Best Money-Saving Tips for Your Bathroom Decoration

Everyone would like to have a beautiful and comfortable bathroom. But unfortunately, the limited budget made some of you decide to give up on your bathroom decoration. To help you find a solution, here are five cheap bathroom decorating ideas that are worth trying.

1. Play with Unique Bathroom Tile Motifs

Your humble bathroom can still look luxurious without having to spend a lot of money. The trick is to choose a unique floor and wall tile theme. For example, you can install hexagonal-shaped tiles to build a retro-chic look. Since you have already focused on the tiles, you don’t need to add another intricate detail.

This blue hexagon floor with star accents on each surface is a focal point for a minimalist bathroom that is beautiful and different from the others. You can layer this dry floor with an animal pattern rug as a contrasting combination and not make the room feel easily boring. To neutralize the atmosphere in this bathroom, you can use clean white walls and furniture. Blue hexagon tiles from housebeautiful.

Use bathroom tiles with only one color, namely pink, now you can distinguish the tile pattern between the wall and the floor for a more crowded and not monotonous appearance. Subway tile has a neutral pattern that is easy and suitable to be combined with other patterned tiles as you like. Glass divider shower room is very suitable to be applied to bathroom decoration with limited space. You can try it right now. Pink tiles with two different patterns from housebeautiful.

2. Build Natural Lighting for Energy-Saving Purposes

To make your bathroom look clean and spacious without having to incur large costs, build a natural lighting system. Aside from helping you cut your monthly electricity bill, the concept of natural lighting is more environmentally friendly.

To save more when paying for electricity at the end of the month, then for bathroom decoration you can use sunlight as the main lighting during the day. This sunlight will enter through transparent glass windows that are not covered with curtains. In this bathroom, you can also apply green plants to avoid a humid room. Transparent glass window from housebeautiful.

Open your window blinds in the morning before noon to enter more sunlight into your bathroom so you don’t need lighting anymore during the day. Sunlight is also a source of energy that makes the bathroom feel warmer and not easily damp, choose shades of blue with white as a brighter bathroom appearance and of course, it will look more beautiful when equipped with green plants. Open the window blinds during the day from housebeautiful.

3. Use a Beautiful Mirror as the Focal Point 

A mirror can always change your dull bathroom look into an attractive and unique one. Thus, purchase a medium size bathroom mirror with a beautiful frame. Then, place it in the most noticeable corner in your bathroom.

In addition to being an accent to check your appearance, mirrors with bold color shapes and frames are also bathroom accessories that have not too expensive selling values. Hang this mirror on an empty wall area or just above the sink as a perfect combination that you can use simultaneously, when you use a blue wood interior, these two colors will look more contrasting. Unique mirror shape with bold color frame from housebeautiful.

If you have bathroom decor with a nautical feel, then the use of a mirror with a rattan woven frame is the perfect combination that you can try on a budget. Don’t forget to add sea coral ornaments as decorations that emphasize this bathroom decor, combine white with blue as a bathroom feel that is fresher, neutral, and not easily boring. Nautical rattan frame mirror from housebeautiful.

4. Put Some Ornamental Plants

One of the bathroom improvement goals is to create comfort in that space. If you have a tight budget, jazz up your bathroom with some ornamental plants. For instance, you can go with Bromeliads and Gardenia that can adapt to humid places.

Green plants are one of the decorative accents that are suitable to be placed in any room and in any style so that they are more flexible and have a selling value that is not too expensive. Choose plants with a larger size for a more real and contrasting look, after that you can place them in the corner of the bathroom so as not to interfere with your movement space while in the bathroom. Corner decoration of green plants from housebeautiful.

There is nothing wrong with using green plants as windowsill decorations in your bathroom decor. Choose a small green plant and place it in a transparent glass vase filled with water. The pattern of the rug that covers the bathroom floor has a combination of black and white, giving it a modern and minimalist monochromatic vibe. Greenery windowsill bathroom from housebeautiful.

5. Don’t Leave the Wall Look Plain

Decorate your plain walls with some family photos or beautiful artwork. They will definitely make your bathroom look chicer and livelier. Also, graffiti can be a choice for decorating bathroom walls, especially for those who are into this art.

Don’t let your bathroom walls appear plain and boring, hanging one of the painting frames is the best idea that you can try easily without requiring a professional to install it. This will save you more expenses when you beautify your bathroom, hanging plants beside it are perfect and a fresh finish. Hanging painting frames from mydomaine.

To add an artistic impression to the bathroom decoration with this limited space, then you can add some paintings with various themes and different frame sizes. The more paintings that are pasted on the wall, the more assertive the art can be that can be seen instantly. With this painting frame, the white wall will look more colorful and beautiful. Painting frames with various themes and different frame sizes from mydomaine.

Found new inspiration for your bathroom? Follow the tips above and beautify your bathroom with a minimal budget!

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