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Stay Productive with These Cubicle Workspace Decor Ideas

It is never an easy task to design the workspace that always keeps you productive and enthusiastic at work, especially the cubicle workspace. If you don’t arrange it right, you will get bored easily and make you feel like trapped in a dingy, gray jail cell. Here are some creative ideas to decorate your cubicle workspace.

Wall Decoration

Usually, white, and gray colors dominate the office workspace both on the wall and the carpet underneath. Cover the walls using wallpaper stickers to make the cubicle walls more attractive. You can also attach your favorite picture of you or your family as a sweet motivation.

the gray color in your workspace is very boring? calm down, I have a solution without having to bother changing the whole wall. Just give a flower pattern sticker that matches the gray color, which is white, black. So, your workspace will look aesthetically pleasing while maintaining the original color. It’s pretty fun to look at but doesn’t cost a fortune to decorate. Easy enough, right? Try this creative wall art from hative.

If you are lazy enough to decorate your workspace walls but want an easy and simple decorative touch. This one decoration is the answer, using blue masking tape which is formed in a cross-woven pattern. Insert your favorite photo easily and you can change it anytime you want. Great idea of photo collage from hative.

Adjust the Room’s Light and Temperature

Lighting and temperature greatly affect your mood when working. If your room is using a central air conditioner, opt for a portable heater. However, if your room is too hot, you can use a small fan. You can even use additional study lights if you need more proper light.

Adding a vintage impression to your workplace is very interesting. You can put a vintage table lamp as additional lighting in your work area. Besides that, it also gives a warm feel to your workspace. Especially if you are right under the air conditioner. The predominance of light brown and ivory supports the warmth of the decorating scheme in the workplace. Creative ideas of vintage table lamp from homedit.

To optimize the lighting in your workspace, you can choose to use adjustable study lights. By choosing an eccentric red color, make it a very visible accessory in the workspace. The most important thing is that you can adjust the center point of the light you want to illuminate. the gray color on the walls adds more noticeable to the decor in the workplace. Adjustable study light from homedit.

Standing Desk

Especially for you who work from home, adding a standing desk in your cubicle workspace will save you from the health risk of sitting for long periods. Simply arrange and stack printer paper and place the monitor on it.

The small white and black portable desk set gives you a new way to transform your workplace. Instead of you usually sit for a long time while working, making this decoration requires you to stand up to make it easier for you to work here and there. You can buy this portable equipment at hardware stores. the black and white color selection of this small table is very compatible with the computer. Portable desk ideas from cnet.

Instead of choosing between sit-and-stand workplaces, you can combine them in one workspace. As with this cubical workspace decor, you can have two monitors that give you the option of sitting or standing work. It’s easy, attach floating shelves next to your desk. Creative floating desk ideas from thespruce.

Replace the Chair with Sofa

Extraordinary idea but doesn’t mean impossible – replace your office chair with a single sofa. Not only super cozy, but it also helps to avoid health problems due to sitting all day.

Modern and simple, that’s the cubicle workspace theme. With this open box divider, the workplace looks more minimalist but comfortable. Equipped with a floating sofa that pampers you while sitting and working relaxed. Workplace design like this is the future! you should try. Individual cubicle workspace from bloomberg.

The challenging orange color on this sofa is none other than a work seat to replace conventional chairs in general. A very bold idea, but it will provide extra comfort and a different sensation when working. With a design like in a dining area, this workspace can attract anyone to sit for long. See the modern office chair ideas from wework.

Add Greenery or Mini Aquarium

Add a little touch of nature – greenery and the mini fish aquarium can add extra energy to your workspace. But if you don’t have extra time to do the maintenance, you can use artificial plants or flowers.

Flowers are one of the common decorations to beautify the room. Especially, in a narrow room such as a cubical workspace. With the placement of this artificial purple color blooming flower, it makes a saturated workplace turn to cheerful and attractive. Add your favorite perfume to give it the scent you like. Quite interesting isn’t this idea? artificial flowers decor ideas from nextluxury.

Indoor plants like this one give a natural and fresh feel to the workplace. Combined with candlelight in storage jugs and jars, this makes this workplace décor look perfect. The solid white color of the desk and the dividing wall provide accent colors that accentuate the decor in front. Cubicle workspace decoration with minimalist plants from nextluxury.

Explore your creativity through this cubicle workspace decorating ideas, create a pleasant workspace that is comfortable and homey to help you focus more. It then automatically encourages you to be more productive.

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