The Best Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas to Avoid Boredom in Your Home

As a functional room at home, a kitchen must be well organized. This is important since all activities in the kitchen need a good mood so that you can cook happily. It does not need to put too much furniture or elements in the kitchen. As long as the elements are practical yet functional, you can have the cozy kitchen you dream of.

A minimalist kitchen design is believed by some designers can satisfy all of you whose kitchen spaces are not large enough. It takes some functional elements which can help you to do your activities in the kitchen without ignoring the elegance and sleek look.

There are some ideas to make your dream about a minimalist kitchen comes true. As you visit your kitchen every day, think to make your kitchen as interesting as possible to cook or dinner to avoid getting bored. Though a minimalist kitchen offers you simple life, you cannot deny that it is the focal point of a house that should be managed well. Here are some ideas that you can do.

White Color

First of all, consider white as your color scheme for the kitchen. You can easily combine it with black or grey with the small bold color combination as a statement. White is easily conveyed with minimalist as it brings the nuance of clean and sleek.

The white color scheme in this kitchen decor will make a stylish room look minimalist and simple. You can add a touch of black to the counter and oven installed in this cabinet so that it will provide the perfect contrast. You can also combine it with a brick wall to give an industrial touch to the room. A wooden floor will also provide a warm and inviting decor. White color scheme from home-designing.

This minimalist all-white kitchen is complemented by a touch of gray on the counters and high chairs to create the perfect contrast. You can also add wood accents to one of the walls for an attractive appearance. This wood floor will provide extra warmth. White color is easy to display with minimalism because it gives a clean and smooth impression. Minimalist all-white kitchen from home-designing.

Think about the Backsplash

The idea of having white subway tiles for the backsplash is very famous recently. If you want to be out of the box, you can also opt for Herringbone or hexagon tiles. Besides will strengthen the minimalist look, it is also can make your kitchen looks modern stand out.

Embrace simplicity and choose a white backsplash tile to complement your minimalist kitchen decor. If arranged in a herringbone pattern, the effect is simple and will look more elegant. And if you feel that wasn’t enough, you can choose to decorate the backsplash with framed artwork and place it on an open shelf for the perfect room decorating idea. White herringbone backsplash tile from homedit.

Making two separate backsplashes near the hob and sink is a smart choice for those who don’t like tile all over the walls. You can use wood which is shaped in a hexagon to make a stylish minimalist kitchen decoration. Apart from strengthening the minimalist look, it can also make your kitchen look modern. You can combine it with a black cabinet for the perfect room idea. Wooden hexagon backsplash from digsdigs.

Simple Storage

Don’t forget about the storage. A minimalist shelf will organize your mugs and bowls neatly but easy to reach. In this case, you can install floating shelves in your kitchen. You can install it at the corner, above the sink, or in another space that you want. The materials like wood or steel are the most commonly used to make a minimalist shelf.

Mixing a few neutral tones works well for hexagonal tiles. Adding a uniquely shaped open shelf will create simple storage but functional. Mounting in the corner of this room will provide the perfect decoration. This wooden and white cabinet will give the space an interesting look and will create a warm space when night falls. Corner open shelf from digsdigs.

Adding simple storage in the form of an open shelf that is placed on top of the refrigerator is useful for storing various cutlery easily besides that it will also show off your cutlery collection. You can combine it with gray herringbone backsplash tile and white cabinets for a stylish design. This all-white nuance will also create a clean and airy room. Wooden open shelf from digsdigs.

Add Color

Possible for you to add color to your minimalist kitchen. A minimalist kitchen allows you to give bits of color like yellow, red, or blue to the chairs, cabinets, or some decorative elements to create a more lively kitchen.

Adding yellow to your fridge and hanging cabinet storage, red to the oven, and green to this cabinet color will present a vibrant room decor for you to try. Paired with white tile backsplash and shades of white this creates the perfect contrasting decor. Wooden floors will create a warm room at night. Choosing a decor like this creates a more vibrant kitchen. Colorful minimalist kitchen from home-designing.

The yellow color in this all-white kitchen decor will create a stylish room and will steal the attention of many people. Besides that, it will give a bright and fresh feel while you are in this minimalist kitchen. You can apply it to the backsplash and you can complement it with lighting to create the illusion of an interesting room for you to try. Yellow color on minimalist kitchen from home-designing.

Lighting Fixture

Pay attention to the lighting fixtures for the minimalist kitchen decor. You can choose the pendant lamp or track lamp to strengthen the minimalist vibe. Install the lamps over the dining table or countertops as a modern and gorgeous element.

Adding the lighting of the pendant lights on the dining table will add a dramatic touch to the room. Choosing a white shade for your lampshade will balance out the colors in your decor. In this all-white room, it will produce a spacious and airy decoration. Applying a subway tile to one of the walls for this backsplash will give this minimalist kitchen a pattern. White pendant light from home-designing.

This triple pendant lamp above the dining table will provide a dramatic light and will present a sophisticated room. This minimalist kitchen features oak cabinets and white backsplash to give the room a contrasting and stylish look. This tall black chair will also make for a comfortable and inviting room. This large window on one of the walls will also give the room a bright and spacious look. Triple pendant lamp from home-designing.

After knowing several ideas to make a minimalist kitchen, have you planned to upgrade your kitchen now?

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