Modern Rock Garden for A Fresher Garden Look

Gardening is a vast topic, but when you decide to search and go for a modern rock garden idea, it’s indeed one of the wisest choices. Dealing with rocks or stones is supposed to be easy, right? However, our inspirations below may be your ultimate goal in creating a stunning garden look.

Make Your Stream

Give an additional fresh element to your garden with a stream, with its water coming from the rainwater for a more hassle-free process. Besides serving the look, a garden stream revolutionizes the way you deal with rainwater drainage from a rooftop.

Rainwater that is channeled through bamboo taps will be more useful because it can be used as a mini fountain in your garden fish pond. Do not forget to use rock as the main material of the pond and the surrounding pathways for a more natural appearance and of course more environmentally friendly. You can also apply some greenery around it as a fresh and more fun decoration. Rainwater as a fish pond fountain from homesandgardens.

Along with the drainage, flow built with natural stone sides will create a natural appearance of an artificial river in your garden. So that it is not the only drainage, you can also place a seat on the edge of this artificial river area to relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery freely, so you can enjoy a cup of tea with refreshing and soothing gurgling water. Artificial drainage with stone sides from hgtv.

Not only by making artificial river flows or water pools can be diverted using water infiltration on the ground covered with neatly arranged rocks to make it more comfortable to look at. Use natural stones of various types, sizes, and shapes to make them look more real and natural. The falling water will continue to enter the ground easily. Water infiltration covered with rocks from gardeningknowhow.

Surround the Pond with Rocks

If your stream or pond feels like it lacks something, you can surround its edges with decorative rocks. Garden rock ponds will surely complement the choices of the types of pond plants like Water Lily, Hornwort, and Pitcher Plant.

This large quantity of rock has several different sizes that are suitable to complement when creating a DIY pond in your garden decoration. This natural material is not easily broken or porous when used for a long time, so there is no need for periodic renovations. It’s not enough to get here, you can also enjoy the splash of water while relaxing while chatting with your family or friends who are present in this backyard garden decoration. DIY rock pond from sebringdesignbuild.

This small DIY pond surrounded by large rock becomes your scenery when you relax in the garden behind the house. This pond maximizes your garden to appear more perfect and different from the others. You can place this pallet wooden chair with a backrest and face it towards the pool as outdoor furniture that is comfortable and resistant to all weather changes outdoors. The surrounding greenery is a compliment that can be combined together. DIY small pond surrounded by rocks from sebringdesignbuild.

Install A Rock Entrance

Transforming your garden right from the very front can be done by building a sturdy rock garden gate. Imagine it like one in those fairytale movies, especially when you wrap a beautiful vineyard around it.

To welcome your guests or friends who come to decorate the garden, this neatly arranged rock gate is the right idea for you to try. You can form this gate into a circle that is quite wide and large. Don’t forget to apply the green plants around the gate as a fresh and never boring decoration. This rock gate has a hard and sturdy texture so it is not easily brittle and porous. Round rock garden gate from insteading.

This expanse of green grass and plants with different colors makes the rock garden gate seem more perfect and has a different look. You can nurse it neatly for maximum final results and of course, it is more elegant when used to welcome new people who come to your garden decoration. With this rock gate, you don’t need to renovate repeatedly because it has strong resistance and is not easily sensitive to all-weather outdoors. Rock garden gate with green grass from insteading.

Paint Your Rocks

Because rocks can be pretty dull when it all comes in similar hues and shapes, putting some paints over will do them some justice. The garden rock painting can also be a fun project to do with kids.

Make your garden decor more colorful with a few DIY rock sizes painted in beige as the base surface, black for the writing accents, and green as the plant or vegetable depicted. Before applying paint to the rock, all you have to do is clean it with water and wipe it dry with a cloth. DIY repaint rock from apieceofrainbow.

Besides the vegetable-themed rock, you can also try DIY rock ladybugs painted in bright colors. After the paint is dry and looks neat, then you can apply it on the ground, or more precisely, close to green plants and flowers to make it look more real. Line up DIY rock ladybugs in a queue to make it more attractive to those who see it. DIY rock ladybugs from apieceofrainbow.

Dress Up Your Pathway

Your garden pathways are also the best spot to invest all those rocks. A rock pathway also gives visual in helping you or guests in exploring the garden comfortably.

You can make a path using cement because it is easy to find and does not cost too much. Don’t forget to separate the garden area and pathway by using small stones that are neatly arranged as a barrier. The dark black color of this stone will contrast sharply with the bright colors of the garden area and paths, making it easier for you and your guests to choose the path while in the park. Combination of rock with cement pathways from bobvila.

Those are the modern rock garden ideas we hope you try. We wish you all the best in your gardening project!

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