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8 Impressive Hanging Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom Decoration

We often feel decorating a bedroom is such a never-ending work. This mostly happens because we decor it so that we’ll like having our own paradise. Then choose the right bedroom decoration is very important. Throw some paint to the bedroom wall is not enough, that’s why we opt for bedroom lighting to brighten our bedroom. Check our ideas of hanging bedroom lighting that we’ve rounded here for you.

1. Peaked Ceiling Lighting

Are you having a bedroom with a high ceiling? If you do, you still can have proper lighting for your bedroom. The peaked high ceiling lighting with a quirky angle will be a good decor, even though it will also have its own challenge. 

The gray master bedroom is lit by a wrought iron chandelier hanging from the cathedral ceiling. Choosing a lamp like this will make the corner of your room brighter and will enhance the decor of your room. Featuring armchairs and a wooden bed overlooking the fireplace and a wall-mounted TV, the bedroom decor is cozy and inviting. Wrought iron chandelier from homestratosphere.

The cozy master bedroom is lit by a candle chandelier hanging from the cathedral ceiling lined with wood planks. It features a white bed and a stand-alone fireplace mounted on a brick pillar. Using this ceiling light will illuminate the corners of your room so that it will be a great decoration, although it also has its own challenges. Candle chandelier from homestratosphere.

2. Hanging Chandelier and Pendant

Even though you already have a natural light source for your bedroom, doesn’t mean you can’t have more lighting. You can use three chandeliers are still a good addition in a natural lighted bedroom. Hang two of the chandeliers on top of your bedside table for more exposure.

This pendant chandelier above the bedside table will provide dramatic lighting into this room. Like the picture above, using this black and white color scheme will create a modern look for the room. A large window on one of these walls will create a bright room and will let sunlight into the room. This white ceiling and black walls complete the look of the room. Bedside pendant chandelier from hgtv.

Adding pendant chandeliers and wall lamps on the right and left of this bed will create a modern style for a quite chic bedroom. Complete with a white scheme and floral wallpaper on one of the walls, it will present an interesting decoration for you to try. A large window on one of these walls will provide a bright decoration of the room and will let the sunlight into this room. Pendant chandeliers from hgtv.

3. Hanging Globe Light

Are you always put attention to little details, including to your bedroom design? A combination of delicate wallpaper, wooden furniture, and an ultra-chic globe light surely will a major impact. The item gives a rustic contemporary vibe to the bedroom. 

This dazzling pendant ball is copper plated, so it will make your room decor more stylish and will have an attractive modern bedroom look. You can combine it with a gray patterned wallpaper to create an elegant and stylish room. As you can see from the picture above, these items give the bedroom a contemporary rustic feel. Copper globe pendants from home-designing.

4. Floral-Inspired Chandelier

If you have a nature-inspired bedroom, you can add more nature with lighting to your bedroom. The floral-inspired chandelier is such a good addition to the wood-filled bedroom. The chandelier steals the show and also inviting.

Choosing a dandelion chandelier and placing it on this bed will provide perfect lighting and will steal the attention of many people. You can also add a large window on one of the walls to create a perfect room that will steal the attention of many people. Dandelion chandelier from thespruce.

5. Art-Deco Lighting

A unique bedroom not only can be seen or judged from its design or decoration, right? When you have an art deco bedroom, there’s art deco lighting available that’ll complete it. Art deco chandelier and hanging reading light will make your bedroom more inviting.

Choosing an art deco chandelier lighting design will make your bedroom look more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. In addition, adding lights to the headboard will produce a bright and dramatic room decoration. The beige and brown color scheme will make your room warmer and have a calmer feel. Art deco chandelier lighting from homedesignlover.

6. Hanging Sculptural Pendant

You already have a bedroom that shows your personal character. In fact, you can add a human touch to your bedroom, so your room not only has a factory touch. One example of how to do it is by using a sculptural chandelier.

This sculpted discount pendant lamp will make the perfect room decor. This bedroom has wooden walls that will create a warm impression into this room. Sculpture sconces introduce a more innovative and edgy touch to traditional elements and a warm and cheerful color scheme. Sculpture sconces lighting from housebeautiful.

7. Hanging Bubble Chandelier

A bubble chandelier will be a good addition to your elegant and majestic bedroom. The dark-colored bedding combine with a bright-colored floor and cabinet. Bubble chandelier and furry lamps are such adding more rich color combination of the bedroom. 

This hanging bubble chandelier is adorable and a completely modern concept when it comes to interior lighting. This adorable concept creates a bubble-like effect that doubles as a chandelier. In all those little bubbles, a pretty strong LED light will shine, making the room bright enough. Added with a large window in one of the walls will make a bright room decoration and let sunlight into the room. Hanging bubble chandelier from thesleepjudge.

8. Clear Crystal Chandelier

Don’t forget to give attention to your bedroom in your attic. With exposed wood ceiling, a clear pendant light will illuminate the whole room. Besides that, this kind of hanging lighting will increase the bedroom more elegant. 

A shabby chic bedroom on the other hand offers a different backdrop. Adding this crystal chandelier will look stunning and classic for you to try. In fact, the chandelier can even disappear against a white background during the day only to reveal itself after sunset. Adding a chandelier to this feminine and modern bedroom is easy and seamless. Crystal chandelier on shabby chic bedroom from decoist.

Completing the bedroom decor with hanging lightings is a good option to make the room more inviting, brightening, and comfortable. The bedroom hanging lighting ideas above may inspire you and will guide you to choose one that suitable for your bedroom. Have a nice to try.

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