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Easy Painting Projects for DIY Wall Art Ideas

Are you a person who loves a thing that related to painting and drawing? Why you don’t use those skills and passion to decorate your wall? You can make easy painting projects for DIY wall art and makes your home more beautiful. All you need to do is just creativity and picking the right colors. By mixing the right colors you can turn a drab room into an amazing work of art.

Here are some project ideas to try at home.

1.     Color Blocking Art

One of the DIY wall art that you can make this weekend is color blocking art. This is one of the simple and easy DIY wall art ideas. It doesn’t require a drawing skill. All you need is just to be creative in mixing the color. The first thing that you should provide is painter tape to help creates neat lines. After that, choose several bold colors to get a good and sharp result. You can apply this project to decorate your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or another room that you want.

Start pouring your creative ideas to decorate the room. Try to decorate the walls with color-blocking art. One of the simple works of art that will make your room more colorful and attractive. Use a combination of several colors for this color-blocking art. You can use a combination of dark and light colors to create interesting motifs. It will be more harmonious if you also use some furniture with similar motifs. Color blocking art with matching colored furniture from decoist.

The right color combination will make your room look more attractive and less boring. Make a circle motif to separate the different colors, separate it using painter tape so that the paint doesn’t mix. Paint this circle motif with several intersecting colors, paint it up to the ceiling of the room. Round shape color blocking art from decoist.

Using pink and blue is a very harmonious combination. The combination of these colors will make the room look more cheerful and artistic. This combination makes your room decor look cute and fun. Especially if it is supported by furniture that is in the same color, it will certainly be neat, for example, you can apply a pink minimalist chair or a pink faux fur carpet to this room. The combination of pink and blue-blocking art from decoist.

The art of color blocking, which is usually applied to the walls of the house, usually saves more processing time. Because the motif is simple and the shape is large, making it easier for you to make it. You can also form a large triangle motif in a pastel color that is different from the others so that it looks contrasting. Triangular pattern blocking art with pastel colors from decoist.

2.     Abstract Canvas Paint

The simple DIY wall art idea is using canvas for abstract paint art. You can mix the colors until you get rich patterns and experiment with unexpected colors. This wall art doesn’t require skill in painting. After that, you can dry the canvas before you frame it. Use dark wood to frame it and you will get a nice DIY wall art idea.

To make your walls look more artistic, you can decorate them by adding abstract paintings that are applied in wooden frames that are repainted with dark colors like black. Choose an abstract canvas painting as your wall decor. You can choose abstract painting as a solution for abstract art, at first glance, if you look at it, it looks like a random painting. But this is what makes abstract painting artworks a special attraction. Use a black frame to make the painting more dramatic. Abstract painting in black wood frames from thesprucecrafts.

If you have a room that is dominated by white, it would be nice if it was combined with a more colorful wall decor. One of them is by using this abstract painting triangle. Not always able to be mounted on a wall, this painting can also be placed on a bench and only enough to lean against the wall. Pair it with green plants to create a natural atmosphere in the room. Abstract triangles painting from homedit.

Bring a cheerful nuance to the room by installing colorful abstract paintings. Abstract paintings in bright colors will make the room more cheerful. Feel free to put up some abstract paintings in different hues that will make the room more colorful. This time you can use the white frame as a container for the abstract paintings you have. Bright abstract painting in white frames from homedit.

3.     Geometric Wall Painting

For those of you who want to bring a modern design to your interior design, you can apply geometric wall painting. You can make it in any kind of geometric shape. Such as squares or triangles to complicated shapes such as honeycomb, hexagons and sometimes embrace asymmetry. All you need is just tape to keep the neat line and some color options.

You can also apply geometric wall paintings to fill the empty spaces on your walls to make them more colorful. Use several different color options to apply to this geometric mural. Set the size of the area to be painted with this geometric motif to make it look neater. You can apply this wall painting right above your bed or in the headboard area. Colorful geometric wall painting from homedesignlover.

Not only can it be painted on a wall, but this geometric 3D motif can also be painted on a circular canvas of various sizes. Install some of the canvases that have been painted with geometry with an irregular arrangement to show more of the artistic value that exists in this geometric painting. Don’t forget to use bright colors to provide motivation to be excited about the day. 3D geometry wall painting from homedesignlover.

You can also specify the size of an area to paint this geometric motif on. Make a geometric wall painting with a combination of dark and bright colors to become the center of attention. This geometric wall painting is so simple that you should try to apply it in your home which has the feel of a white room. White room nuance with colorful geometric wall decoration from homedesignlover.

How about those painting projects above for DIY wall art ideas? Are you interested? These DIY wall art ideas just use simple tools that you can find around your home. You can utilize them and make beautiful artwork to enhance your home decor. So, let’s spare your time this weekend and get creative.

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