Get Creative with Beautiful Flower Garden for Your Yard

Now that the trend of having a garden in one’s yard has made a comeback, more and more people began to make time to transform their barred yards into a beautiful flower garden. If you’re a beginner, you might wonder how to create a beautiful flower garden from total scratch without messing it up. The answer is: you can, although you might need one or two guides to lead you throughout the way.

Thus, forget calling that hundred bucks-worth of gardeners, here are five creative ideas to build your flower garden—all without breaking your back and bank!

1.     Outdoor Garden Spot

Imagine those exotic film scenes of summer in West Europe. This outdoor flower garden is exactly your dream retreat spot. Surrounded by various bushes, wildflowers, and adorable potted plants, throw a comfortable seating, a pillow, a glass of wine, and enjoy an idyllic nap under the sun.

To enjoy the outdoor scenery freely, you can add a bench as a relaxing area that can be used as well as possible. Flowers placed in earthen pots or hanging pots become decorative accents that will enhance the appearance of your yard decoration. Re-paint all wooden furniture on this page with pure white. Wooden bench surrounded with green potted plants from homestratosphere.

Make your garden decoration into a comfortable and cool resting area when used as a comfortable place to relax and of course, it will accompany your weekend to be more colorful. This outdoor furniture is surrounded by wild shrubs, green plants in pots, grass, and flowers in bloom, making the garden spot feel shadier during the day. Outdoor furniture surrounded by green plants from homestratosphere.

2.     Keep the Flowers Wild

While the premise of an overly unkempt flower garden sounds distasteful, keeping the flowers wild means picking floriferous flowers such as columbine and penstemon. Not only that they look aesthetically pleasing, but they will also make your flower garden a beautiful place for all living beings.

The lavender flowers along the pathways look wilder so that it becomes a different sight when you pass it. Even though it is kept wild, it is as much as possible to tidy it up by trimming it when the flowers have spread to the area of the pathway. This idea is very easy to try in your garden yard decoration. Lavender flowers along the pathways from inhabitat.

The combination of several types of flowers that are planted wildly gives excitement and brings a more pleasant garden feel. Just do regular maintenance by providing fertilizer and watering it regularly. On the other hand, this flower bed is also equipped with vines on the stone fence. Colorful flowers that are planted wildly from inhabitat.

3.     Exuberant Front Yard Garden

Let’s be real. Your neighbors do judge your house based on the front yard, which is the reason why you should revamp it. This front yard garden incorporated succulents, potted plants, and wildflowers in one spot; creating a beautiful balance of wilderness and comfort.

There is nothing wrong with growing succulents in garden decor for a more beautiful look. You can use tiered pots made of stone to make them sturdier, less porous, and durable with changing outdoor weather. Don’t water it too much with water, you can just sprinkle it so that the succulent doesn’t rot easily. Succulent plant on the pot tiered from homebnc.

Flowers that are planted in clay pots will be a bold decoration because they have a larger size. It’s not enough to get here, the water shower with a stretch of wildflowers underneath is also a beautiful focal point and of course, it’s not easy to make you feel bored when you look at it. The placement of this water fountain is perfect because it is in the middle of a stretch of colorful flowers. Water shower with colorful flowers from homebnc.

4.   Flower Garden with Pathway

Flower garden with a pathway is perfect if you have a medium to a large-sized garden. Combining various flowers, bushes, and potted succulents, the landscape is beautifully divided by a graveling path of stones.

If you need a path to the garden, then stones are one of the materials that you can use as a pathway idea. This round but the asymmetrical stone is complemented by a stretch of fresh green grass. Stone pathways have a slightly rough surface so they are not easily slippery when exposed to water. You can try it right now. Natural stone pathways from homestratosphere.

The purple flowers that are along the pathways of this green grass have a contrasting color combination that adds to the garden decoration to look more colorful and brighter. Pathways grass will seem more natural and certainly not costly to grow, do the mowing when the grass starts to creep too long. Green grass pathways from homestratosphere.

5.   Adorable Log Flower Garden

Don’t rush and throw away your unused logs, because you might as well turn them into a petite flower garden in your home. Simply stack it together and plant a combination of ornamental grasses and striking flowers.

If you have log cuttings in garden decoration, then use them as natural pots and of course environmentally friendly. You can fill it with soil and then plant it with several different types of flowers. Of course, these flowers provide fun and passionate colors, place the logs infrequently visited areas as a distinct sight. Natural flower pot with a log from homedesignlover.

Add a vintage impression to the garden decoration for the yard by using log pots planted with various types of colorful flowers. This flower is complemented by vines that will be a refresher accent. Try this flower planting idea easily with your family to fill your weekend so it doesn’t get boring. Vintage log flower pots from homebnc.

Creating a flower garden on your own isn’t that much of a challenge if you know the right inspiration to start from. Don’t worry about not getting everything perfect at first, because it’s your garden, and you have a lot of time to spruce it up later!


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