Cabinet Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Kitchen

There are so many ways to exploit your kitchen, especially to maximize space and functions. Check this inspiring information about maximizing cabinet storage ideas. 

1. Pull Out Pantry

This idea offers the most convenient way of organizing your kitchen cabinet storage. Built your cabinet storage with pull-out drawers. It will greatly maximize the practical function of the kitchen. 

If you want a more organized and well-organized kitchen, then you can use the pantry pull-out drawer to store all food stock or snacks so that you avoid dust or animals such as ants. This pantry pull drawer is equipped with a door that you can close after you finish taking or storing the food stock you need. Pantry pull-out drawer with door from bhg.

This vertical pull-out pantry corner will store more of your food or drink stock, making it more useful when placed in a kitchen with limited space. After you finish taking or storing food, then you can pull it back towards the back so it doesn’t interfere with your activities while in the kitchen. Corner vertical pull-out pantry from bhg.

2. Built-in Appliances

Another smart space organizing idea is planting the appliances into your cabinet storage. By doing this, you are minimizing the clutter looks from your kitchen’s workspace. 

A kitchen island is better served when it has free space to permanently place an antique stove. This stove has a brighter color like blue, besides that this stove is also equipped with gold accents in the area of ​​the holder and stove lighter. Place a glass vase next to the stove as a decoration that completely refreshes the room. Kitchen island with built-in antique stove from digsdigs.

Put all your kitchen utensils in the cupboard for a more modern and minimalist look. For example, inserting the oven and microwave into a cabinet with the right space so that it looks like it is permanently installed. Some of these kitchen utensils are made of stainless steel so they are more durable and not easily porous when used for a long time. Put the kitchen utensils into the cabinet from digsdigs.

3. Storage Island

Having an island in the kitchen? Don’t let it stand there doing anything but space costing. Create hidden storage below the countertop. Not many people will be aware that you have a secret place such as this. If you want, you can make a fancy modification by making a secret pantry drawer out of it too.

The kitchen island design which is equipped with a rectangle pull-out drawer makes this furniture more functional and you can make the best use of it. This pull-out drawer consists of three sections of different sizes, you can put all your cutlery or cooking utensils in this drawer neatly and orderly. Use the top drawer to store cutlery such as forks and spoons. Kitchen island design with built-in pull-out drawer from digsdigs.

If you have a limited kitchen floor area, then you can use a wooden kitchen island that is equipped with several storage drawers with handles that have matching colors. Put all your kitchen utensils in this pull-out drawer to avoid dirt or dust so that it will be cleaner, neater, and of course high-hygienic. Wooden kitchen island with pull-out drawer from digsdigs.

4. Window and Above

Does your kitchen have a standing-out window or too many windows on one side of the wall which makes installing a cabinet difficult? No worries. Try the idea of having storage above the windows instead by installing a shelf. You can put rarely used kitchen tools in this practical spot.

If you have an empty room above the kitchen window, then you can install a shelf that is integrated with the cabinet to put your favorite book that you can read while cooking. Choose and use white to give an elegant impression and make your kitchen decor cleaner and seem more spacious. Built-in shelf cabinet above the window from decorpad.

5. Hanging Cabinet

If there is an open-wall area in the kitchen, that means extra cabinet storage. This idea is well known amongst kitchen designers. Installing an extra cabinet that goes to the ceiling—besides giving the kitchen more storage—is also improving the compact looks of the kitchen.

Take advantage of your kitchen wall area as a storage idea by installing a hanging cabinet with a peach color that gives a feminine impression, under the hanging cabinet there is also a minimalist shelf that you can also use for the idea of storing some beautiful glasses. The bottom cabinet with white is the perfect combination that you can combine in one room. Peach color floating cabinet from housebeautiful.

To save more on the kitchen floor area, then you can use a minimalist hanging cabinet as a more effective and efficient storage idea. You can use melamine wood for a more modern look according to your current kitchen style, the combination of black and white brings a monochromatic style instantly. In addition, the material used also has a smoother and softer surface so it is safe for anyone who enters your kitchen, under the cabinet, there is an open floating shelf that can be used to put some ceramic cutlery as a room decoration. Floating melamine wooden cabinet from housebeautiful.

6. Cabinet Shelving

Sometimes, the cabinet has unused space, such as the stock shelf’s height was too high. Just install an additional shelf inside the cabinet. Contact your trusted carpenter and have it done for seconds, or you could just buy a shelf riser.

There is nothing wrong with adding a wooden floating shelf in your kitchen cabinet to organize some ceramic cutlery according to its function and use. For this shelf idea, you can choose a different color from the appearance of the outer cabinet to make it look more contrasting but give the impression of a more colorful room. Bold color cabinet shelving from thespruce.

A well-planned kitchen might bring satisfaction not only to the house owner but also to the people who are just seeing the design. Which of these cabinet storage ideas inspire you the most?

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