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The Best Ideas of Utilizing the Staircase Area To Interior Design Your Home

Are you planning to renovate your house? Maybe you will deal with your bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, or family room. But, there is an important element of your house that should be decorated well to make your house looks interesting, it is the staircase.

The staircase plays a significant role in your house though you do not spend much time there. If you can decorate it well, it can enhance your interior design. Some people think that the staircase is the focal point of your house to make the guest gets simply inviting. So, you may make it more impressive with a great design. Here are some ideas.

Fill the Wall with Decorative Items

It does not matter what your house theme is, whether it is rustic, modern, or traditional, try to revamp your step on a well-designed staircase. You can add the decoration like paintings, family photos, or other adornments o transform your staircase. This idea will turn the look of blank space in your staircase to be more attractive, interesting, and inviting.

Adding this attractive room decoration will create a stylish room decoration. You can add some wood-framed paintings to add an interesting decor to the room that will grab the attention of many. Choosing a variety of shapes and sizes will make for the perfect room decoration. You can also paint different colors on the frame for an interesting room design. Colorful wood-framed paintings from elledecor.

Adding a wall gallery in the form of this colorful painting will create an attractive room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Paired with this white wall scheme for an eye-catching decoration. You can also use wooden floors to balance the look of this house and will give a warm and rustic impression to your home. Colorful painting from elledecor.

Utilize for Storage Space

Another idea of turning up space under the stair is by making it as storage. You may have a cabinet with drawers to save your shoes, bags, or tools so that they are placed in a right and clean way then you can use the stair to make it happen.

The mint drawer will hold anything you want and need with ease. The idea to increase the space under the stairs is to make it the perfect storage area. You can keep some collections and other ornaments so that it will create a neat room and will avoid clutter. Paired with white staircases and wooden floors will give the room a warm and inviting decor. Mint drawer under staircase from shelterness.

If you have limited wardrobe space throughout your home, the space under the stairs can be a great place for a wardrobe. All you need is a wooden drawer to store some ornaments and other accessories. You can even add a door to hide the room. This kind of decor will provide a tidy room and will avoid clutter. The white color scheme will give a bright and airy room. Storage under stairs from extraspace.

Use for Home Office

As a businessman or for those of you who work from home, you surely often bring your work at home. And for that reason, you need a space to do your work. The space under the stair will be suitable for the home office that gives you a simple yet comfortable space.

Turning the area under the stairs into a private work cubicle will give extra comfort to the room. You can simply add a floating wooden table and Scandinavian-style chairs to create a cozy room. You can also add an open shelf in the corner of the room to easily store some ornaments. The space under the stairs will be suitable for a home office giving you a simple but comfortable space. Floating wooden table under staircase from extraspace. 

Instead of using an additional bedroom for your study, consider turning the space under the stairs into a compact office. No matter the size of your room, you can create a custom office area that will feel like a personal workspace. Add a few shelves on top of your desk for storing papers, files, and other office items. Choosing this wood material will create a warm room and a rustic impression into the room of this modern house. Home office space under the stairs from extraspace.

Reading Space

For those who like reading, make this space for a small library complete with a table and a chair. You will have a comfortable space for your reading activity. Moreover, to make a statement, apply wallpaper to change a simple wall into a wow one.

Choosing a reading room under the stairs will get a comfortable space for your reading activities. In addition, you can add a blue bookshelf and soft comfortable chairs to create a comfortable and inviting decoration. You can also add some potted natural green plants to give a fresh and natural impression to this tiny reading room. Reading room under stairs from extraspace.

Put up a few shelves and fill them with your favorite novel or book, and turn the awkward space at the bottom of the stairs into a pretty little home library. This area provides the perfect book storage solution without having to add additional furniture to another room. You can also keep magazines, photo albums, and green plants in pots. adding a cozy red chair will also make the room cozy and inviting. Wooden shelves on reading nook from digsdigs.

Laundry Room

The smart idea of utilizing the staircase area is to use it for a laundry room. It can be the solution if you don’t have more space for a laundry room in your home. If possible, your can place the washing and drying machine side by side, but if the space is too small you can stack them to save the space.

You can build a laundry room under your stairs to take advantage of the smart staircase area. You can add a washing machine and you can close it with a door to give the room a neat decoration. Decoration ideas like this will make your room look stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Paired with wooden floors and white tones to give the room a sophisticated decoration. Build laundry room under staircase from digsdigs.

Put the laundry under the stairs and there is enough storage space to store some of your laundry detergents. This can be a solution if you don’t have more space for the laundry room in your home. You can place the washer and dryer side by side if you have enough room in this setting. Adding a laundry basket will also make your laundry room tidier and will avoid clutter. Laundry room under staircase from digsdigs.

What do you think about the ideas above? Smart and interesting, right? Instead of letting it go unused, better for you to apply the ideas above and see how they will impact the interior of your home.

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