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How to Hang Curtains Beautifully for Your French Doors

More often than not, people tend to leave their French doors as they are and not doing anything to make them exciting. Yes, it’s one of the most popular options in many houses to provide great access while serving you adequate sunlight. French doors make a bold statement, but they are extremely hard to style. Among the easiest methods is using the hanging curtain, but with so many choices, how would you do that?

Hang curtains on Top of The Door

This is the perfect way to embellish your French doors with a beautiful hang curtain design. Draperies come with a wide array of fabric options to fill the space with the correct coverage. Mostly, the rods are installed high above the French door, extending just a little away beyond the frames. You’ll find most drapes overflowing the floor, and more lengthy than the traditional hang curtain.

When choosing the ideal window covering for French doors, take into account your needs for privacy, access to natural light, as well as the color and decor scheme you have applied. Ensuring French door closers are not only practical but also beautiful. Using these gray linen curtains will enhance the look of your bedroom so that it will create an attractive bedroom decor for you to try. Gray linen curtain from impressiveinteriordesign.

The patterned silk curtains that decorate your French bedroom window will provide an elegant and eye-catching look that can serve as inspiration. Placed over this french door it gives the perfect look. Combined with all-white nuances and some classic furniture, it will give the perfect look and will grab people’s attention. Carpets throughout the room will create a warm impression and will complement the decor of the room. Patterned silk curtains from impressiveinteriordesign.

Try using thick curtains and light white curtains and placed over the French doors to enhance your living room decor. Choose curtains of long length to give them a charming appearance. Choosing a brown color will give a contrasting color to your living room so you will have beautiful living room decor. Apart from offering the best quality silk, this fabric also gives a luxurious atmosphere to your living room.  Pom-Pom sheer curtains from impressiveinteriordesign.

Linen long curtains are the best choice for your french bedroom decorating idea. So that it will give an elegant and luxurious appearance that can attract attention. You can attach this curtain over the door of the room so that you will have privacy in this bedroom. Combined with beige nuances, this contrasts and offers a unique look for you to try. Pooled curtains from impressiveinteriordesign.

Hang with The Right Fullness

French doors—we can say French windows—come in large form, also often referred to floor-to-ceiling windows. In this case, you cannot just go about any hang curtain to style the look. Consider installing the full-length curtain that provides ultimate coverage and will make the French door appear more elegant.

The heavy draperies can boost the room’s appearance to be more lavish, but the sheer hang curtain fabrics create a more airy nature. This type of curtain is light and provides lots of warming ambiance. You can opt for a clean and sheer fabric that will flow when you slightly open the door, creating a refreshing environment.

Decorating the living room using light white curtains will create an elegant look. Putting curtains over french doors also creates a stunning living room look. With this kind of curtain, you will have a clean room decor and will let the sun in through this thin curtain so that it will create a bright and airy room decor. You can combine it with shades of beige to create a warm and spacious room decor. A large sofa and a rug will be the perfect decoration of the room. Light white curtains from homedit.

The most popular option for French doors is tab-top blinds, which are easy to attach to the shutters, and don’t require elegant rings and accessories that can make the door look redundant. The sheer hanging curtains give a wider impression. These types of curtains are light and provide a lot of warmth. In addition, it will make it easier for the sun to enter the house through this curtain. Tab top curtain from impressiveinteriordesign.

Placing light curtains over your living room french doors is a great idea. So that it will bring a clean impression and warmth to your guests. In addition, the use of these curtains will make your room more luxurious and will make your living room look charming. Some antique furniture in the form of antique sofas and tables will be more charming decoration for your living room. light curtains over French door from homedit.

Hang with The Right Width

What’s equally important in decorating your French door with a curtain is determining the width of the fabric. Now that you find the perfect length, don’t play with the curtain’s width. Make sure it has the correct size to fully cover your French doors.

Basic tips: if you aim for the standard fullness, go for curtains that measure two times the door’s width.

Choosing a french door curtain-type that is twice the width of your door is a brilliant idea for you to try to completely cover your french doors. The floor-to-ceiling glossy gold curtains are the perfect look as they will create the impression of a lofty French living room. Combined with beige for an attractive living room display idea. Large gold curtains from impressiveinteriordesign.

This entrance is magnificent! The use of thick blue curtains and thick sizes will completely cover the french doors. The designs are bold and combine everything from bright blues to earthy whites to make for a luxurious financial decor idea. Using high curtains on the ceiling will create the illusion of a tall space. Don’t forget to add a fluffy jute rug for a warm room look. Thick blue curtains from shelterness.

Applying a simple french entrance decor by opting for white and blue on the linen curtains will give a stunning look and will lend a luxurious money decor. Choose curtains twice as wide to completely cover your French doors. Applying curtains to the ceiling will give the illusion of a high room. Large linen curtain from  shelterness,

Now that’s the most common way to hang curtains for the French doors. Doing it differently can make your French doors appear bizarre and unearthly.

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