Earthy Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Do you know that your bathroom can also be designed with a rustic vibe, just like any other room? If not, then you’d best start implementing rustic bathroom décor ideas to it and capture the earthy charm of rustic design. To help you out, look at these 5 brilliant ideas and inspire your creativity with them.

1. Classic barn wooden shelf

If you’re looking for rustic bathroom décor that gives a powerful first impression, then this is the one you need. Using recycled and weathered wooden blocks and boards, this earthy furniture is best located near the sink and close to the shower. To make it even better, you can customize the number of racks following your needs and desire.

To store some towels and tissues to make it easier to take when needed, you can use a barn wood shelf that has a more sturdy and strong texture. You can install this shelf vertically just above the toilet, don’t forget to add green plants in the gold vase as decoration and refreshing sight. Vertical barn wood rack from homebnc.

The combination of barn wood material with iron pipes is the perfect combination that you can turn into an open storage area that you can make the best use of. This rack is equipped with an area to hang your towels after use. The small drawer cabinet above the shelf is used to store all your toiletries to make them better organized. Barn wood with an iron pipe hanging rack material from homebnc.

2. Stone lodge bathroom

Here’s also one of the most impactful rustic bathroom décor ideas. The appealing natural stone lodge blends perfectly with all the wooden furniture all over the bathroom. Plus, for a more minimalist and modern approach, you can cover the bathroom shower with a camo-edged mirror.

Stone is one of the materials that are suitable for decorating your rustic bathroom, when the whole room is made of stone and then for floor ideas, you can refine it for more comfortable and smooth footwear. Furthermore, for wall ideas, you can arrange this stone well and neatly to produce a bathroom building that is more sturdy and certainly not easily porous. Walls and floors made of stone from decoist.

Not only stone material, now you can also pair some stone walls with the rest using log wooden material that looks sturdy but still has a smoother surface. Poles and floors that have matching materials are also the perfect combinations for the rustic bathroom decor that you are currently building. Cover the floor with a patterned rug to add some color to this bathroom. Combination of stone with wood log wall from decoist.

3. Rolling barn door

It is yet one of the classic rustic bathroom décor ideas that have been retouched with a modern aesthetic. Instead of using a regular door for your bathroom’s rolling door, replace it with a refined barn door. 

To save a rustic bathroom with limited space, then you can try using a sliding barn door as a room divider as well as being the main door in this bathroom. Let the appearance of this barn wood be natural by not polishing it or repainting it with bright colors so as not to spoil the rustic atmosphere of the bathroom which has a neutral room feel. Natural sliding barn door from thespruce.

This rolling barn wood door with iron hinges will make it easier for you to open or close the door easily. This barn wood has a natural color that is suitable to be combined with the feel of a white bathroom. Try this door idea in a rustic bathroom decor that wants to appear simpler without going overboard. Rustic rolling barn wood from homebnc.

Match the color and material of the vanity cabinet with barn wood to harmonize the color tone of the bathroom which looks more natural and certainly does not give bright colors that damage the color tone of the rustic bathroom decor. This rolling barn wood door has a slightly dull color that makes the room feel more vintage and classic. Vintage style rolling barn wood door from homebnc.

4. Whiskey barrel sink

Do you want a more adventurous rustic bathroom décor? If so, then you might want to check out this bold sink design. This sink is made from a re-purposed whiskey barrel, and the top of the sink is equipped with a similarly classic copper basin. Even the sink is designed with rustic material and shape for a more indulging experience.

If you have a wine barrel in your home warehouse and it is not being used, then use it for one of the rustic bathroom interiors such as a sink. This sink has natural ingredients and certainly doesn’t cost a lot of money when making it, then place this wine barrel sink right in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space while in the bathroom. Corner wine barrel sink from homebnc.

5. Simple reclaimed towel hook

Although subtle in its presence, this simple reclaimed towel hook is a tiny but effective rustic bathroom décor that you need. The base is made from recycled wooden planks, topped with a countryside iron door handle for hanging the towel. Because of its simplicity, you can always create more than one for more aesthetic value and practical function.

Take advantage of the wall area as a towel storage idea by installing a wooden shelf equipped with an iron hook that looks old and rusty. Before using it as a towel hook, you have to clean it first so it doesn’t make your towel rusty or dirty. This towel hook gives a vintage and classic feel at the same time. Reclaimed wood towel hook from homebnc.

Do you have a wall area that is still empty and has not been used? If so, then install unused reclaimed wood shelves as an area to hang towels that have been used. Don’t forget to add hooks on the right and left sides to make it easier for you to hang more towels. Wooden shelf with towel hook from homebnc.

Have you imagined what kind of rustic bathroom décor ideas will be applied to your bathroom?

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