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Clever Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom with DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Having a DIY reclaimed wood headboard in your bedroom is giving the space a whole new look, especially with the distressed details of the materials. You can also create any style with the headboard, be it rustic, farmhouse, or classic. The headboard also provides a nice border between your bed and the wall, while allowing space for more creative decoration to embellish your bed with a fresh appearance.

Polaroid photos on the headboard

It’s a common idea to decorate your bedroom while making use of a DIY reclaimed headboard. You can decorate your headboard with some ornaments, such as handmade garlands from various materials. You can connect each ornament using a simple string and glue that will add decorative details to the distressed wood material.

It is a stylish reclaimed wooden headrest with ornamental additions on it that will make for the perfect bedroom look. Using a burlap cut with the words “LOVE” is a brilliant idea for you to try, so it will give the room the perfect look and steal the attention of many. This way it adds a simple decor that will add decorative detail to the pressed wood material. Garland ornament on headboard from homedit.

These are reclaimed wooden headrests. To make it look similar. Adding an ornament in the form of a starfish tied to a rope will produce the perfect headboard decoration so that it will become the focal point of the room. You can make it yourself so that it will save the budget for this bedroom decorating idea. Starfish ornament on the headboard from findingsilverpennies.

A shiplap board

You may find it simple but adding shiplap to the DIY reclaimed wood headboards is a way to create a great accent to the wood. If the initial project is to leave the headboard unpolished, choose a wallpaper with patterns that resembles shiplap for an easier option.

Using a headboard from a shiplap board makes for the perfect room decoration for you to try. This unique design will create a focal point of money that attracts the attention of many people. He added this wall lamp to provide dramatic and inviting lighting. Some of these pillows and blankets give a comfortable impression to the appearance of your bedroom. Shiplap headboard from homedit.

You can use shiplap wood scraps to create an eye-catching headboard. They don’t always have to match perfectly so they will show irregularity as different wood pieces deal with stains differently. This method will only give the headboard more character and will make the perfect room decor. Armed with a few pillows and blankets will create a comfortable decoration for you to try. Shiplap wood headboard from homedit.

Paint the headboard with different colors

A clever idea to make your DIY reclaimed wood headboards look more interesting is by painting the wood with different colors. Divide the surface into several lines and choose colorful combinations for a more interesting look. If you wish to keep it low, choose earthy warm color shades like brown, beige, orange, and brick to finish the project.

The clever idea of decorating a reclaimed wood headboard with green paint will make a stylish room and will steal the attention of many. You can make it yourself just using paint and a brush so that you will get the headboard decoration you want. Equipped with patterned pillows, it will create a comfortable impression in this bedroom. Green reclaimed wooden headboard from thesprucecrafts.

This reclaimed wood headboard design with beige paint will steal the attention of many people if you put it in this rustic room. Combined with green plants in a vase will give the room a fresh and natural impression. This all-white nuance gives the illusion of a bright and airy room so that it will make you feel at home for a long time in this bedroom. Beige reclaimed wood headboard from thesprucecrafts.

Decorating a rustic bedroom by adding a headboard that is painted in this colorful color will make the room the perfect focal point so that it will give your bedroom a more stylish decor. You can add bedside tables right and left and complete with vintage table lamps to provide dramatic lighting. The green nuance in this bedroom gives a fresh impression. Colorful rustic headboard from  thespruce.

Hang light string

Compared to all, we might all agree that hanging string lights over your DIY reclaimed wood headboards is the most aesthetic decoration. You can choose it with colorful lights to have a more festive look. String lights on the headboard are whimsical and dreamy, perfect for embellishing your bedroom with. Just lay the lights following your headboard figure or create interesting designs with it is also fine.

Hanging string lights over reclaimed wood headboards makes for the perfect room decor that will create the perfect look. This way it will make the headboard look more festive and steal the show. You can add a sconce lamp for perfect and dramatic light. Combined with all-white shades and tree branches in a vase create a clean and bright look. Hanging string lights from homebnc.

This reclaimed wood headboard makes for the perfect room look. Using a headboard from the door and added string lights will create the perfect decoration of the room and will steal the attention of many people. Apart from that, your DIY reclaimed wood headrest is the most aesthetically pleasing decoration. Adding an empire chandelier above the bed adds a rustic touch to the room. Door headboard with string light from apartmenttherapy.

These colorful string lights complement a beautiful reclaimed wood headboard decor for you to try. This method will be the focal point of the room and is suitable for you to apply to your rustic bedroom. Just place the lamp following the figure of the head of your bed or make an interesting design with it is also good. Using your DIY reclaimed wood headrest is the most aesthetic of all decorations. Colorful string lights on rustic headboard from homedit.

While DIY reclaimed wood headboards are an easy project, decorating them with beautiful embellishments is another task. You can get creative and be ready to make the headboard looks less dull.

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