Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Bigger

With the increasing number of small apartments and compact houses, one common aspect of a home that’s often decreased in size is the bathroom. The lack of natural lighting, fixtures, and space to go back and forth can make your small bathroom quite frustrating. If it continues, it will only take a few months until you start to look for a better living space.

However, what if you don’t need to move to another flat to have a luxurious bathroom experience? Gratefully, you’ve come to the right place. These three go-to tips will help you in transforming your small bathroom into an attractive space and forget how cramped it actually is.

1.      Create an Illusion through Mirror

One compulsory tip for decorating compact spaces is by installing a mirror, and this includes your small bathroom. Whether it’s a wall-to-wall mirror or multiple ones, reflecting surfaces will advantage you in creating a bigger and brighter impression. Just make sure that you won’t get too shy in looking at your reflection!

To get the appearance of your bathroom so that it looks spacious you can use several large mirrors that are applied to the back wall of the sink, this idea is perfect for you to try in a bathroom decoration that has limited space. The mirror that fills the wall to the ceiling of your small bathroom will produce the illusion of a spacious room and help reflect light throughout the room to the fullest. Glass wall decoration ideas from digsdigs.

You can also attach a large mirror to the wall next to the bathtub to become a solution for your small bathroom. Especially if you combine it with white paint, it will certainly maximize the lighting in your small bathroom. To emphasize the mirror attached to your bathroom wall, you can use a thick frame with two colors, the inside is white according to the wall paint and the color of the outside, you can use brown wood to warm the atmosphere. Large mirror with white bathroom shades from digsdigs.

If you want to separate a wet floor from a dry floor in your small bathroom, then a mirrored divider with a wooden frame is the right idea that you can try. This sliding divider mirror will save more floor space in your bathroom decor. The mirror that is installed in the sink area is a perfect accent that you can use at the same time. The white nuance of the bathroom gives a wider and certainly clean impression. Mirror divider with wooden frame from digsdigs.

If you choose a small bathroom decoration with a vintage feel, you can use a large mirror that is placed behind the bathtub which is equipped with a gold carved frame. The gold color will give a vintage and elegant impression to your small bathroom. You can also combine it with woven carpets that have bold colors or classic chandeliers that will support the theme you choose. Vintage mirror with carved frames from digsdigs.

2.      Go with Bright Colors

Nothing’s like the perfect combination of a large mirror in a bright bathroom. Despite its actual size, this small bathroom gives off a serene and homey feeling. The addition of potted plants and large windows makes the room feel airier and open; a perfect place to collect your thoughts and prepare for a productive weekday.

Green plants that are placed right next to the bathtub will be a decoration as well as a freshener accent. This green plant will look more contrasting and beautiful when placed in white bathroom decor. You can start by using white marble tiles and a large hanging mirror. This mirror is an accent that you can reflect sunlight throughout the room. Green plants beside the bathtub from digsdigs.

Don’t just stick to plain white to get a bright color in your small bathroom. You can use two colors for the look of your cheerful small bathroom. For example, a combination of white and blue, blue will create a cheerful atmosphere in the bathroom, and white is a neutral color that can be combined with any color. If you want a different atmosphere, try using a ceiling glass window that will help your indoor greenery grow. Ceiling glass windows from nextluxury.

Make your bathroom decoration look fresher and smell good with the use of green plants on the toilet and orchids on a marble countertop. These two live plants will work well in your bathroom decor. Transparent glass windows will help the lighting in your bathroom so that the room does not look brighter with the maximum natural sources. Combination of green plants with orchids from nextluxury.

3.      Opt for Glass Doors for Shower

While a curtain is more simple and easier to install, consider opting for a glass door to make your small bathroom bigger. With a sleek handle and sturdy frame, this decoration will transform your shower experience into a luxurious one. Additionally, you won’t have to feel anxious about slipping on the bathroom curtain anymore.

To change your small bathroom to look luxurious in a simple way, try using a transparent glass door that is large enough. The transparent glass door will clearly connect the vanity and shower room and of course, give the effect of a spacious room. Herringbone tile provides a different texture and color, you can try it right now. Transparent glass door from housebeautiful.

Use a barrier as well as a glass door in the shower room to produce a modern and luxurious impression that is not excessive. The gold door handle provides a different color so that it looks very contrasting when applied to the white bathroom decoration. Use two tiles with different patterns as complements and enhancements, you can easily imitate these bathroom decorating ideas and certainly don’t cost a lot of money. Shower room dividers and glass doors from housebeautiful.

The combination of pink and white in your small bathroom will be more harmonious if you use a see-through glass barrier. The glass divider makes it easy for you to care for and also clean. Glass dividers can also save electricity because you don’t need to install a separate lamp from your bathroom, with just one lamp you can supply light to the entire room. Shower glass door with pink shower room nuances from housebeautiful.

A small bathroom might be tricky to work with, but it doesn’t mean that you can easily give up on it! Through the right styling tricks, showering will be the most awaited part of your day.


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