Wooden Countertop Design Ideas

The kitchen is one room that must exist in a house. In the past, the kitchen was only used as a place for cooking and preparing food, but now that function has shifted to a new paradigm. That the kitchen has become the heart of the house which is used as the second living room which is often used as a place to entertain guests and relatives visiting the house. Seeing that thought, many kitchens are designed in accordance with a lifestyle that is no less attractive, no less luxurious than other rooms in the house.

The design of the kitchen to the furniture must be appropriate and sustainable. So for those of you who have just built or even planned a kitchen, you are entitled to get some of the latest kitchen design information on environmentally friendly equipment. One thing that must be in the kitchen room is a table. The size and material of the table must really be considered. For example, by adding the following wooden countertop. The wood material is the most environmentally friendly equipment material. In addition, wooden countertops will also be very easy to clean and do not require special care. There are some wooden countertops that you can use. Here are some ideas.

Light Wood Countertop

To create a luxurious and comfortable kitchen, of course, you need a variety of furniture that supports and supports your luxury kitchen. For those of you who want a clean, gentleness, fresh, and stylish kitchen appearance, the light wood countertop can be your option. This kind of wood countertop is suitable for those of you who applied a white kitchen. The color of the light wood countertop will blend well with your clean white kitchen.

Cover the kitchen cabinet and kitchen island on the top surface with a light wooden countertop which has a smoother texture and is comfortable to use all the time. This wooden countertop is easier to clean after use, you just wipe it using a wet or dry cloth. In addition, the materials used are also more natural and environmentally friendly. Soft light wood countertop from decoist.

Match the countertop cabinet with the kitchen island countertop with the same materials and colors, light wood is the material you can try to maximize the appearance of your white kitchen. Both of these colors will work well in the same room. In addition, the colors used on the countertop are also easier to combine with whatever interior is around them, green plants with glass vases become decorations that refresh the room to the maximum. Neutral color light wood countertop from decoist.

To make a white kitchen feel more natural, you can use a light wood countertop that has a smoother and less rough surface. The wood on the countertop is sturdier and not easily porous so it can be used for a long time. No need to repaint these countertops, let them appear more natural and still elegant. Natural light wood countertop from decoist.

Dark Wood Countertop

Today, many kitchen designs that you can emulate in your kitchen, ranging from design, size, furniture to layout. And for the countertop idea, you can use a dark wood countertop to increase elegance. The dark wood countertop has a deep and sharp character. The striking color from the wood color absolutely will attract people’s attention. This countertop is suitable for those of you who interested in classic style.

To avoid the countertop getting dirty easily when used for cooking, you can use dark brown wood with a little black splash in the pattern. You can use this dark wooden countertop in the kitchen island area with a sweet square shape, it’s not only enough that this material is also stronger when splashed with water. Dark brown wood countertop with black splashes from decoist.

This kitchen island design with a long countertop surface can be used as a functional minimalist dining table. This countertop is made of plywood with a fairly dark color, namely black. Adjust the height of the dining chair with a countertop so that it can be used comfortably when eating the dishes that have been provided, this chair with a splash of gold makes the kitchen look more luxurious. Functional black plywood countertop from digsdigs.

This U shape kitchen cabinet is enhanced by the presence of a dark wood countertop which maximizes the user when cooking so that it is not easy to look dirty. To avoid mold on these cabinets and countertops, you can use glass windows to enter as much sunlight as possible into the room. In addition, this countertop will also look shinier when exposed to light from outside or light. U shape dark wood countertop from decoist.

This teak wood which is repainted with dark brown color makes your kitchen space not look dirty after using cooking activities. This dark color will look more contrast when placed in white kitchen decor. You can combine it with backsplash tile that has pastel colors, some of the colors in this room will look more leverage and can blend perfectly. Dark teak wood countertop from decoist.

Polished Wood Countertop

Having a comfortable kitchen doesn’t have to be for those of you who have a hobby of cooking, but those of you who don’t like to cook will definitely want to have it. Because in fact, the kitchen becomes a friendly place for you to chat with family while dining or just drinking coffee and enjoying an appetizer. Then, to make your kitchen more stylish, the polished wood countertop is a good deal. This wood countertop truly shines so that your kitchen will look more stand out and classy. It can be the absolute focal point in your kitchen.

The appearance of kitchen decorations will look more perfect when polishing the countertop wood so that it looks shinier when exposed to light. You can apply this idea to a kitchen island countertop, repaint the bottom with a different color, such as light blue. Some of these repainting and polishing ideas make kitchen furniture look newer and cleaner. Re-polish the surface of the kitchen island countertop from decoist.

This uniquely shaped kitchen island is equipped with a glossy wooden countertop. To display a shiny surface, you just need to re-polish it, isn’t it quite easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Hang a vintage lamp just above this kitchen island to reflect bright light throughout the room. Unique kitchen island with polished countertop from decoist.

In addition to having a more luxurious and clean appearance, re-polished wooden countertops are also easier to match with any color kitchen cabinets or nuances. This time you can use white as a color combination that can blend perfectly. Flowers with glass vases are a fresh decoration and give a fragrant aroma. Wooden countertop decorated with glass flower vases from decoist.

In fact, a wooden countertop is very adorable and brings a warm feel to your kitchen. Natural filters that have wood will present an unusual style of beauty and cannot be created by other materials. Those wooden countertops above, hopefully, will inspire you.

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