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The Best Warehouse Design Ideas That You Can Try

House is a building with many rooms there. In every room, there will be a lot of goods or equipment. So, to make it look more presentable, every house must have a warehouse to store goods. These items aren’t only for damaged items, but also important equipment that you don’t use. Someone designed the warehouse in the basement or in the loft of the house. So, the atmosphere in the warehouse will be quiet because there is no activity there.

But nowadays, many people try new things. One of them is by designing a warehouse into a stunning and functional room. So, the function of a warehouse here isn’t only to store goods, but it can be used as a functional place such as a home office, living room, and family room. For those of you who haven’t been able to imagine the warehouse being a functional room, we present some ideas below!

Home Office

The first idea that you can do with your warehouse is turning it to become a home office. It can be a quiet place to do your work. All you have to do is place some a work desk and comfortable office chair. Also, pay attention to the storage. For simple storage, you can install floating shelves. Consider using a bright color scheme, so the home office feels airy and convenient.

If you have a warehouse at home, it is better if it is converted into a home office with several bright color choices. This home office decoration has a blend of wooden interiors with a combination of yellow and pink splashes, these two colors make your home office warehouse look more colorful and more vibrant. The red brick walls present a natural industrial feel. Bold color interior of the home office warehouse from decoist.

Another option for home office warehouse ideas is to use neutral room nuances with a vintage vibe that results from the barn wood divider and white walls that have peeling paint. Use just enough home office furniture to get a wider floor space, standing open shelves is a storage idea that you can place next to your desk to make it easier to collect or store items. Vintage home office from decoist.

Decorate the white walls of this former warehouse home office decor with abstract canvas paintings in a mix of bright colors. This painting will be the bold color of an artistic look. This minimalist shelf made of melamine wood has a white color which is in harmony with the use of your wall paint. There’s nothing wrong with adding a few framed paintings on the shelf as a lovely addition. Minimalist home office from decoist.

The warehouse in your home decor will be more useful when converted into a spacious and open home office decoration. Place this wooden work table near the window to get maximum sunlight during the day. With this window, you no longer need lights during the day to save on your expenses at the end of the month. Open space home office with large glass windows from decoist.

Living Room

If you need another space to serve your guest, you can makeover your warehouse for the living room idea. Place suitable and comfortable sofas and a coffee table. With the right design, a warehouse can be transformed into a room that has an important function. Important tips that you must consider when using a warehouse as a living room is to think about lighting there. You can create this lighting from the presence of a window. But if you can’t install a window, you can install bright lights there. 

Turn the warehouse décor into a modern living room with large open floor space. There is no need to use excessive interiors for more free movement. Linen sofa, small coffee table, chairs, and leather carpet are enough furniture that you can use every day. Tracking light and floor lamps are a combination of lighting that makes the nuance in the living room brighter. Warehouse area converted into the modern living room from homedit.

When you are going to turn your warehouse into a living room decoration, having a transparent glass window is an important accent that you must do because it maximizes the sunlight that enters the room. The choice of the interior with a combination of black, white, and easy brown presents a monochromatic style that never goes out of style. Monochromatic living room decor from homedit.

Instead, use walls with glass windows that are large enough and wide enough to enter a larger amount of sunlight into the room so that you don’t need lights anymore during the day. This glass window is enhanced with a metal frame with a dark color like black as a suitable combination and of course, it is suitable to be used in any living room decor, including modern and minimalist styles. Instead of using the living room walls with glass windows from homedit.

Family Room

Another idea that you can do with your warehouse is turning it to become a family room. A place where you can spend most of your time with your family to watch a family movie or chatting together. To make this place comfortable, you can fill it with sofas, TV, coffee table, and choose the right color scheme. You can choose a neutral color to present an elegant impression and creates warmth. Adding a window also recommended for the source of natural lighting. The window also functions as air circulation there so that air will be able to enter the warehouse.

The room that is used for gathering with family is very important because it can be a room that welcomes guests or your family who come to the house. A warehouse that is used as a family room is the right choice to make use of the space in home decor to be more useful. Some wooden furniture gives a more natural impression. Multifunctional family room from homedit.

Cover your wood floor with colorful rugs that have soft materials so they are more comfortable to use to step your feet on. Use several matching colors in this room for a more elegant look and less boring. Beige, black and white are a blend of colors that can blend perfectly without disturbing the other wooden interiors around it. Neutral color combination in living room decor from homedit.

There is nothing wrong with using warehouse decorations to become a family room idea that seems more spacious and open. You can use the L shape leather sofa which is perfected with a carpet that is not too large. This family room blends with a minimalist dining room so that it looks more open without a lot of distraction from the floor space that you can use freely. An open family room in a house shed from decoist.

So, for those of you who have the plan to turn a warehouse into a functional room. You must use the pictures above as your inspiration in making it. Choose the design that you like and start designing it. Make the ordinary room become an extraordinary room like the ideas above. Good luck!

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