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These Are 5 Dorm Room Essentials for All College Students

Living in a dorm room has its perks, but one basic rule to take note of is that dorm room essentials are indeed essential! It’s super important that you can be comfortable in your room. Yet, instead of packing plenty of gear, we believe these 5 are the most important ones.

Shoe Storage

The first essential that you should have in the dorm room is shoe storage. As a college student, you need an organizer to store your shoes. The shoe storage will make your shoe collections more organized. To save space you can choose hanging shoe storage then hang it behind the door. Besides more organized, it is also a creative way.

Choosing the idea of storing shoes from pockets and hanging them on the door of the dormitory bedroom becomes an interesting room decoration for you to try. In addition, this decoration will be creative and will not take up much space. This idea will separate this shoe from your other shoes so that it will look tidier and more attractive. Choosing these black pockets will provide the perfect contrast. Black pocket shoe storage from homebnc.

You can add some items that must be in this dormitory room in the form of shoe storage from the pocket behind your closet door. Apart from saving space, it will tidy up your bedroom so that it feels spacious. You can mix it with some clothes in your dye. Using this behind-the-door shoe storage will maximize the space in your dormitory bedroom. Behind-the-door shoe storage from hercampus.

Laundry Hamper

Either you’re washing your clothes by yourself or bringing them to the laundromat, having a laundry hamper around helps you organize the worn clothes better and keep the room tidy. So, bye-bye putting your clothes on chairs!

Having a laundry basket in the dormitory bedroom is a necessity in addition to making it easier for you to accommodate dirty clothes, this basket makes it easy for you to take it to the laundry room. You can try buying cheap because this basket is needed when decorating your dormitory bedroom. Putting it in the corner of the room will not interfere with your work while in the bedroom. Laundry hampers from sugarbeecrafts.

Functional Nightstand

Like a dorm room that has limited space, they need furniture that functional but not take up too much space. You can choose a nightstand for your dorm room. Choose the nightstand that has some drawers. The drawer can be used for extra storage and the top of the drawer surface can be used to put some decorative items.

Using a functional table by adding additional storage space in the form of a wicker basket will make the room decor perfect and will create a neat oak look in the room. Placing between these double beds makes for the perfect bedroom decor idea. As well as this side table you can add a table lamp for a dramatic lighting idea. Several drawers will also be available for additional storage ideas. Functional nightstand from extraspace.

This functional nightstand will make a stylish room decoration and will make it easier for you to store various ornaments easily. Equipped with several woven baskets will create a neat room and avoid clutter. You can complete it with a wooden study table equipped with transparent chairs so that it will create a comfortable impression in your dormitory bedroom. Functional nightstand with storage from extraspace.


Besides making a room much homier, rugs also help dampen sound. You don’t have to tiptoe in your own room anymore if you’re afraid you’ll bother your neighbors. Moreover, the coldness of the floor in the morning can be less shocking!

You need to add two large rugs to this dormitory bedroom. In addition to giving a warm impression, this carpet can function as a sound damper so you no longer need to tiptoe around your own room if you are afraid to disturb your neighbors. Putting it under the bed is a brilliant idea for you to try in this dormitory bedroom. Combined with some wooden furniture, it will give a rustic impression to this room. Two large rugs on the dorm bedroom from extraspace.

Choosing a double-layer rug will make your dorm bedroom decor warmer and more inviting. Choosing a feathered rug will create a comfortable impression when your feet step on this rug. Choosing pink and white colors will make room decor that contrasts with the color scheme in this bedroom. To grab the attention of the crowd you can use a white bed and some wall decorations for a stunning look. Faux fur double-layer rug from hgtv.

Having a bohemian theme to the dormitory bedroom, you can add a round carpet under the bed with this bohemian style pattern making it the perfect room decor for you to try. This carpet decoration will warm your feet while in this bedroom. This rug will help you to drown out sounds so you don’t have to tiptoe around your own room if you are afraid to disturb your neighbors. Round bohemian style pattern rug from hgtv.


The last but important thing to have for the dorm room is mirrors. This item is very useful for every college student. They need to dress up before going to school or hang out with their friends. Besides that, the mirror also useful to reflect the light and illuminate the small dorm room to look larger than it is. You can choose the standing mirror in a sleek design. It will add an aesthetic look to the dorm room.

Adding a mirror is a must-have piece of furniture in this dormitory bedroom. Choosing a sleek, wall-mounted mirror will make for the perfect room decoration. You can choose this type of mirror to save space besides this mirror also has a spacious and bright impression in this bedroom. Standing mirror from extraspace.

Choosing a long rectangular mirror is the perfect choice for decorating your dormitory bedroom, in addition to creating a spacious room, this mirror can also serve as the impression of a bright room. You can add fairy lights for the perfect look of the room and it will catch the attention of many. Placing this mirror next to the console table will give you the perfect look for you to try out. Paired with white walls and some green plants in a vase, it also gives a fresh and natural impression to the room. Long rectangular mirror with fairy light from society19.

Do you agree with our selection? We’re curious to know which one of the dorm room essentials above you’ll pick!

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