decorating this living room, you can use a chandelier as the main lighting that you can use easily. Floor lamps are additional lighting at night that you can use when needed. Instead of using walls with glass windows from mydomaine.

Minimalist is far from boring as long as you know the trick. Those ideas above hopefully will guide you to achieve your dreamed minimalist home design.

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