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Best Backyard Design Ideas On A Budget

Why spend much money if there are so many adorable on a budget ways to decorate your backyard? Yes, decorating the backyard into your private oasis is possible even if you are on a budget. All you need is creativity and following some decor tips and tricks to achieve your backyard goals. Keep reading to make it happen!

See more backyard design ideas on a budget below to inspire you and we believe that you will love your backyard even more.

Espaliered Tree

Upgrading your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. For example, for a high-end backyard look without spending much money, try to decorate the wall with an Espaliered tree that adds visual interest and texture to a blank wall on a shoestring budget. It will make your backyard fence more alive.

The expanse of green grass will look fresher when combined with a tall fence equipped with espaliered trees that have a longer size. This espaliered tree has several arrangements to make the backyard decor look greener. The surrounding greenery is an added accent that is low maintenance without having to water or fertilize every day. Espaliered tree fence from gardendesign.

Pallet wood walls in backyard decorations will look more different when decorated with espaliered trees that are shaped and trimmed so that they look more modern and tidy. Don’t forget to repaint the walls with black paint as a combination of contrasting colors that can blend perfectly. Metal outdoor furniture is the best choice because it has a hard texture and is not easy to rust or is not easily porous. Several pots with different materials and sizes add an artistic impression that is not excessive. Wall espaliered tree decor from goodhousekeeping.

Repurposed Furniture

Instead of buying new furniture, go on with some repurpose projects that will make your backyard space more special and unique. For example, you can use unused tires and turn them into a backyard bench. Or you make a chair from crates and another item that can be turned to become functional furniture in your backyard without spending much money. All you have to do is just some creativity. 

If you choose a wooden bench as outdoor furniture, then covering it with pillows will make the sitting area warmer and more comfortable. Here you can also use a crate footrest which has a soft surface because it is also covered with pillows. The blanket is an additional accent that you can use as additional heating when the outdoor weather starts to feel cold. Wooden bench with crate foot rest from homebnc.

Reuse reclaimed wood in your home as cheap DIY outdoor furniture and of course, it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Two chairs facing the garden decoration are enough to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery. Place this reclaimed chair on a green expanse to make it look more natural and fresh. The lavender flowers behind the chairs give it a pretty color. DIY reclaimed wooden chairs from budgetdumpster.

Use Cheap Planters

The backyard will not complete without some plants. You can add some plants to your backyard by using some planters. It can be the solution if you just have a limited backyard space. Instead of buying a planter, you can look for some unused items around your home and recycle them for the planter. For example, unused buckets, crates, wine barrels, etc.

Do you have any unused wine barrels? If so, then you can use it as a DIY plant pot that is on a budget, of course. Make the appearance of this wine barrel planter different with four levels filled with various kinds and different types of succulents. Place this wine barrel planter in the backyard area that is often visited by people like a view that is not monotonous and does not get boring easily. Tier wine barrels planter from balconygardenweb.

This thick metal bucket is perfect for planting ideas when it is no longer in use. The materials used will be sturdier and resistant to all weather changes when outdoors. Use this metal bucket as a vine pot with a variety of different types of plants. Place this pot in the area around the outdoor furniture as a fresh view that you can enjoy at any time. Metal planting bucket from idealhome.

Reuse old frying pans as your backyard planter idea to save even more money. This pan is equipped with a metal handle so that it is easier to move when needed, you can plant one type of green plant in this pan to make it look more detailed. Furthermore, you can use another old skillet to plant beautiful and beautiful blooming flowers. Reuse old frying pans as a grower idea from idealhome.

Add Throw Pillows

It looks simple but brings a different change to the backyard. By adding some pillows to your seating area, your backyard will be more comfortable. The throw pillows can be used to add soft texture to your backyard. For more attractive and alive, you can use colorful bolster.

For mutual comfort in your backyard decoration, lining pallet chairs with pillows is the right idea that you can try. This pillow is a warm accent that you can use at any time, the stone fireplace surrounded by outdoor furniture is an additional piece of furniture that can be used when the outdoor weather feels cooler. This fireplace is made of stonework that you can easily get in your backyard without buying it. Pallet chairs covered with cushions from hgtv.

This metal curved stool can be repainted dark for a cleaner look. Next, layer it with several throw pillows that have different colors. This portable fireplace that has a round shape is a more appropriate additional accent that you can try. The shady trees around this bench provide shade during the day. Colorful throw pillow from hgtv.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Don’t forget the lighting in your backyard. For budget-friendly backyard lighting ideas, you can use string lights. The string lights will create a dramatic and beautiful look without breaking your bank. You can wrap it on the tree or installing it above the seating area. You can still enjoy the night in your backyard with a dim nuance.  

If you need lighting in the backyard at night, then a string of lights with yellow lighting is the right choice that you can apply to the tree trunk. This tropical string light has a yellow light which gives a dramatic vibration at night, you can enjoy it with your family or friends who come home. Tropical string light from homebnc.

By using these simple and budget-friendly backyard decorating ideas, you still have a stunning and beautiful backyard look. 

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