Minimalist College Apartment: 5 Inspirations

Dorm rooms are mostly tiny and compact since each unit is designed for one student only. Hence, a minimalist college apartment has become widely used among students. If you’re interested as well, you must understand that minimalism isn’t about having too little stuff until you can fulfill your daily needs comfortably. While still maintaining a livable space, our inspirations below contribute tiny details to your room.

Picture Frames

Bring memories from home by hanging your favorite family pictures on the walls. You can choose festive or straightforward picture frame designs, but make sure to attach wall hooks instead of drilling nails to the wall—unless you already get permission.

Capturing beautiful moments with the people closest to you is something special. You can print your precious moments to be more beautiful with a Polaroid photo, this Polaroid photo has a small and cute size. That way you don’t need to use a special frame, just by using a rope and clothes peg you can decorate the room with this cute photo. Polaroid photo from decoist.

Don’t let the walls of your apartment be plain and boring, you can print some family photos as decorations as well as memories. The decoration of the board with hanging pots becomes an additional accent that beautifies this room instantly. Use photos with bright colors. don’t just use B / W photos. Color family photos as wall hangings from collegefashionista.

Indoor Greenery

Speaking of decorating the walls, especially white ones, you can go with fresh indoor greenery like potted plants or flowers. They can be a great color addition to the bland room, hence creating a homey yet refreshing vibe.

Bring a natural freshness to your white bedroom, by adding green plants in a pot next to the bed. This green plant is a decoration that you should try because it is easy to maintain and easy to get around you. This minimalist style bedroom with hanging shelves and a simple bed is perfect when combined with the Monstera plant in a water drop-shaped glass vase. Monstera plant in a glass pot in the shape of water droplets from society19.

Not only indoors, but you can also use the balcony of your house to become a mini garden. This balcony with a mini garden can be a good choice for you to try because you can use this balcony for a moment to unwind after a day of activities. To get green plants that look lush, you need to provide a small pot containing green plants that are not too tall, or maybe you can use vines on the guardrail. Mini garden balcony from society19.

Your kitchen has a large window, it would be nice if you also add green plants to the edges of the window so that it can block excess light from entering. Just use green plants in pots to make it easier for you to care for. If you want a fairly lush green plant, you can use the vines that are in a hanging pot facing the window, so that your kitchen will always get its natural freshness every time. Vines plants from society19.

Monochromatic Look

The classic combination of white and black (or grey, if you want to) always produces a sleek and clean look. Things seem to be tidily in place, and adding textures helps boost the depth of the room. Therefore, make sure to layer your room’s monochromatic look with a rug or faux fur throw for visual enhancement.

To get a monochromatic look, all you need to prepare is gray or black furniture. For example, by using a minimalist gray sofa with a layer of faux fur carpet underneath. This layer of faux fur rugs is not always just for decoration but also serves to make the room warmer. Neutral color living room decor from society19.

You can also try using a gray long sofa with a few throw pillows on top, don’t forget to add a rug for the floor layer. Try combining a long gray sofa with a minimalist glass table with a black frame to add the impression of a monochromatic appearance to the maximum. The ottoman with a shiny gold color gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Gray sofa with glass coffee table from society19.

Not only can it be applied to the sofa or living room, but you can also present this monochromatic look to your bedroom. By using a black bed with a white mattress, it will make the monochromatic look more real. You don’t want to miss a rug, you can put it under the bed with vintage colors that never go out of style. White combination with vintage carpet from society19.

Symmetrical Décor

There’s no better say on this: symmetrical décor consistently presents satisfaction to the eye. If you aim for an effortless décor, having two of everything is an excellent trick that fulfills the proportional decorating purpose. Some ideas include matching picture frames, matching pillow throws, or matching book cabinets.

The combination of a gray sofa with colorful sheet cushions and very neat wall decoration is a nice thing to try. A sofa that is equipped with several throw pillows can fill the void of your long sofa. You can make the best use of the wall behind the sofa by using a floating wooden rack filled with vines and several painting frames. A sofa equipped with colorful throw pillows from society19.

So that your college apartment looks tidier and doesn’t take up much space, you can just use minimalist decorations or furniture. For example, if you don’t want a sofa in the apartment, you can try using a bohemian carpet as a base and there’s nothing wrong with adding a combination of minimalist small chairs and green plants to every corner of the carpet as a beautiful and artistic addition. Bold color carpet bohemian from society19.

Are you ready to join the trend? Start with one of the minimalist college apartment inspirations above!

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