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Adorable Front Door Color Ideas to Add Personality to Your Outdoor Space

‘Home sweet home’, we often heard those sentences, right? But sometimes we often feel bored staying in it. If you feel that way, then you need to upgrade your home. And today, we will talk about upgrading the house by painting the front door.

Painting the front door is one of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to majorly update your home. Take your time and pick the right shade you’re about to cover your front door with and be sure to consider how the color interacts with the light at different times of day and choose what finish you’re looking for ahead of time. If you have a good time on the weekend, patience, space, and materials, go ahead and take your door off the hinges and paint them. And now, to inspire you, check out these adorable front door color ideas to add personality to your outdoor space below.

Soft Gray

The first color that you can choose is a soft gray. The soft gray color makes a sophisticated look to your exterior design. This one of the classic neutral paint colors that will work well with white color to create a classic but homey. If your home is applying a farmhouse design, this front door color fits for you.

A simple way to decorate your home is to repaint the front door. Use a soft gray color for your wooden doors for a more neutral look and it is suitable when combined with an open red brick wall because it will make your house look classic and not look shabby. The white list on the door will become a divider between the wall and the door so that it becomes an elegant and sweet addition. Soft gray wooden doors from goodhousekeeping.

Wooden shiplap painted white in your home decor will look more classic when combined with a door painted in soft gray. This color is a comfortable neutral color when applied to your home. If you want to look cool, you can add hijua plants in pots at the door, you can use some green plants in pots that are ready to warmly welcome your visiting guests or relatives. Combination of wooden white shiplap with soft gray door from thespruce.


Bring a cheer vibe to your outdoor space by using a soft yellow color for the front door. The soft yellow door will welcome your guests in a cheer nuance. When you choose a yellow color, you are letting guests know that you have a sense of fun style, and welcoming.

Bring a cheerful atmosphere to your home by using the front door painted yellow. The yellow color of the front door contrasts well with the gray walls and white list. That way, the front decoration of the house will look more alive and not monotonous. The expanse of green grass is a fresh sight that can be enjoyed at any time. Yellow doors with gray walls from countryliving.

Your white house will look more colorful if you use a soft yellow front door. The colors that are very striking in this all-white house will bring joy when entering the house. Add flower plants in pots at the door to make the house more cheerful and colorful. Usually, this wooden door decoration is for a modern farmhouse style that has never been worn out by time. Wooden soft yellow door from countryliving.

Wood Color

This is one of the common colors used by people. The wood color brings natural and warm nuance at the same time to the front of your home. This color is easy to pair with another color. If you want to get a rustic vibe, you can pair it with brick walls. 

To present a rustic impression in your home, you can try a simple way by applying wood color to your front door. This wood color is also a neutral color that can be combined with any color. To make the rustic feel stronger, you can also add old lantern ornaments that are mounted on the wall next to your front door. Rustic wooden color front doors from homebnc.

A shiplap wall will be more harmonious if combined with a front door made of natural wood. That way the rustic atmosphere in your home will be stronger and deeper. In order to fulfill the lighting in the house, you can also add translucent glass to your front door. Especially if you use a door handle with scrap metal, it will certainly make the rustic look even more real and extraordinary. Wood color doors with glass accents from homebnc.


For those of you who like a classic style and long-lasting color trend, whit is a good idea. This color also easy to be paired with another color. If you want to get a modern and simple vibe, you mix it with gray color. But if you want to get a classic vibe pair it with red brick walls.

For those of you who choose a classic theme for home decoration, you can try using white on the front door. White doors are suitable if combined with classic decorations, for example, an open brick wall. In addition, using white doors will make your home look cleaner. White front door with classic style from thespruce.

If you want a classic and clean-looking home, try using white. Also, use a white front door to create your all-white house. The use of blue lists on doors and windows gives your all-white house its own color. Combination of white with a blue color front door from countryliving.


Black is one of the suitable front door colors if you want your home to look refined and elegant. Contrast this color with white color for a bold appearance and strong statement. Complete the door with a metal handle and it will enhance the elegance and add personality to your outdoor space.

Bring a masculine impression to your home by using a black front door equipped with metal handles that will add a masculine and elegant impression. This black front door will contrast with the white walls in your home, so it will make it the center of attention when entering the house. A greenery wreath is an additional accessory that creates a more natural impression. Masculine front door with hanging greenery wreath from homebnc. 

If you have a house with open brick walls, it would be nice if it was combined with a black front door. The black front door will make the house look more elegant and will never be out of date. The metal accents given to the doorknob make it even more elegant. Re-polish this black wood door for a shinier look. Sleek black front door from homebnc.

Those are some affordable front door colors that you can use to add personality to your outdoor space. Make your exterior design looks sophisticated with these front door color ideas. 


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