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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Outdoor Space Using Old Door

Most of us have a lot of old stuff (or at least one or two) just lying around our house. If it just stays still, becomes nothing but taking up space. You’re either too busy or lazy, sentimental, or just have more important things to deal with. Don’t throw them away. Give them a new life by doing repurpose, reuse or upcycle projects!

The best thing about giving your old stuff a new life is it (nearly) free. If you have an old door and decided to do something with it, then you come to the right page. Check out these creative ways to decorate your outdoor space using the old door below to inspire you. See how you can turn your old stuff into something beautiful and functional.

To Beautify the Fence

If you find an old door around your home, take it and use it to beautify your garden fence. Hang the old door on the fence and decorate it with some planter or another decorative item. This old door decoration will make your garden fence looks beautiful and rich in vintage look.

Take advantage of old doors that are not used for garden decoration ideas that can be used to hang DIY bucket pots filled with greenery. No need to repaint this old door to give it a rustic vibe that seems simpler and of course very on budget. This door is also equipped with an outdoor chandelier that will illuminate your garden at night. Rustic old door decor from homebnc.

To decorate a wooden fence in your garden decoration, you can use an old wooden door that is no longer used. This old door has a slightly faded white color so that it looks more vintage. Hang your vines and flowers in one pot on this door as a decoration that matches your current garden decor so that it will blend more perfectly. Old door planter from homebnc.

Complete the appearance of your garden with a white old door placed in the fence area as a decorative decoration that creates a vintage impression. This old door is made of two different materials, namely wood and transparent glass. Before placing it to hang green plants or flowers, you can clean it first so that it looks cleaner and of course does not interfere with the sight of your eyes. Old door planter made of wood with glass material from homebnc.

Porch Swings

One of the most fun things you can do with your old door is building a porch swing using recycled wood. This is really easy to do with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, but it is a great project that you can add lots of character and personality to. Just take out your old door and maybe you need to clean it up before. Then install it on your porch using some caulking and some kind of hardware. You could even paint it to match your garden furniture. You can use it to relax and beautify your outdoor at the same time.

Do you need a relaxing area in porch decorations? If so, then you can install a classic beige swing made from the main material of the old door. Reusing old door will be more useful and certainly more on budget, here you just need to repaint it for a cleaner look. Pillows make your sitting surface warmer and more comfortable. Old door modified classic swing from amazinginteriordesign.

Covering a wooden swing with throw pillows is the right idea that you can try to get a softer sitting surface. Use this swing back from old door material that is repainted with pastel colors. Floral pillows provide colors and patterns that make the porch decor more colorful and cheerful. Use a strong rope to hang the swing from the ceiling. Repaint old door to swing porch from hgtv.

To Hang the Planter

Need a unique thing for your outdoor decoration? If so, you can utilize the old door. So, what you can do with the old door? You can use the old door to hang your planter. It can be the solution if you need a plant stand that not commonly used. You can hang the old door with ropes or chains, and you can also lean it against it to the wall of your porch. After that, take some planter that has filled with blooming flowers then hang them on the old door. Is it interesting, right? 

You can decorate your outdoor room with an old door that has been replaced. For example, by replacing the old pink door as a place to hang planters in your yard. You can add the old door to the basket for the media to plant your favorite flowers. Rest the old door on the fence of your house, and start to garden with fun. You can plant flowers of various types and colors to make your garden look more colorful and cheerful. Old pink door planter from balconygardenweb.

You can also use the old door to hang several vertical potted metal buckets. You can use this metal bucket for planting media so you can garden in a space that is not too large. Arrange your old tub neatly on the old door so it doesn’t get boring when you look at it. You can also add some other ornaments to complete it, for example, some Chinese ceramics are also planted between plants. Vertical hanging bucket planter from balconygardenweb.

For the Garden Wall

If you have some old door that you want to bring out of and bring back into your garden then you may want to look at the following garden wall ideas to give you some new life in your garden. Use your old door for the garden wall by installing and arrange them neatly to become a fence. The weathered look from the door is a good way to create a vintage nuance and make your garden more aesthetically.

Besides that, you can also collect some old doors to be used as outdoor decorations in your home. Arrange the old door neatly so that it looks like a fence and will make it a vintage background for your garden. The classic look of the old door will make your garden more attractive. Add a large mirror or old ornament such as a chest of drawers to make it more unique. Vintage old door walls from diyncrafts.

Re-paint some of the old doors in bright colors so you can make them into beautiful outdoor decorations. Line up and neatly your old repainted door into a garden wall that is the backdrop for a vintage long wooden chair in your garden. An interesting look for you to try to become a garden with a cheerful and vintage look. Repaint the old door to the garden wall from remodelaholic.

Repainting your old door with dark and white colors, then alternating between the colors makes it a garden wall full of surprises. Using the old shutter door as a garden wall is something that is rarely done by many people. Therefore you have to try it in order to make your garden look different from the others. Shutter old door for wall garden from remodelaholic.

Instead of throwing your old doors and let them not utilized, repurposing, reusing, and use them for the upcycling project will turn your old stuff into something functional and beyond the expectation. Try it now!

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