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Trellis Plant Wall Ideas for Nature-Inspired Home

Trellis plants are beautiful, and you can do so much more to decorate these little plants. One of the most used ideas includes the trellis plant wall, which undeniably space-saving and easy to achieve. Read on to learn more about some of our best ideas below.

Copper Pipe Hanging Planters

Copper pipes are seriously underrated. When we have tension rods to organize things, copper pipes work magic to hang planters tidily like trellis plants. Copper pipe hanging planters bring an attractive personality and flair effortlessly.

Choosing a planter from this copper pipe will create attractive home decor and will grab the attention of many. You can add to the walls of the room and you can add green plants for a fresh impression into the room. This idea will make your home more stylish. Paired with white walls will create a stylish room. Copper pipe planter from architectureartdesigns.

Using the idea of a copper pipe hanging from the ceiling, this can serve as a place to put several pots equipped with green plants. Using this idea will make your room fresher and have a natural impression. You can combine it with a brick wall to bring out an interesting personality and flair. Putting it in the corner of the house will maximize the place and become the focal point of the room. Copper pipe hanging from hgtv.

This interesting copper pipe planter idea will make the perfect focal point for your room which will make your living room more stylish. It will work great with the addition of lush greenery to create stylish decor and grab the attention of many. Combined with beige walls, it will make a perfect room decoration and look really good in your living room. Copper pipe planter idea from engineermommy.

Choosing copper pipe to hang some of these trellis plants makes for the perfect look and will catch the eye of many when entering a room. You can use a white pot and macrame rope to hang it from this pipe. The decoration is a brilliant choice so that it will present an interesting room decoration for you to try. Using three white pots also brings a fresh and natural impression to the room. copper pipe planter from homedit.

Brass Ring Hanging Planters

Those brass rings when you’re riding a carousel also can be re-used to hang the trellis plants. The brass ring hanging planters is super simple to make and requires only a little succulent or air plant.

Choosing a brass ring as a trellis plant hanger is a brilliant idea for you to try in the corner of your study room. Adding some greenery and succulents makes for fresh and attractive room decor. You can also add green plants in large pots on top of the rattan bench to make an attractive room decoration. Combined with white nuances and wooden floors, it will give a warm and bright vibe to the room. Corner brass ring from abeautifulmess.

Applying this ring hanging planter provides a stunning decoration for the room and will steal the attention of many when entering your home. Putting it in the corner of the house and on the table will make the room fresh and have a natural impression. Picking trellis greenery makes for an attractive decor. Apart from being low maintenance, this decoration is suitable for you to try in various seasons. Ring hanging planter from vintagerevivals.

Tin Can Fence Garden

Got any tin cans lying around? Instead of worrying over how to re-use or throw them away, we recommend you spraying some paints over them first. Once done, make a tin can fence garden after placing the trellis plants inside.

Paint the cans and hang them on your wooden backyard fence and add some plants to it. Painting it in blue will present an attractive home decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Several blooming flower plants make for perfect decor and will add color to your garden decor. Coupled with this wooden garden fence, it has the perfect look. Blue paint cans from balconygardenweb.

Old paint cans in this most fun way to make your garden decor even more radiant with red with these polka dots patterns that will grab the attention of a large crowd. Plant the plants in them and hang them on the fence for stylish room decoration. Hanging it on a wire fence will be an interesting garden decoration for you to try. Some of the blooming flowers that are planted are interesting room decorations for you to try. Polka dots pattern painting cans from balconygardenweb.

Upcycled Plastic Container Garden

Another thing to do besides the tin cans is the empty plastic containers you probably haven’t thrown away yet or used in a long time. Give them a fresh coat of paint, and line them up to create that neat upcycled plastic container garden.

Recycling plastic bottles into attractive planters you can try for the perfect garden decoration. Painting the bottles yellow and red and arranged them vertically will steal the attention of many people. You can hang it on the fence of your house for a nail garden design. Adding this trellis greenery will make for a fresh and natural garden decoration. Recycling plastic bottle planter from balconygardenweb.

Clay Pot Vertical Garden

Lastly, you can use clay pots for something much more classic and sturdier. Having a clay pot vertical garden works particularly well for you who have been looking to spruce up an apartment balcony.

Using clay pots as your garden planter idea will make for the perfect decoration. Arranging the pot vertically will present a stylish room decoration. You can use a white wood palette for attractive room decoration. You can place it on the walls of your home and add a black wall lamp to create the perfect contrast. Some other green plants will present a fresh and natural-looking room. Clay pot vertical garden from countryliving.

We hope our trellis plant wall ideas above work suitably for your preference.

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