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Cinder Block Ideas that Completely Make Changes

The large rectangular bricks called cinder blocks are proven to be versatile enough when we talk about building them into something else. Do you think this is right up on your alley? Check out some of our frequently used cinder block ideas below.


For you who plan to build a treehouse, a second level in the garage, or anything that requires climbing, why not make a movable staircase from the cinder blocks? DIY enthusiasts will surely love this challenging project!

If you have an uphill or downhill path in the garden decoration, you should use a ladder to make it easier to get through the access road to the direction you are going. Here you can try to use cinder block materials that are arranged as neatly as possible so that it becomes a ladder that you can use freely. No need to repaint this cinder block material for a more natural look so that it blends with nature more perfectly. Natural cinder block staircase garden from thegardenglove.

Outdoor Cinder Block Bench

For those who love spending time sitting outdoor and inhaling fresh air, consider making an outdoor cinder block bench for your new favorite sitting spot. Throw in some pillow throws and blankets if you want, considering that the cinder block bench itself is already weatherproof.

If you need a sitting area outside the room, then DIY cinder block benches are suitable furniture ideas that you can try and can make easily without spending a lot of money. Here you just need to use wood as a sitting surface, so that it is warmer and softer, then covering it with a patterned pillow is a smart solution that you can imitate. Choose two different pillow motifs to make it look more cheerful and colorful. DIY cinder block bench from architectureartdesigns.

The cinder block material will be stronger when used as the main material for an outdoor bench, you just need to combine it with wood which is used as a sitting surface. Repaint the cinder block in blue for a brighter look and of course, it won’t get boring easily. This throw pillow with a bold pattern is a perfect blend that you can easily add. Repaint cinder block bench from deavita.

Cinder blocks arranged into outdoor furniture are a smart idea that you can try, you can suck them on the right and left sides then add teak wood on the top surface, don’t forget to cover them with pillows wrapped in a striped cloth to make it look more impressive. neat and elegant. The flower pots bloom beneath them into decorative items giving off a fragrant aroma that you can enjoy freely. Combination of cinder block with wood bench from deavita.

A Swimming Pool

Time to have your very own swimming pool without breaking the bank! A cinder block swimming pool can happen with just concrete, nails, and shovels actually, but the project can still be pretty labor-intensive.

Take advantage of your backyard area for a DIY swimming pool that can be used as a place to relax when the weekend arrives. You can use a cinder block as the main material, this material has a hard and sturdy texture so it is more resistant to any changes in all weather outdoors. You can design a swimming pool in any shape according to the wishes and tastes that you like. DIY swimming pool cinder block from musely.

When you want to save a budget when making swimming pool decorations in your outdoor decoration, then the cinder block material is the right choice for you to use. The cinder block will provide a solid side of the pool and will certainly not break easily. You don’t need to be too big when making a swimming pool and adjust it to your outdoor space so as not to interfere with other soil functions that can be used as a planting medium. Cinder block swimming pool on a budget from musely.

A BBQ Rotisserie Pit

Rather than investing in new BBQ equipment, make a cinder block BBQ rotisserie pit for an easy shortcut whenever you feel like having guests over and enjoy a BBQ feast. It’s time to have your food cooked on an open flame!

You can enjoy a different atmosphere of BBQ rotisserie with family or friends outdoors with fun. Avoid buying BBQ equipment or equipment at a high price, here you just need to arrange a few neat cinder block pits for a grill that you can easily make without a professional expert, all you need is creativity in your mind. The materials used are also quite cheap so they don’t cost a lot of money. DIY cinder block BBQ rotisserie pit from amazingribs.

Combine two cheap and easy-to-find ingredients around you to make it into a BBQ rotisserie pit which is quite creative and of course more on budget. The combination of cinder blocks in this arrangement will be safer when equipped with an unused food-grade drum on top of it. All you have to do is wash the drum before using it to make it cleaner and more high-gender. Combination of cinder block with BBQ food-grade drum rotisserie pit from buzznicked.

Rocket Stove Chimney

Lastly, consider building a rocket stove chimney from cinder blocks as well. This simple equipment is incredibly efficient to fuel combustion. You can also make it with low skill levels and costs.

Arrange the cinder blocks vertically to make a rocket stove chimney which is cheap and of course very easy to make with your friends. You can leave a little room on the right and left to put whatever items you need when cooking outdoors. This stove is a smart idea and can be used in an emergency. You can try it easily. DIY cinder block rocket stove chimney from instructables.

You don’t need to use too many cinder blocks to make a DIY rocket stove chimney. Arrange these cinder blocks neatly and regularly to produce maximum fire and of course, it will help your dishes cook quickly. Its small size is very easy to move when it’s finished using it. This outdoor stove is also very affordable for everyone who wants to try it. Small cinder block rocket stove chimney from motherearthnews.

Do you like the cinder block ideas above? If you do, it seems like you’re going to have a little project soon!

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