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Creative Ideas Using Old Shutter That Will Bring Unexpected Charm

Your old stuff doesn’t belong in the trash. There are so many things that you can do that can turn it into a new life. Let’s be creative using your own stuff. If you have an old shutter, scroll down, we’ve got plenty of ideas for your next project.

Old shutters are not completely useless. They may not be needed today anymore for their intended purpose but they can definitely be used in other ways. Shutters can be repurposed in a lot of awesome ways. Check out these creative ideas using the old shutter below to inspire you to add an unexpected charm to your home. Enjoy!


Instead of throwing your old shutter better for you to utilize it for the organizer ideas. You can use it for the magazine, kitchen, mail, jewelry, and multipurpose organizer. Just attach it to the wall and ready to use. This is an aesthetic organizer idea that not only functional but also can enhance your home decor. 

Reuse the old shutter in your warehouse as a magazine organization idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money. For a cleaner look, you can repaint it in bright blue. But there are things that must be done before painting this old shutter, namely cleaning it with a damp cloth so that it will get the maximum final result. Repaint old shutter organizer from shelterness.

Another option for reusing the old shutter is to change its function as jewelry storage by hinging it on the hook that has been added. This white old shutter organizer can be hung on an empty wall area, this wood organizer accent gives a vintage vibe that is suitable and has the same color as the walls of your home. Vintage old shutter organizer from shelterness.

As a Wall Art

If you still confused about what you have to do to fill your blank wall, take some old shutters in your home, repaint them, then use them for the wall art in your home. This wall art commonly used for entryway decoration. You can use a striking color to get a focal point in your home. 

An easy way to use the old shutter to make it more useful is to use it as an area to hang some black and white memorable photos so that it will become a wall decoration that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Hang the photo with the paper hook in the small hole. Leave the old shutter in its original color to give the maximum vintage impression. Old shutter with memorable photos from shelterness.


Old shutters can be used as a wall decoration when equipped with a colorful hanging wreath. You can lean this old shutter on the part of the wall that is still empty, this galvanized flower pot that has a sleek shape is an additional decoration that never fails and is not easily boring. You can put it on a wooden dresser in the living room area. Old shutter decor with hanging wreath from shelterness.

Repainting the old shutter with a bold color like red will make the appearance of the walls of your house more vibrant and colorful. You can complete this display with a wreath and some dark-colored frames. The wooden signboard is a complement which has a cheaper price so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate a room more on budget. Bold red shutter wall decor from homebnc.

Side Table

It sounds interesting and surely functional for your home decor. Making a side table using the old shutter may seem strange but believe me, this furniture will give a vintage impression to your home. All you have to do is collect some old shutter then joined. For the surface, you can use glass material.

Decorating a farmhouse living room will be even more perfect when equipped with a side table made of old shutter main material which is repainted with light gray color. You can use this table to put some beautiful ornaments such as DIY bird sculptures and greenery placed in wicker pots. DIY old shutter side table from homebnc.


Raise your farmhouse feels in your bedroom by using a headboard made from an old shutter. You can let the old shutter in natural color or if you want a new look, repaint them with your favorite color. 

To perfect your vintage bedroom decor, one of the interior ideas you can do is to use an old shutter headboard that looks shabby and has a combination of several different colors. Reclaimed wood nightstands make a perfect match that will never fail to complement this bedroom décor. The bright yellow vase makes a beautiful focal point. Vintage old shutter headboard from 

Combine an old shutter headboard with plain white curtains as a headboard idea that is suitable when used in classic bedroom decor. Match the bedding color with the headboard used to make it appear more harmonious and in tune so it will look more elegant. Pastel-colored walls make for a perfect blend that you can try your best. Combination of old shutter headboard with white curtains from homebnc.

Good for Rack

Another idea to utilize the old shutter that this stuff is good for the rack. If you need a rack to hang your cups, coats, plates, or another item, you can take the old shutter from your warehouse then turn it to become a rack. Add some hooks and ready to use. 

Take advantage of the wooden walls that are still empty as a storage idea that saves floor space by hanging an old shutter that looks shabby so that it brings vintage and classic nuances at the same time. This old shutter has two shelves of the same size that can be used to place antique plates that you have as a time-consuming wall decor idea. Classic and vintage shutter racks from homebnc.

The old shutter appearance will be more modern when repainted with several different colors. After painting, you can lean the old shutter on the kitchen wall to hang various cooking mats such as knives and other cooking utensils. Here you just need to add a metal hook that is strong enough to be used for a long time. Standing old shutter shelf from homebnc.

These are some creative ways that you can do in utilizing the old shutter. Isn’t this a good idea in terms of using old stuff? Besides functional, it is also can enhance your home decor. Have a nice to try.

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