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Inviting Farmhouse Porch Ideas to Delight Your Guests

Tracing its inspirations from the old world antiquity combined with a modern sensibility, the world of interior design sure still holds farmhouse style dear to its heart. Ceaselessly inviting and homey, the farmhouse porch brings an entirely new idea to create a great impression of your house, straight from the front door.

Curious about creating cozy decorations of rustic ideas? From repurposed wood, organic material, until the endlessly creative DIY projects, here are five of the best farmhouse porch ideas to get you inspired.

1.     Storefront-Style Welcome Sign

Everyone loves to feel welcomed, and this welcome sign plays a great role in decorating your farmhouse porch. Pair it with a large-sized fern plant or green bushes to make it even more irresistible.

To welcome guests or your family who come to the house, then installing a welcome sign made of reclaimed wood painted with white on the front door is the best idea you can try. In this sign, you can write the word welcome with black paint to make it look more contrasted and clearer. The fern plant behind this sign is a perfect addition to a fresh impression which is certainly not easily boring. Reclaimed wood welcome sign from homebnc.

To reinforce the farmhouse style on the porch of your house, the use of a wooden sign with welcome writing becomes a decoration as well as a welcome for your guests. You don’t need to repaint the wood of this sign to make it look more natural and environmentally friendly. For welcome writing, use white paint to make it look more detailed when viewed from a slightly distant viewing distance. A classic potted fern plant is a sweet finishing touch and certainly refreshes the ambiance to the maximum. Wooden welcome sign with fern plants from homebnc.

2.     Rustic Ladder Plant Stand

Wondering where to display your beloved potted plants? Repurpose your wooden ladder into a plant stand and display it on your farmhouse porch. Opt for natural colors such as white, beige, or leave it wooden to stay true to its vintage quality.

Do you have a wooden ladder that is not used? If so, then you can change its function to an area for placing several flower pots with different pastel colors. Repainting this pot is intended so that the porch farmhouse decoration looks more colorful and less boring. The more flowers that are used, the more fragrant you will get. Wooden ladder as a flower pot stands from onekindesign.

To save floor space in your porch farmhouse decoration, you can install a wooden ladder with a colorful flower stand in the corner of the room. This ladder is made of reclaimed wood so that it gives a more vintage impression of the porch, the rabbit statue that is placed right under the stairs becomes a different and more unique additional decoration. You can buy it at the nearest sculpture shop around your house. Corner reclaimed wood ladder plant stand from onekindesign.

3.     Charming Wooden Sign and Flower Holder

Totally speak to its quote, “Home Sweet Home”, this wooden sign will make your farmhouse porch even more sentimental and personalized. Additionally, a bouquet of fresh flowers also adds a charming touch to the decor.

Another option that can be used as a porch farmhouse decoration is a wooden sign that is enhanced with a hanging galvanized pot filled with colorful flowers in bloom. Don’t forget to add welcome writing with white paint to make it look clearer and more detailed. You can install this wooden sign using nails and then stick it on the white shiplap wall. Isn’t it easy enough to try? Wooden sign with a galvanized pot from homebnc.

The appearance of your signboard can change to be more attractive when enhanced by the mason jar pot filled with long-stemmed yellow flowers. This flower is an option for a porch farmhouse decoration. Besides looking simpler, the additional mason jar accent will also save more money because you only need to use a mason jar container in the kitchen that is no longer used and then repaint it with beige color. Signboard with mason jar pot from homebnc.

4.     Nautical Hanging Bench

Piles of cushion pillows added with blankets and crochets create a comfortable and inviting spot to sit and enjoy the evening in. The nautical rope holds the seating strong, along with potted plants scattered around to add a soft edge to your farmhouse porch.

Porch farmhouse decorations can be a relaxing area that will accompany you throughout the weekend when at home. A hanging wooden bench covered with soft pillows and blankets will make you feel more comfortable and warm while you are here even at night. Surround this hanging bench with green plants placed in a pot to make it easier to move when needed. Hanging wooden bench covered with pillows from homebnc.

When you are hanging a wooden bench on the ceiling, it is better to use a sturdy rope on each side so that it does not fall or fall off when used. This throw pillow with a striped pattern is an accent of choice that will make the top surface of the bench softer and of course comfortable to use for a long time. Here you can enjoy the outdoor scenery freely. Hanging bench with a sturdy rope from homebnc.

5.     Repurposed Milk Tin Planter

Adding depth and character to your farmhouse porch, this repurposed milk tin planter gleams beautifully when the sunray hits its surface. Consider picking a warm-toned flower such as orange hydrangea or sunflowers to perfect the autumn elegance.

Reuse the milk tin as a pot from dry plants that will reinforce the farmhouse style in your porch decor. This pot has a faded color so that indirectly it gives off a vintage vibe, place this dried flower pot right next to the entrance for a very easy welcome to make. You don’t need professionals, just use your creativity. Milk tin dried flower pots from homebnc.

If you want to beautify your porch decorations on a budget, then using milk tin as a pot of sunflowers is the right choice for you to imitate. After this pot has appeared neatly, then you can place it next to the reclaimed wooden chair which you often use as a fresh view and of course, the area around the porch is brighter. Milk tin as a sunflower pot from homebnc.

A farmhouse porch is arguably the best pick to make if you want to create a homey and welcoming impression. Pick the ones that you like and get ready to start working on your new porch!

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