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4 Simple, DIY Flower Beds to Decorate Your Front Yard

Once the weather warms up, birds chirp, and animals begin to crawl up from their cocoons, and there’s nothing like welcoming the fresh embrace of spring with a smatter of flowers and plants to revamp your withered garden. Adorned with a myriad of colors and textures, these flower beds are going to be your favorite DIY project with your spouse and children. To make it better, it is cheap and simple, totally accessible for everyone and any level of knowledge!

Can’t wait to start as soon as possible? Here are four charming DIY flower beds that surely will make every neighbour turns.

1.     Sunburst Flower Island

A perfect focal point for your front yard, this sunburst flower island is designed to contain up to eleven kinds of flowers—creating a pretty vast space for you to explore and get creative on. Simply pick several flowers that will match each other and plant them on different sides. Voila, charming flower beds right in front of your house.

If you have a front yard with a large enough size, then creating a sunburst flower island is an outdoor decoration idea that you can easily try, choose several different types of plants or flowers for a more colorful and certainly contrasting final result so that it makes the front page is getting excited. Use natural stones as the sides and boundaries of this plant landscape to make it safer. Colorful sunburst flower island from thegardenglove.

Do you have an unused front page? If so, then you can try the sunburst flower island decoration which has several different bold colors so that it provides striking color contrast. The combination of yellow and red flowers makes the impression of an outdoor decoration that is fun and not monotonous. This flower shape is in accordance with the area of the page you have. The combination of red and yellow flowers on the front yard from thegardenglove.

2.     Flower Beds with Stones

Rather than letting it go edge-less, set the edge of your flower beds with natural stones to add texture and depth. The plants will appreciate how it absorbs extra heat from the sun. Additionally, catch some wild lizards sunbathing on the top of it as well.

Bring a natural and environmentally friendly impression to your front yard decoration by arranging several natural stones of different sizes as flower beds which are on a budget and of course very easy to make. Choose one type of flower with a different color for a more colorful look and of course, it won’t get boring easily. Water and give fertilizer regularly so that the flowers can flourish. Natural stone arrangement as flower beds from mydesiredhome.

You don’t need to be too big when making flower beds to save more space in your front yard, use stones as the sides and boundaries of this colorful flower bed. The combination of pink, purple, yellow, and red flowers is a beautiful blend and looks very contrasting. Cut the flower stems when they get too high so as not to disturb their beauty. Small flower beds with stone from mydesiredhome.

Natural stone that has a large size can be used as an accent for the flower beds that you will make. You can shape it into a circle that is not symmetrical. The yellow and lavender flowers make a perfect match and will certainly go together well. The expanse of green grass is a fresh sight and never boring when applied anywhere. Large natural stone to form a circle of flower beds from mydesiredhome.

3.     Upcycled Stump Flower Beds

Old stumps are exceptionally hard to get rid of. Thus, why not repurpose it as pretty flower beds? Surround the stump with yellow, purple, and red flowers, and plant a bigger one in the middle as a centrepiece.

Take advantage of large tree stumps as flower beds that add a beautiful feel to your front yard decor. Flowers blooming in yellow will make your page brighter and certainly not boring. This flower will be more fertile when exposed to sufficient sunlight, give it just enough fertilizer for a regular period of time. Natural stump flower beds from boredpanda.

Tree stumps are most useful when used as flower beds located in front yard decorations. This colorful bloom will become a focal point and a sight to spoil your eyes when you see it. Perform routine maintenance by providing enough water and fertilizer. You can try DIY stump flower beds with ease and of course, it doesn’t cost a lot of money. DIY stump flower beds from boredpanda.

The brown stump will look even more contrasted when paired with lush lavender flowers. Apart from being a focal point, this lavender flower also provides a fragrant aroma that makes you feel more relaxed when you are in the front yard decoration. Lavender flower beds stump from boredpanda.

4.     Succulent Flower Beds

If you’re someone who forgets a lot and is afraid to let your plants wither, opt for a range of succulents in exchange of usual flowers. These tiny succulents are low in maintenance and resistant to every weather. Make sure to spruce the flower beds up by adding rocks, driftwood, bricks, and other natural elements.

This succulent landscape with different types and colors will be a beautiful front yard decoration and certainly not easily boring. You can combine it with gravel and small, brightly colored rocks to complement it and get a sweet finish. Flower succulent beds accented with pebbles from homebnc.

Arrange the succulent planting according to the type so that it can thrive. You can choose a succulent in three different types for a more festive look and it will certainly decorate your front yard decor perfectly. The shape of these succulent beds with a curved layout. Curved shape succulent flower beds from homebnc.

Not only that these flower beds are great to welcome spring inside your house, but they also create a harmonious ecosystem, where butterflies, worms, grasses, and other living things interact and support each other.

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