Cozy White Tile Bathroom Design Ideas

You know that talking about designing a bathroom is an interesting topic. It is the second private room at home after your bedroom where you can get relaxed and pamper yourself. But, the problems come when you get confused on what color scheme to apply, what kind of tiles you will use, and how to arrange the elements if you only have a small bathroom.

To help you on solving one of those problems, now we will deal with the tile of your bathroom. The white tile bathroom is the main topic we will talk about. It brings you an elegant impression of a cozy bathroom, especially for those whose bathroom is small. Here are some ideas.

Small White Bathroom

The tiles are the important element that helps you on creating nuance and an impression of your bathroom. You will notice this thing first on stepping into the bathroom. As some designers believe that white tiles give the feeling of openness. The role of white tiles surely creates an open and large feel for a small bathroom. That’s why it is popular to be applied in an apartment. It is no matter where you can apply white tiles, on the wall, floor, or both, all are fabulous.

When you have a bathroom decoration with limited space, then you can try using white subway tile walls and floors with the same color but different patterns such as small hexagons. Shiplap ceiling with white color is also a compliment and complement that makes the bathroom seem cleaner and more spacious. White subway tile wall from countryliving.

White is the right color choice for bathroom decorations that want to look wider and open. Currently, you can choose tile subways walls with hexagon tile floors that have the same color and harmony. Add another color to the shiny gold bathtub and faucet counter. Green plants hanging in the corner of the room add fresh color that is never boring. The combination of white subway walls with hexagon tile floors from countryliving.

Walls, floors, and mirror frames that have this matching color give an elegant and modern impression that is not excessive in your bathroom decor. Perform routine maintenance on wall and floor tiles to keep the color clean and free from germs of course. Classic sinks with pastel colors provide other different colors and of course make the room not look plain and too boring. Tile walls, floors, and mirror frames are white from countryliving.

Not only using tile subways, this time you can try using white herringbone tiles which seem more modern and minimalist. Cabinets with blue are the perfect combination that can blend in better, besides that these two colors will also work together when placed in one room. Wooden mirror frames are natural accents that you can try. White herringbone tile wall from countryliving.

Classic White Bathroom

There are also some shapes you may use like, Herringbone and classic subway that will create a stunning look in white. But if you want to have a classic bathroom the classic subway tile in white color is suitable for that. It would more fabulous if you combine it with black tiles for the floor. In this case, the idea of having black hexagon tiles for the floor will make a drama for white tiles on the wall. It brings your bathroom into a classy and sophisticated look. By applying this idea, just have a look at white subway tiles will look amazing it is to combine with black tiles for the floor.

To bring a classic vibe into your bathroom decor, you can have some of the right furniture, such as a stainless steel mirror frame that has curves at the bottom and top. A wooden cabinet is also one of the classic pieces of furniture that you can use according to your needs. The hexagon tile floor becomes footwear that has a smoother surface so that it is comfortable to use for a long period of time. Stainless steel mirror frame with arch accents from bhg.

If the modern bathroom decoration has been filled with tile accents of the same color, then next you can use a teak wood cabinet sink that has original and natural colors. This cabinet gives a classic vibe to the bathroom and doesn’t spoil the color tone of the room, let this cabinet sink appear more natural without polishing or painting it repeatedly. Teak wood cabinet sink from bhg.

If you need a table in the shower room, then you can use wood that is suitable and more sturdy when exposed to splashing water. In addition, the wood material also gives a natural classic vibe and certainly doesn’t cost a lot of money. This single sink has a combination of two different materials, namely wood, and metal. Wooden table in the shower room area from bhg.

All White Bathroom

All dominant white bathroom is another idea commonly seen now. Begin with a white wall, floor tile, cabinet, curtain, and glassy shower room, the bathroom will give you a super cozy private room ever. In addition, you can also apply the white tile to the wall behind your mirror to help you on making a brighter light reflection. It can make your bathroom feels more comfortable and airy.

Start decorating your bathroom with a splash of white throughout the interior including your wooden cabinets, door frames, and walls. White is the best choice to give the impression of a clean and spacious room. You can include green plants with glass pots in the corner of the cabinet sink to give a different color that certainly refreshes the room as a whole. All white bathroom with green plants decoration from countryliving.

Shiplap walls, small hexagon tile floors, and bathtubs that are dominated by white will look more elegant, there’s nothing wrong with including a fairly large fern in this room as a fresh additional color and certainly not boring easily. The shutter window helps the lighting in this bathroom to the maximum so that there is no need for lighting during the day. Isn’t it very economical and more on a budget? Splashes of white paint all over the bathroom interior from countryliving.

White paint is always the best choice for those of you who have bathroom decorations with a limited area. In this bathroom, you can also use the transparent glass door as an area to enter more sunlight. No need to use bathroom furniture excessively to display a wider floor area and certainly not limit your activities. All white bathroom decor from countryliving.

When you can have a cozy bathroom it means you have your own sanctuary place to relax and pamper yourself. And the white tiles for the bathroom can make it happen. Those ideas above hopefully will inspire you.

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