Unique Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas with Minimalist Touch

With the rising interest in minimalist kitchen designs that priorities simplicity, you’re bound to find them in many modern houses. If you love minimalist designs but don’t want to follow the same trend, mixing it with rustic design would work wonderfully. Since both offer simplicity with minimum effort, you can find several exciting rustic minimalist kitchen decor ideas that might interest you. Here are 5 of those ideas:

1. Renovated rustic minimalist kitchen

Do you have a minimalist kitchen already installed, and want to improve the styling? If you do, then applying rustic elements to the kitchen can be done easily! Change the color of the cabinets to dark wood with rustic-themed kitchen tables or replace the old cabinets with rustic ones. Since the principles of rustic and minimalist are similar, you don’t have to change the location of the furniture.

The choice of wood material with a dark color is expected to be easier to combine with other interiors around it with any color and style, apply this material to several kitchen interiors such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, walls and floating shelves. This vintage painting with a larger size hanging in the corner of the kitchen is a suitable decoration and you can try it easily. Kitchen interior with dark wood material from architecturaldigest.

Another option for rustic kitchen decor with a minimalist vibe is to combine dark wood furniture with patterned tile walls that have two different splashes of color, white and blue. All the interiors in this kitchen will work well together without destroying the color tone of the room that you are currently applying. Transparent glass windows are a source of light during the day. Wooden furniture with tile walls from architecturaldigest.

One of the ideas to renovate a rustic kitchen to make it look more minimalist is to add a shiny accent to one of the existing interiors, for example, now you can use a kitchen island with a shiny granite countertop. After that you can repaint all the wooden kitchen cabinets with a darker color. The advantage of using a granite countertop is that it is easier to clean when it is finished. Granite countertop with repainted kitchen cabinets from architecturaldigest.

2. Greek Folegandros rustic minimalist kitchen

The island of Folegandros is known among the Greeks as the ultimate leisure spot thanks to the overall rustic minimalist kitchen décor ideas. Using the 1950s-inspired chairs from local flea markets and a rustic table, you can replicate the design to your room as well.

Several reclaimed wooden chairs that surround this vintage white dining table are one of the characteristics of a Greek rustic kitchen that seems simple and old-fashioned. White is the color of choice that gives the impression of being spacious and clean in your kitchen, the chandelier that is installed right above the dining table is the main lighting that you can use at night. Reclaimed wood dining chair from apartmenttherapy.

Make your kitchen island design more functional by adding a weathered teak chair beside it so it can be a comfortable dining area. Choose and use a chair that has a height according to your current kitchen island. This kitchen island design is also equipped with a granite countertop so it is more comfortable to use because it has a smoother surface. High weathered teak chair from apartmenttherapy.

Make the wooden chairs in your Greek kitchen as comfortable as possible by covering them with a white linen blanket that is folded to have a thicker surface. Place this chair right in front of the kitchen cabinet to make it easier to use when cooking, several open wooden shelves make it easier for you to store your kitchen utensils and equipment optimally. Wooden chairs covered with blankets from apartmenttherapy.

3. Guest barn rustic minimalist kitchen

The classic, hearty barn design is arguably one of the finest minimalist kitchen designs out there. All the parts are decorated with rustic wooden boards, including the barn-like old hanging lamps.

Wooden boards that are installed on the walls of this rustic kitchen are one of the firm characteristics and you can install them easily and without spending a lot of money. To display a more colorful kitchen, you can use a kitchen island with a bold color like yellow. Furthermore, you can also repaint the window frame with a color that matches the kitchen island that is currently used. Wooden boards wall with bold color kitchen island from architecturaldigest.

Not only will your wooden boards be applied to the kitchen wall, but now you can also apply them to the kitchen cabinets to make them look more vintage. Stone sinks are the perfect combination that you can use at the same time. Use a gold faucet to bring a vintage and classic impression together in one kitchen room. Wooden boards kitchen cabinet with stone sink from architecturaldigest.

The pieces of wood that are arranged into this rustic kitchen wall have a more sturdy and smooth surface, for the next idea, you can use all kitchen furniture made of teak wood. This wood material will be more durable when it gets enough sunlight from the transparent glass window in one part of the kitchen wall. The more windows you use, the brighter your kitchen will be. Wood log walls with wooden furniture from architecturaldigest.

4. 70s Monaco apartment rustic minimalist kitchen

Relive the glamorous era of rustic minimalist kitchen decor ideas from the 70s Monaco with this design. Here, the sleek elegant chair and table set is accompanied by a similarly luxurious cupboard and kitchen set, along with the minimalist cook-top and hood.

The surface of the table in this kitchen decoration will look shinier when re-polished, besides that the appearance of this furniture also presents a minimalist impression in the rustic kitchen decor that you are currently building. Wooden standing cabinets with colors and materials that match the table can be a lot of storage ideas that you can use to put all your kitchen utensils in an organized manner. Re-polished wooden furniture from elledecor.

Don’t let your wooden furniture look shabby, you can re-polish it to make it look cleaner and shiny. For example, the dining table in the middle of this kitchen room looks shiny when exposed to sunlight. The white color that makes the furniture look clean and elegant makes your room get a luxurious and bright impression. Sleek white dining table from elledecor.

A dining table set with a classic look is obtained because it uses simple wood materials. Coupled with an all-white kitchen set, it will make your kitchen look modern and luxurious. Especially if your kitchen uses stone tile floors which of course make your kitchen look classic but luxurious. Classic wooden dining table set from elledecor.

5. Whitewashed Florence estate rustic minimalist kitchen

A whitewashed rustic design creates a new sense of modern serenity in the kitchen. To apply the effect, use the 19th century-inspired kitchen Tuscan tables and cupboards all over the kitchen. On the other hand, you can decorate your tiles with some exciting Florence-inspired rustic minimalist.

You can easily create rustic kitchen decorations with a minimalist touch without spending a lot of money. For example, you can use the entire surface of the walls and kitchen cabinets with clean white color, while for the kitchen island idea you can use teak wood which looks shiny when it has been re-polished. Rustic kitchen nuances with teak wood kitchen island from thecottagemarket.

This kitchen nuance in white emphasizes the rustic style which is very easy to present a vintage style without overdoing it. If you put a dining table in this kitchen, then cover it with a white cloth to match the color tone of the room, which is beautiful and not easily boring. This wooden sign attached to the wall becomes a decoration as well as a bold color that has artistic value, you can choose a block color floor for a more colorful final touch. White rustic kitchen with a vintage vibe from thecottagemarket.

The entire kitchen room in white is one of the characteristics of the rustic style which is quite popular this year. White is one of the preferred colors because it makes the feel of the room wider and of course clean. Wreath greenery becomes a windowsill decoration that gives a different color and refreshes the entire room evenly. The wicker basket under the table can be used as storage. All white rustic kitchen from thecottagemarket.

Remember, the key here is to mix and match between minimalist kitchen designs and rustic designs. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, you’re ready to create one of the best rustic minimalist kitchen decor ideas of your life. 

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