Elegant Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas that Look so Edgy and Timeless

Bathroom is one important place that must be there in the house. When you wake up, the bathroom will be the first place you will go, whether to wash your face or take a shower you will do it there. In fact, you can spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so you have to design the bathroom to look edgy and timeless. One easy way is to determine the best design concept for the bathroom in your home.

There are many concepts that can be used to design a bathroom in your home. But many people use the minimalist modern concept because it is considered very suitable for their homes. In fact, there is one concept that must be tried to be applied to the bathroom of your house. That’s rustic bathroom design. What is rustic? Well, before we discuss it, look at some pictures below!

Natural Material

Rustic is a home design concept that uses natural wood as the main media. The wood used is wood that looks old and has no finishing like on sandpaper or paint. And to decorate the bathroom using this rustic design, you can apply it to the wall, storage under the sink, the rack for towels, and also the door of the bathroom. And to make it look more natural, you can combine the interior of the wood with beautiful natural stone. It will create a warm, elegant and cool look.

Reuse your reclaimed wooden planks as a rustic bathroom wall idea that has a slightly faded color so that it gives a vintage impression at the same time. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use some furniture made of old wood as a more assertive rustic look. Vanity equipped with pull-out drawers can be used as a closed storage idea. Planks reclaimed wood wall from digsdigs. 

The two natural materials that are applied in one bathroom provide a rustic style instantly, you can install stone materials in the wall area while wood materials in the floor and ceiling areas. This stone wall will be more sturdy when exposed to splashing water, besides that this wall is also equipped with a rectangle fireplace that you can use when the weather in the bathroom starts to feel cold. Combination of stone walls with wooden floors from digsdigs.

The river stone material that is applied to the bathroom backsplash is a natural touch that doesn’t cost a lot of money when making it. Combine with wood vanity and cement sink that is sturdy to use for a long time. No need to repaint this vanity as a very appropriate rustic bathroom furniture idea. River stone backsplash from digsdigs.

To maximize the appearance of your rustic bathroom, use wood on the walls and vanity, then you can use stone material on the bathroom floor which has a slightly rougher surface so that it is not easily slippery when splashed by water from the sink. Vintage wall scones lights become the main lighting idea that you can use at the same time. Stone floor with a slightly rough surface from digsdigs.

Exposed The Bricks

If you apply a brick wall for the rustic bathroom, expose it. Let the brick in natural shape and color. It will strengthen the rustic vibe of your bathroom. Your bathroom will look more aesthetic and surely beautiful at the same time. 

To bring an industrial vibe to your rustic bathroom decor, you can use exposed red brick which is perfected with a sliding door made of a combination of wood and zinc. Then you can use cement floors as the right finishing touch and it doesn’t cost a lot of money when you try it. Exposed red brick wall from decoist.

Don’t let your rustic bathroom decor look boring, now you can try combining wooden planks and exposed brick on the walls in one room. These two materials on the wall will work well because they have a natural style without being excessive, besides that these vintage metal wall scones are the right lighting and match the atmosphere of your current bathroom. Combination of exposed brick with wooden planks for bathroom walls from decoist.

Another option for decorating your rustic bathroom is the use of exposed red brick walls combined with furniture and door frames made of teak wood. Let the appearance of this wooden wall and interior look natural by not repainting it with a bright color. You can apply vintage furniture to bathtubs and floating square mirrors. Exposed brick wall with vintage interior from decoist.

Besides having a lower price, exposed red brick walls are also easier to apply and give a natural feel that fits perfectly with any interior around it. In this bathroom decoration, you can combine red brick walls with vintage wooden shiplap which has a smoother surface and makes the atmosphere in the bathroom warmer. This wall is also equipped with a built in shelf that can be used as an open storage idea. Combination of exposed red brick walls with wooden shiplap from decoist.

Rustic Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories for your rustic bathroom decor. In this case, you don’t need to place a lot of rustic accessories in your bathroom, just a few small accessories, you can embrace the rustic feels. You can place a rattan basket, rustic decoration sign, plaid curtain, and other rustic accessories.

Complete the look of your rustic bathroom with an open wooden shelf stand as an addition to storing your essentials in the bathroom. You can also use rattan wicker baskets for additional rustic accessories in your bathroom. Don’t hesitate to use one or two baskets because these baskets are very functional in your bathroom, for example, applied as a place to store towels next to the bathtub or to collect dirty clothes before washing. Rattan wicker basket from digsdigs.

Or you can also use this rustic rattan wicker basket as a decoration to store some decorative flower stalks in your rustic bathroom. Do not use a laminated rattan basket because it will reduce the rustic impression you get, it is better for you to use a natural rattan basket. To add a rustic impression to the bathroom, you can also use transparent curtains that are very thick with the rustic atmosphere. Rustic wicker basket as a pot idea from digsdigs.

You can also use several similar rattan baskets to make them more beautiful to look at. Use a rattan basket that has a larger size so that it can accommodate more of your needs in the bathroom. Add a small basket that can be placed on the side of the sink to make it easier for you to store and find small items in it. Large rattan basket under the vanity from digsdigs.

Embrace Vintage Vibe

Embrace the vintage vibe for the rustic bathroom decor. You can use furniture or decorative item that look shabby chic. The distressed look from the furniture is the perfect way to add a rustic touch to your bathroom.

This pedestal sink made from a combination of cement and wood gives a vintage vibe to your bathroom decor instantly, here you can add a round mirror with a wood frame that matches the vanity for a more natural look and is in perfect harmony with the rustic style currently in use. work on. Mosaic wall shower provides different colors and textures so that it looks more unique. Combination of wood with cement pedestal sink from 

There is nothing wrong with presenting a vintage feel in a rustic bathroom by using some furniture made from shabby wood that has not been repainted. Examples include a small folding bench, a vanity with iron legs and a wall made of wooden shiplap. After that, you can use green plants in the corner of the sink as a view and decoration that is never boring and suitable to be placed in any decoration and in any style. Furniture vintage style from countryliving.

Teak wood is one of the recommended materials for your bathroom rustic idea, there is no need to repaint this wood material for a natural look and to seem more sturdy. Add bold colors like pink to some interiors, namely on the patterned carpet and one of the outside of the vanity cabinet. This color looks more sweet and feminine, you can try it easily without overdoing it. Rustic bathroom with teak wood material from countryliving.

The vintage vibe will look perfectly blended when applied to your white rustic bathroom decor. Some of the vintage-style interiors include floating open wooden shelves, cabinets next to the bathtub, and shiny gold showers. All of these vintage interiors will work well when combined in one bathroom. Flower vases and painting frames are decorations that are not too expensive. White rustic bathroom with vintage interior from countryliving.

Use these pictures for your inspiration in designing the bathroom to be even more amazing by taking a rustic design there. With a combination of natural wood and stone, it will give an amazingly beautiful impression there. So don’t be afraid to try new things and start decorating the bathroom from now on. Good luck!

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