5 RV Makeover Tips to Inspire Your RV Remodel

Looking for a way to get your old RV to feel more comfortable and fresher? However, you do not want to do total changes that cannot be undone. Here are some easy RV makeover ideas that will encourage you to give a more personalized touch to your old home-on-wheels.

1. Get a New Window Curtain 

Start with some RV window makeover ideas! You can build a nice window treatment by removing your old curtain and placing the fresh one. Then, choose bright colors that can build a vibrant ambiance. You can also pick one that has a unique motif. However, most importantly, go with what you really like!

Get a cleaner atmosphere by using pure white curtains that have a softer texture and have lighter materials. This material will be easier to wash when it starts to get dirty, besides that this curtain is also a source of sunlight entering the room and no longer requires lighting during the day. Sheer white curtain from extraspace. 

To add a more modern feel to your RV décor, replace shabby curtains with curtains that are cleaner and have a pattern that never goes out of style. This striped pattern with a combination of black and white is the best choice you can try for a remodeled RV that doesn’t require a lot of spending when buying it. Striped curtain with black and white color combination from extraspace.

2. Enhance Your Floor with a Beautiful Rug

Replacing the old flooring with something new is a time-consuming and costly task. Alternatively, you can go for a temporary solution like purchasing a new, catchy rug. It will jazz up your old RV and get the focus away from your dull flooring.

Cover your wooden floor with a rug that is not too big to cover the legs of your tufted table to make it look more elegant and neat. You can choose this rug according to the feel of your current RV living room, the combination of black and white in this room presents a monochromatic style that is suitable for any room for a modern touch on a budget. Monochromatic rug from extraspace.

Choose and use a thick rug with a smooth surface as warmer and more comfortable footwear. You can apply this rug in the RV living room to coat the wooden floor so that it looks neater and attracts attention. Rugs with neutral colors are easier to combine with other colored furniture according to your wishes. Thick rug in neutral color from extraspace.

3. Brighten Up Your Couch

Instead of buying a new RV couch, you need to decorate it with a nice layer. First, you can try to cover it with a standard full-size sheet. Furthermore, the other options include placing a light blanket over the back of the couch or putting some decorative cushions to divert everyone’s attention from your boring seating.

Neutral colors that are applied to RV decorations will never fail to work optimally, as the right furniture idea, you can use a light gray sofa enhanced with white blankets and some pillows in neutral colors too. The touch of wood on the side of this sofa gives a natural impression that is not excessive. Light gray sofa with a white blanket from extraspace.

If you have used a gray sofa, then you can further enhance it by using white pillows and blankets with matching materials, which have a softer surface. In addition, this fairly large window is also a source of light that provides enough sunlight into the room so that it saves more on expenses for paying electricity at the end of the month. Gray sofa with pillows and white blanket from extraspace.

4. Change Your RV Shower Curtain

This trick is one of the easiest RV shower remodel ideas that you need to consider. Apart from that, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money. Changing shower curtains is also an easy way to attach a new style to your RV bathroom. In addition, choose natural colors to build a more elegant impression!

To limit the wet floor with the dry floor in your small RV decoration, you can try the use of high curtains with a dominant white color. This curtain doesn’t take up too much room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement while in the bathroom, you can try it easily without spending a lot of money. Shower curtain divider from extraspace.

5. Invest in the interior of the RV

Does your RV’s interior require a touch of art? Then, add some classic wooden decorations to brighten up your space. Wooden decorations can also build a strong statement for old RVs.

Pallet wood is one of the natural look materials that has a selling price that is not too expensive, when the kitchen decoration is built with one part of the wall made of pallet wood, you will get an artistic vibe instantly. There is no need to repaint this wood for the impression of a room that is more environmentally friendly and can blend in perfectly when the surroundings are equipped with some greenery decorations. Wooden pallet wall from extraspace.

If you want to apply wood materials in RV decorations, then you should try it on some furniture in the kitchen such as kitchen cabinets and a kitchen island that is not too big. This wood material looks smoother when it has been re-polished, you can use a ceramic herringbone backsplash as a perfect combination that you can combine beautifully. Wooden cabinet kitchen from extraspace.

To make your wooden walls look more artistic, you can apply some vines and hanging pots that thrive. This indoor green plant needs regular maintenance which is quite easy, you just need to water it every day and provide organic fertilizer on a regular basis. Apply different types of greenery to make it look fresher. Wooden wall with greenery accents from extraspace.

With these easy tips, of course, you can easily turn your boring old RV into your dream vacation.

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