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Basic Rules to Create Scandinavian Interior Design in Your House

Now we understand why Scandinavian interior design is immensely popular in modern home decoration because of its simplicity and functionality. Everything in Scandinavian style is clean-looking and neatly arranged that you can hardly spot even a small clutter visible. If you’re a fan of modesty and want to visualize your ideas to live, here is some useful guidance to create a Scandinavian look inside your house.

All-white surface

White is the major color in Scandinavian interior design. It is inspired by the long history of Nordic people who want to brighten the gloomy winter with a more neutral color shade in the room. In the traditional Scandinavian house, there are no more than four key color pallets dominating the room.

White is one of the colors that will never fail in decorating a Scandinavian living room, not only that, this color is also very suitable for small home decorations because it provides an illustration of a room that looks wider, clearer, and brighter. Another color that you can add to this living room decoration is green plants in pots. With this decoration, you can enjoy a comfortable room atmosphere all day long. White Scandinavian living room from home-designing.

The decoration of Scandinavian entryways is dominated by white so it looks cleaner and less boring. Use a tile pattern on the floor to give the room a different texture, besides that you can also take advantage of a little floor area to put some indoor ornamental plant pots as a complement to natural colors and of course refresh the room as a whole. White Scandinavian decor entryways from home-designing.

Major lighting arrangement

Whether you pursue the natural lights or aim for assistance, lighting should take a major role in Scandinavian interior design. If you wish to have natural light, maximize the use of window treatment to allow sunlight to come in. Lighting fixtures with candles or a pendant can also be great alternatives.

To save on electricity costs during the day, you can take advantage of a transparent glass window that has a large size so that it maximizes sunlight entering your Scandinavian living room. In addition, sunlight also helps the interior of the living room made of wood not easily moldy, causing it to easily porous and uncomfortable when used with your family or guests who come to the house. Transparent glass window from lushome.

Do you use indoor plants to decorate your bedroom? If so, then you need sunlight to enter the room, this idea is very easy for you to do. This high glass window is a source of maximum light production. Besides that, natural light will also make your bedroom feel brighter during the day, so you don’t need any lights. High glass windows from thespruce.

Proper placement of furniture

Scandinavian interior design regards highly of minimalism. Be sure to promote lack of visual disorder while placing the furniture. You need to hold the principle of “less is more”, and declutter any futile decorative element.

If you have a Scandinavian living room with limited space, then just use some of the interiors that are often used and needed, such as sofas, chairs, coffee tables, carpets, and floating shelves. Excessive use of furniture will cause the room to feel cramped and cramped so that it creates discomfort when you are in this room. Use enough furniture from home-designing.

If you want a wider and free floor area, then just use the furniture according to your needs. Get rid of furniture that is rarely used for a neat and of course minimalist appearance. Minimalist living room style will never be out of date and very comfortable to use all day long. Instead, use walls with glass windows to let in more sunlight. Get rid of furniture that is rarely used from home-designing.

Plants, please!

To balance out the minimalist decoration, you need to bring in more greeneries inside the room. Use plants to unite both indoor and outdoor environments and add colors for more appealing visuals. Since you already have an adequate natural light arrangement, the plants can survive in the indoor area.

Green plants are one of the decorations that can be applied in any decoration, including Scandinavian living room decorations. The more indoor plants that are used, the fresher the room will feel. You can place these plants randomly but they still look neat and tidy. The greenery placed near the windows will make a beautiful windowsill decoration. Randomly placed green plants from home-designing.

So that indoor plant pots don’t interfere with your space, just place them behind the sofa. It’s not enough here, you can also put small potted green plants on the coffee table as a decoration that is never boring. Do regular watering so that your plants thrive and will still decorate your Scandinavian living room to the fullest. Two different types of greenery from home-designing.

Clean lines

Last but not least, the very principle of Scandinavian interior design is to keep clean lines and shapes in order. This provides a simple profile and neat look. You can, however, play with bold patterns like geometrics and floral in a table cloth or pillows.

When you have a Scandinavian living room decoration, then including a triangle carpet with a combination of black and white will be an elegant focal point and of course a warm layer of wood floors. Choose a carpet with a size that is large enough, so that it can cover the legs of the furniture in this living room decoration. The combination of black and white creates a room decoration with a modern and minimalist monochromatic style. Triangle carpet with black and white color combination from home-designing.

Not only using a plain and boring feel of the room, but you can also use one of the patterned furniture such as a floral daybed with a bold color. The white nuance will be easier to combine with any colored interior so it is highly recommended to try it. Daybed floral from home-designing.

With such minimalism and simplicity, you need to be clever when arranging a Scandinavian interior design. When achieved, this design can boost a sense of the roomy and comfortable, modern look.

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