Rekindle the Past with Beautiful Shabby-Chic Kitchen Decoration

Everyone agrees that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and it should be treated as such. A beautiful kitchen doesn’t only reflect the house, but also the state of the family living in it. Combining the soft aesthetic of Renaissance and simple modernity, shabby-chic kitchen decoration is one of the most irresistible styles that you can’t help but to duplicate.

Curious about how to mix and match the right shabby-chic features in your kitchen? Here are some decorations to start.

1.     Pastel-Colored Cabinets

Being the heart of every shabby-chic kitchen decoration, the pastel-colored cabinets beautifully contrast with the wooden floor and metal appliances. Adorned with soft edges and delicate details, your kitchen will be transformed into a vintage galore.

Choosing pastel colors in this shabby chic kitchen cabinet will add a subtle look to this room. Paired with beige color will present a stylish room decoration and create an attractive room. Shades of purple walls and wooden beam skylines will present an attractive room decoration and will steal attention. This rustic chandelier adds dramatic lighting. Peach color cabinet from deavita.

This shabby kitchen is equipped with pastel color cabinets to create a stylish space and grab the attention of many. Some vintage decorations will make a room attractive and stylish. This small dining table set and empire chandelier will provide dramatic light. Wood floors and beige tones will give the room a warm and inviting feel. Shabby chic kitchen with pastel color from digsdigs.

This pastel wood pallet cabinet will bring an attractive shabby chic kitchen decor for you to try. Using a wooden counter will also present a rustic impression. Equipped with a white open storage shelf, it will also present a neat decoration of the room. Placing some of the old cup collection will present the perfect room decoration and show off your collection. Pastel wood pallet cabinet from digsdigs.

2.     Vintage Floral Vases with Lace

Who can say no to a pretty bouquet of flowers, let alone ones wrapped in a vintage vase? Forget throwing away your spare bottles and turn them into chic vases instead! You can recreate this DIY project using lace, glitters, ribbons, and a whole lot of your creativity.

Using a flower vase equipped with lace will present a stylish room decoration so as to create an attractive room and steal the attention of many people. Some of these blooming flowers will create a room that has a fresh and natural impression. Placing it on this kitchen table will present an interesting room for you to try. Flower vases with lace from homebnc.

3.     Upcycled Rustic Kitchen Island

Let’s be real. It’s quite hard not to swoon over a charming kitchen island. Despite the fact that it only got more popular these days, this kitchen decoration lets you collect all ingredients in one place without the fear of losing them in the process.

Choosing a shabby chic kitchen decor by adding this upcycled kitchen island will bring an interesting kitchen decor for you to try. Choosing this reclaimed wood material will make your room low on budget. Add flowers in a galvanized pot to give the room a fresh and natural impression. This all-white nuance will create a clean and spacious room decoration. Upcycled kitchen island from digsdigs.

This upcycled kitchen island will create the perfect room decor and will provide an interesting decor for you to try. Buying them cheap at the flea market will make your shabby chic kitchen decor low-budget. This kitchen decor allows you to gather all the ingredients in one place without fear of losing them in the process. Having an additional storage drawer will make it easier for you to store your various ornaments. Upcyled kitchen island shaby chic from  digsdigs.

4.     Vintage Floral Wallpaper

Some people simply don’t have the patience to decorate every nook of their kitchen—and that’s perfectly fine! As an exchange, you can throw this stick-and-peel floral wallpaper and let the shabby-chic kitchen decoration speaks for itself. Coming in many colors and patterns, choose the one that you like the most and start working!

Clad in floral wallpaper, this kitchen offers double wall views and white cabinets along with a breakfast bar that matches up with chrome glassware and candle holders. Using decor like this will create a stylish room and create an interesting kitchen for you to try. This lighting from the ceiling will create a bright room decoration and create a spacious room. Black wallpaper with floral pattern from homestratosphere.

The floral wallpaper sets a charming backdrop to the white shelves and black utensils in this kitchen with wooden cabinets and a small peninsula paired with a rustic bench. You can add some wood furnishings for an attractive and rustic decorating idea to the room. This large window on one of the walls will create a bright space and will let the sun’s rays into the oak in the kitchen. Vintage floral wallpaper from homestratosphere.

5.     White Shiplap Walls

Arguably the most challenging decoration to do, your hard work will be paid off once you see the beautiful result. Often known as the pinnacle of vintage kitchen decoration, a white shiplap wall creates a larger and brighter impression of your space while still keeping the chic elements intact.

Choosing this white shiplap wall will make a perfect kitchen décor and will give the impression of a spacious and clean oak in the room. Combined with all-white nuances in this kitchen, it will make a room that is attractive and will steal the attention of many people. The flowers in this vase will give a fresh and natural look to the room. White shiplap wall from digsdigs.

This white shiplap wall gives a lovely look to this shabby chic kitchen decor. With this decoration, it will be suitable for you to try in your vintage kitchen. Equipped with some shabby wooden furniture, rattan basket, and hooks, this will spruce up your kitchen decor. Some of the green plants in this pot will make your room fresher and have a natural impression. White shiplap wall on shabby chic kitchen from digsdigs.

Once you know the key, a shabby-chic kitchen decoration would be a piece of cake to nail. These inspirations will guide you in determining what kind of decoration you’d want to install in your space. For the rest, it’s all about creativity and improvisation!

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