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Boost Your Small Bedroom into A Much Bigger Space: 5 Tips

The persistent issue when it comes to a small bedroom is undoubtedly the lack of space. If you need more ideas about getting more space there, we have compiled the five most useful ones below. Consider the room improved after this!

Bring in Foldable Pieces

Thanks to the creative minds out there, there is so much furniture that can be folded now. These foldable furniture pieces come in several examples like chairs, beds, tables, cabinets, and so many more! Bring them into the bedroom and use them to their maximum potential.

Choosing folding furniture in the form of a nightstand table that can be lifted and used as a dining table on the bed will present a room decoration that will not take up much space. Equipped with several storage drawers, it will make it easier for you to store various ornaments in your room so that your room won’t look cluttered. Folding nightstand table from digsdigs.

You can use folding furniture for a bedroom that won’t take up space like the picture above. Choosing this fold-out bed on a stack will make for the perfect room decor and will make for a stylish room decor. This bed decor will save space and will make the most of it all. Complete your bed with pillows to create a comfortable room. Folding bed furnitur from digsdigs.

Tuck Your Bed Away

Speaking of beds, there are also many types of mattresses you can consider investing according to how you’re going to use it. Trundle bed, for instance, can be useful if you live in a studio.  Murphy bed, on the other hand, saves a lot of floor space when you’re not currently using it.

Choosing a murphy bed will save a lot of space in your bedroom. So that you will create a stylish room decoration. You can fold it when you don’t use it so that you have the perfect look. Equipped with several framed paintings, it will bring an interesting impression to your room. Complementing with ceiling lights provide dramatic illumination. White murphy bed from homedesignlover.

Adding a murphy bed to this apartment bedroom will present a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. You can fold this bed to get a comfortable sofa. Using the rug used here is a great idea for DIY because you can spray paint the lines. In addition to the bed and sofa underneath, it’s also a good idea to have a wardrobe with mirror doors. Folding murphy bed from homedesignlover.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Choose furniture that can serve a double function. Daybed, for instance, can be used for sleeping at night or merely resting when you’re working at home. Pick your multi-purpose furniture wisely so that you don’t end up buying another similar furniture.

Choosing a daybed that is equipped with several patterned pillows will create a spacious decor, making it suitable for you to try in your small bedroom. Using a beige color scheme with a striped pattern will create a stylish room. Wooden floors and some antique furniture will bring a warm impression into the room. This framed mirror will give the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Daybed on small bedroom from hgtv.

The daybed is the perfect way for you to add to your small bedroom. During the day, the bed can serve as a sofa, offering you a quiet retreat. Equipped with some soft pillows and blankets will offer a comfortable look to this bedroom. Adding a sconce lamp and large windows to one wall and complemented by light curtains will offer a bright and airy glow to this room. Daybed with pillows from  hgtv.

Customize with Built-Ins

Take a look at any corners, niches, or nooks in your bedroom. If you think you want to utilize them, feel free to start customizing with built-in furniture.

Adding a built-in shelf storage above the headboard will offer a tidy space and avoid clutter. You can keep a collection of your ornaments and display them so that they will attract people’s attention. Choosing a classic modern style with a gray scheme this bedroom will bring out a warm and inviting impression. Equipped with a large window on one wall and equipped with double curtains will bring privacy to this room. Built in shelf storage from thesleepjudge.

This is one of the creative master bedroom storage ideas that gives you more space to store your personal items without taking up more space on your walls. These shelves are hidden against the wall, so they will give you plenty of space and avoid clutter. This brown and white color scheme creates a warm and inviting room decor for you to try. Built in storage above headboard from  thesleepjudge.

Install Sconces

Change your floor lamps with new sconces to maximize more space. As they’re wall-mounted, these small lamps can be placed near your bed as the reading lamp, too.

Choosing a lamp sconces and attaching it to the top of the head board gives a dramatic light on your bed. With golden accents, this sconce and art deco lamp will show a glamorous look into this classic bedroom. You can use shades of gray and gold to give an elegant impression to the room. This nayman bed is complemented by several pillows and soft blankets in matching colors to create a comfortable and inviting bedroom decor. Gold lamp sconces from  elledecor.

When choosing a bedroom lamp that is functional, beautiful, and space-saving, wall sconces lighting is another idea for you to try. These types of lamps can be used to create ambient light or to accent architectural features or accessories in your bedroom. Options range from simple and functional pieces to unusual designs that serve as art. You can choose a traditional style to complement your bedroom decor. Equipped with wooden furniture in the form of a bedside table and bed frame, it will produce a stylish and inviting room decoration. This large green plant in a pot also offers a fresh and natural impression into this mid-century bedroom. Traditional style lamp sconce from  hgtv.

Hopefully, you’ll have more space to store things in your lovely small bedroom.

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