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Modern Farmhouse Innovation: 5 Ideas

It’s no secret that the modern farmhouse style is so in now. With an ultra-chic design sensibility, this particular design requires no problematic methods whatsoever to achieve. If you’re interested, check out our ideas below for your reference.

Stunning Chandelier

There’s no explanation about adding a chandelier to a room. Such an eye-catching fixture like this is one of many aspects that define the concept of a modern farmhouse style. If you want to, feel free to search for an antique European chandelier.

If you need lighting in the farmhouse dining room decoration, then Crystal chandeliers are the right idea that you can try. This chandelier looks unique because it is equipped with a rusted orbit accent frame that looks vintage. This lamp produces white lighting that makes the room appear brighter at night. The more lights you use, the brighter your dining room will be. Crystal chandeliers with rusted orbit shells from homebnc.
Cooper chandeliers that are installed in this dining room decoration are the best choice, this lamp is equipped with a candlelight that gives a warm feel without being overwhelming. When used at night, the dining room is also more dramatic and romantic. Hang it right above the dining table for a more vintage look. Copper chandelier from homebnc.

Warm Hues

There are two familiar tones for all hues: cold and warm. The farmhouse style you’re looking for mostly attends to the latter, mainly since it exudes the homey vibe. Warmer shades allow you to be much more comfortable to settle in for a longer time.

To get a warm color in a bedroom, you can try it by including wooden accents in it. For example, with a wooden ceiling or using wooden furniture such as a nightstand or a small stool under the bed. The brown wood color will produce a warm atmosphere in the room. Do not forget to use a sliding barn door as a room divider that seems more natural and sturdy. You can try it right now. Wood accent colors from onekindesign.

Combine brown with white as a combination of warm colors that you can apply to the farmhouse bedroom decor. It is not enough here, you can also decorate the brown wall with two classic mirrors that are installed parallel. The greenery placed on top of the nightstands is a fresh addition of color that will blend in perfectly. You can try it easily. The combination of brown and white color from onekindesign.

Open Cabinets

There’s a much easier way to locate things up, and we recommend installing some open cabinets in your farmhouse home. These shelves are also the best when it comes to your choice of displaying beautiful decorative pieces.

Using open shelves in a modern farmhouse style will never fail because its classic appearance makes this farmhouse theme even more real. Open shelves also make it easier for you when looking for something and its slim shape doesn’t take up too much space. Because the shape is also large so that it can accommodate a lot of items to be stored. Arrange this kitchen cabinet vertically to make it look tidier and more organized. Large open cabinet from onekindesign.

You can also use open shelves between the existing cabinets in your farmhouse kitchen. Floating cabinets that are repainted with green will look cleaner and of course more colorful. The LED under the cabinet is lighting that you can apply in a modern way. Besides making it easier for you to find an open shelf, you can also use it to display your favorite antique ceramic collection. Arrange your collectibles regularly to make them look more neat and orderly. Floating open kitchen cabinet from onekindesign.

Exposed Ceiling Beams

Exposed ceiling beams are one way to give fresh air to a room at your house, especially if it’s about the modern farmhouse design. To complement the look, consider adding marble tile backsplash and hooks to hang kitchen utensils.

By exposing the ceiling beams you will easily get a farmhouse look in your bedroom decor. This ceiling beam made of wood brings a classic impression to the room. For maximum results, there is nothing wrong if you also use wooden floors and other wooden furniture such as a cupboard that is placed in the corner of the room. The fireplace is an additional accent that you can put in as a room heater when the weather starts to feel cold. Classic ceiling beams from bobvila.

To emphasize the decor of the farmhouse living room, you can start by using exposed ceiling beams that look more natural and environmentally friendly. To bring a modern farmhouse vibe, you can use a white leather sofa which is equipped with a transparent glass coffee table with sturdy iron legs. Re-polished wooden floors look cleaner and shinier. Natural exposed ceiling beams from bobvila.

Reclaimed Wood Detailing

Finally, there’s no farmhouse style without reclaimed wood details in certain parts at home. It can be anything: the headboard, kitchen island, staircase—and they can also be the primary material for your preferred centerpiece.

To emphasize the farmhouse style in your bedroom decor, using reclaimed wood interiors is a smart idea that you can try. You can start from the headboard and bed, this material will look more natural and environmentally friendly. You can decorate the headboard with natural wood color with long, fresh greenery garland. The deer head frame makes a wall decoration that you can attach as a sweet finishing touch. Reclaimed wood bed frame and headboard from countryliving.

For a perfect finish and get the impression of a farmhouse in your home, try using reclaimed wood furniture. You can apply reclaimed wood to the coffee tables and storage cabinets in the corner of the room. Don’t let your cabinet look plain and boring, you can also hang up clean socks to emphasize your Christmas decorations. It’s not enough to stop here, the Christmas tree is also a beautiful focal point. Reclaimed wood tables and cabinets from countryliving.

With our modern farmhouse ideas above, we’re curious to see which one you’ll choose. We hope you get the lovely home you want!

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