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Charm Your Bedroom with These 5 Rustic Turquoise Wall Decor Designs

Many people seem to play things safe by choosing black or white color it is because selecting the color for a bedroom isn’t easy. However, turquoise is one exciting color you might find easy to apply. Not only does it look unique, but it also offers calming and unique vibes, plus you can mix it with other colors. And even better, you can apply these 5 rustic turquoise wall décor designs to enhance the experience as well!

1. Elegant grey and turquoise mixture bedroom décor design

Mixing grey and turquoise in a bedroom can create a stunning, elegant accent that doesn’t overpower each other. To add more luxury to the bedroom, you can use rustic pitch-black furniture like the bed and side desk.

This is one pattern that looks interesting. The combination of turquoise on the walls and gray with blue and zebra patterns will look very unique. The walls have different colors, one is blue and the other is gray. The bed frame is made of simple black metal with a blue duvet and zebra print sheets. This room presents a beautiful and edgy decor. Turquoise and gray wall decor from thesleepjudge.

If you like the softness of the turquoise color used on the walls it will look amazing on the room decor. You can mix gray in the carpet throughout this room for stylish and warm room decor. The whole room is very minimalist, using a darker turquoise headboard will create a stylish decor of the room. Overall, this is a very feminine bedroom with beautiful decor. Turquoise wall and gray rug color from thesleepjudge.

2. Vintage rustic turquoise bedroom décor design

While the previous rustic turquoise bedroom has a balanced modern approach, this one leans toward the vintage side more. It means you’ll find the grey color dominating the turquoise accent in parts like the wall, ceiling, floor, and side table. Despite that, the turquoise touch added to the pillows and wall arts is more focused.

Choosing turquoise on this pillow and wall art will make the perfect rustic bedroom focal point. Combined with dark gray walls and gray pillows, this will make an interesting room decoration for you to try. Don’t forget to add a wooden side table that will complete the look of your bedroom. Turquoise pillow and wall art from thesleepjudge.

This rustic bedroom is equipped with shades of gray walls and some dark wood furniture. Adding this turquoise and brown pillow will create an interesting focal point for your room to try. This gray floral-patterned blanket and the gray rug will bring a warm and cozy touch to this rustic bedroom. The turquoise flower vase will also complete the look of your room. Gray walls and turquoise pillow from decoholic.

The gray walls and turquoise accents on these cushions and mirror frames make the perfect focal point of the room and will steal anyone’s attention. Gray accents come on blankets and pillows so that they will bring a comfortable and calm impression to this room. This patterned wall decoration complements the look of your bedroom. Gray walls on turquoise bedroom decor from thesleepjudge.

3. Seaside rustic turquoise bedroom décor 

Unlike other rustic turquoise wall décor designs here that have a more indoor-ish impression, this one looks and feels more outdoor-ish. Don’t get the wrong idea; the turquoise wooden wall décor fits well with the white bed and wall trim to create an amazing comfort. However, it does remind you of a seaside adventure you want to experience, isn’t it?

This turquoise wood wall scheme will give a coastal impression into the room so that it will create a fresh and calm impression on this bedroom. A white bed with a wooden frame will complete this room. A large framed painting will provide the perfect focal point of the room. This white wall lamp and white curtains will offer a stylish room. Turquoise wood wall scheme from decoholic.

Choosing a turquoise wall with this wood material will result in the perfect room decoration and create a cozy beach nuanced room. Combined with this white bed will produce the perfect contrast. Don’t forget to add some matching colored wall decorations that will make the room perfect and steal the attention of many. Turquoise wall decor from thesleepjudge.

4. Elegant brown and turquoise mixture bedroom décor design

This rustic turquoise bedroom appeals more to the traditional brown and white accents with an additional turquoise color. Each color doesn’t overpower one another, with the brown focused more on the elegant headboard and brown-and-white stripes wall décor. Meanwhile, the turquoise and white colors decorate the furniture and bed design respectively.

Adding turquoise and brown to use in this bedroom looks very interesting for you to try. The main focal point in this room is the brown and white striped walls that will make your room look more unique. Brown headrest that extends to the top of the wall. It looks vintage and attracts people’s attention. Completed with white and turquoise furniture that will balance your bedroom décor. Brown and white striped walls from thesleepjudge.

5. Minimalist rustic brown turquoise bedroom décor 

This is one of the modern rustic turquoise wall decorating ideas that might be more appealing to younger people. Turquoise colors are applied evenly and decorated with young decorations such as inspirational quotes.

Choosing turquoise and brown colors on this wall will create a warm and calm impression in this room. Adding this turquoise ceiling decoration will steal the attention of many. You can also complete the look by adding a quote on one of the walls for the perfect decoration of the room. The wooden floor and colorful blankets give a cheerful impression to the room. Turquoise and brown colors from thesleepjudge.

In this child’s bedroom, he uses a brown color scheme on the walls and turquoise on the chairs and bed frame. Some of this white and pink furniture will make your room decor more stylish and steal the attention of many people. The white ceiling equipped with a ceiling fan provides the perfect decoration for you to try. Brown color scheme bedroom from thesleepjudge.

Because applying rustic turquoise wall décor ideas is also like investing in the house as a whole, you should pick your choice carefully. Make sure to select the rustic turquoise bedroom that matches your personality and preference. Once you do, you’re in for an unforgettable experience that will last for a lifetime.

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