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Rustic Bedroom Furniture You’ll Love to Create A Traditional Atmosphere

While a bedroom is your cozy sanctuary to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you may as well want to decorate the room with a rustic design and have a more warming ambiance. When done right, it’s a timeless option to blend comfort and nature, which benefits the environment.

While most people consider rustic as old, outdated, and worn-out, choosing the correct furniture pieces can turn your bedroom into a stylish space. Here are some rustic furniture essentials to create a beautiful aesthetic.

A bed set with a wooden headboard

It’s a classical option in any rustic bedroom design. A bed set with a wooden headboard can be the focal point of the bedroom furniture set, especially when you choose to leave the wood non-stained. Rustic embraces a sense of nature, and it’s a good thing to flaunt off the headboard fibers, be it from pine, walnut, or oak.

A bed headboard made of reclaimed wood is perfect for your rustic bedroom decorating idea. This wood has a shabby white color so it will be more suitable when equipped with accent lights that stretch across this headboard. Wood is one of the materials that is often used by the rustic style because it seems more natural and environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wooden headboard from homebnc.

The rustic style usually uses natural and environmentally friendly materials such as wood and stone. This time you can try a bed as well as a headboard made of wood, for a different look you can repaint it in black, which is not too thick or shiny. A stone fireplace is an additional accent that is suitable for use when the weather in the room starts to feel cold. Repaint wooden headboard from onekindesign.

Another option for a rustic-style headboard is made of teak wood. Leave this wood in its original color so that it looks like it has a natural, original color. Teak wood is very sturdy and not easily porous so it is highly recommended for you to try it. The wall scones light that highlights the headboard gives a dramatic impression. Rustic headboard made of teak wood from onekindesign.

A welcoming fireplace

Having a fireplace in your very own bedroom is highly functional while serving the room a total makeover. Adding a glimpse of the fire will warm the chilly nights; try to incorporate a comfortable seating arrangement surrounding the fire. Of course, the fireplace should be made of natural resources like stone, brick, or decorative rocks.

The fireplace is an important accent that you can use for a rustic decoration because it will be useful to warm your body when the atmosphere in the room starts to feel cold. The candlelight hanging from the wooden ceiling gives a dramatic effect as well as a warmer impression of the room. You can combine these two interiors together in a rustic bedroom-style decoration. Combination of the fireplace with hanging candles from onekindesign.

When you are going to use a fireplace in rustic bedroom decor, then you can place it opposite the fireplace layout in the corner of the room that blends with your stone wall. The right fireplace layout will generate maximum and even warm energy throughout the room in this bedroom decor. Don’t forget to coat your wooden floors with vintage rugs that have a bold pattern so they will never go out of style. Corner fireplace from onekindesign.

Use as much as possible your money by building a fireplace made of a solid and strong stone arrangement. Stone material has a price that is not too expensive so it is very on a budget but seems more natural and natural. Add a leather chair right in front of the fireplace as a relaxing area that you can use while in the bedroom, use a candle lamp with a weathered iron container to emphasize your rustic style. Natural stone fireplaces from onekindesign.

Distressed-looking mirror

You can easily find many rustic bedroom furniture pieces at the local thrift shop where vintage is the main theme. That includes a distressed-looking mirror that will go well with your bedroom wall decoration. Choose one with a metal or brass frame, which has beautiful carvings along the edges.

This round mirror covered with gold carved frames gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive in the rustic bedroom decor so it is perfect to try to check your appearance before leaving the room. You can install and hang it on the part of the wall that is still empty, or rather above the wooden dresser. This round mirror will look more beautiful when surrounded by pots and wooden signboards. Round mirror covered with gold engraved frame from homebnc.

Not only using a gold frame, here you can use a brass mirror frame which will appear shinier. The shape of this mirror frame is so unique because it is equipped with a small arch at the top so that it presents a classic style that fits well with the rustic bedroom style that you are currently trying. Instead, use walls with transparent glass windows to produce a refreshing outdoor view. Brass frame mirror from homebnc.

Wrought iron or metals

Rustic bedroom furniture does not always have to be from nature. Since the main element of it is to bring out a sense of familiarity and warmness, materials such as rusted metal or wrought iron and brass are also commonly found. Try to find industrial hardware for the lighting or simple storage shelves to decorate the room.

Lighting is the main accent needed in all rooms including your rustic bedroom. Try installing a scones lamp attached to a wooden headboard, this lamp will provide shady lighting so it is perfect for sleeping. Don’t forget to choose this lamp with an iron frame so that it doesn’t break easily while emphasizing the rustic style in your bedroom decoration. Iron lamp scones that hang on the wooden headboard from homebnc.

Another option for lighting in your bedroom is to use a pendant lamp with weathered iron that looks vintage and never goes out of style. You can add another lighting such as candles that are installed on a wooden shelf built into the wall, the combination of these two lightings is enough to give the room a bright feel and of course more leverage. Combination of weathered iron chandelier with a candle from homebnc.

Rustic bedroom furniture emphasizes on different types that share the same characters: unrefined and natural. The rustic design will go well when you pair it with neutral pallets to create an effortless flow.

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