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Awesome Teenage Bedroom Design Ideas

If you need some ideas for your teenage bedroom design, then you come to the right page. Teenagers have a lot of stuff to keep in the bedroom. With a heavy school load and even busier social schedule, they need their own private space to store it and also a place to relax. That is why, if you are in the middle of designing your teen’s bedroom, consider a space that is practical and stylish at the same time.

When designing bedroom design, think about what your teen loves and see their bedroom through their perspective. Beyond a place to sleep, it’s where a teen escapes from the world of demands and rules. That is why consider designing it from your teen’s point of view so you will get the best result that both practical and stylish at the same time. To inspire you more, we’ve gathered awesome teenage bedroom design ideas below.

Determine the Color

Before decorating your teen’s bedroom, better for you to know their favorite color and apply this to their bedroom. Every teen has their favorite color. Of course, the treatment will be different in the rooms of teenage girls with teenage boys. Ask they’re before and then you can go to decorate their room. Usually the teenage girls, interested in soft, pastel, and girly colors. And for teenage boys, use bold and neutral colors is a good idea. When you can decorate their room with their favorite color, your teens will feel happy and comfortable in their room.

Having a teenage girl you can decorate a bedroom that has a feminine look. Choosing pastel shades and wallpaper on one of these walls will give the room the perfect decor. Don’t forget to add a pink blanket that will add a feminine look to this bedroom. This room-wide rug and wicker baskets will give any room a neat décor. Gray pastel color bedroom from nextluxury.

This teenage boy’s bedroom is furnished with shades of black and white to give a sophisticated look to the room. With this monochromatic theme, it is equipped with some modern furniture such as table lamps and bedside tables to provide an attractive room decoration. Combined with this large window, it will provide a bright and airy decor. Monochromatic theme teenage boy’s bedroom from nextluxury.

Usually, young women are attracted to soft colors like gray which will create a warm impression in this room decor. Adding some pink accents to the pillows and other ornaments will give the room an attractive appearance. You can also add a vintage window above this headboard to complete stylish room decor. Don’t forget to add colorful rugs for a cheerful room design. Gray color wall from nextluxury.

The black and white nuances of this teenage boy’s bedroom will give you the perfect look for you to try. You can also use a black and white checkered blanket for stylish decor. By adding some wall ornaments, will make the boy’s bedroom decor more attractive and suitable for you to try. This wooden lotus and runner rug will create a warm space. Black and white nuances from nextluxury.

Show their Hobbies

Besides the color, using their hobbies like the bedroom-themed decoration sounds interesting. You can put items that represent their hobbies and then display them in the bedroom. For example, if you teenage girl is like a painting art, you can display her work on the bedroom wall. Or you can use a nautical, musical, sports theme for your teenage boy’s bedroom.

Adding a hobby to the decoration of this teenage boy’s bedroom, you need to try to decorate a room that is stylish and will attract the attention of many people. You can choose your baseball hobby so you can apply it to this interesting wallpaper. You can also combine it with beige nuances and wood floors which are completed with gray wool rugs so that it will produce a warm and inviting feel for the room. Baseball hobby teenage boy’s bedroom from sebringdesignbuild.

If your teenage boy likes boxing, you can apply boxing ornaments that will give your room a stylish decoration. In addition, you can add wooden and metal shelves for a stylish room design and steal the attention of many people. With this black and white color scheme, it will add to the appearance of an attractive and perfect room. Don’t forget to add large windows to create a bright and airy room. Sports theme teenage boy bedroom from sebringdesignbuild.

Invest in Storage to Reduce Clutter

Don’t forget to add storage in their bedroom. The storage will be very useful to store their stuff and avoid clutter situations. You can place simple open shelves, dressers, storage bench, under-the-bed storage bins, and any kind of storage idea.

Don’t forget to add cabinet shelf storage in your girl’s teen bedroom so that it will create a tidy room decor and avoid clutter. In addition, this storage rack also serves to show off your various ornaments and will make a stylish appearance. With this subtle lilac color scheme, it will give your room a warm, serene vibe. Wall decorations in the form of paintings also create a stylish room. Cabinet shelf storage from sebringdesignbuild.

This teenager’s bedroom has a rustic impression and uses wood into the room so that it will create a warm and inviting room. Don’t forget to add a built-in storage shelf and drawers for extra storage ideas. You can store the book and ornaments easily so that it will create a tidy room décor and avoid clutter. You can add sconce lighting for a dramatic lighting idea to the room. Built-in storage shelf and drawers from sebringdesignbuild.

Apply a Functional Design

A teenager’s room is more than just a sleeping space but they can do anything in their room. Such as studying, hang out, and lounge with their friends, So, applying a functional design is very important. You can customize the study area and place to lounge with their friends, such as a bean bag, cozy rug, or a bench.

You can decorate your teen’s bedroom with functional designs that steal the attention of many people. You can add a study table with a piano so you can study while relaxing with friends. You can add a cozy rug to complement this bedroom decor. Study table with a piano from digsdigs.

The youth room, which is equipped with a coffee table, will be a functional decoration in the bedroom. You can place it next to the daybed for an idea of a roomy look. Equipped with table lamps and open bookshelves, it will give a tidier room decoration and avoid clutter. Don’t forget to add the carpet as a place to relax while you are in this bedroom. Small functional teenager’s bedroom from digsdigs.

By combining function with your teen’s unique personality, you believe that you will create a space they will love for years.

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