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Beautiful Living Room Decoration with DIY Ribbon Ornament

Whether it’s for Christmas or welcoming the fall, there are plenty of ways to decorate your living room with a DIY ribbon ornament. Ribbon ornamental pieces can add beautiful details to the overall look of a room with interesting shapes, colors, and themes. Before you start, choose your ribbon first—be it jute, grosgrain, shimmery style, and even a garland. Once decided, here are some great ideas to make use of the ornament.

A vertical drop from Christmas tree

It’s a very natural way to decorate using DIY ribbon ornament, allowing the ribbon to spew from top to bottom without too much effort. Simply let the roll bounce down the tree, and you can just bend it here and there to make a beautiful, natural crease. Once the ribbon has dropped completely, secure each section with ties to keep it in place.

To welcome this Christmas, you need to prepare attractive decorations to put in your living room. For example, by using a Christmas tree placed in a rattan woven container and equipped with a dark-colored ribbon as decoration. Place this Christmas tree next to the entrance to warmly welcome guests who come to your house. Christmas tree decorated with dark ribbons from creeklinehouse.

The Christmas tree in your living room will make it the center of attention. Decorate it as attractive as possible so that the appearance is not boring, you can add ribbons that are arranged vertically from top to bottom with various bright colors, for example, blue or red, and several other ornaments such as glass balls that are hung irregularly on the Christmas tree. That way your living room will look festive with the presence of this Christmas tree. Christmas tree decorated with colorful ribbons from southernliving.

Make a decoration to welcome fall as a unique and interesting center of attention. Try using a drop-shaped Christmas tree that you can place on the boundaries between rooms, decorate the tree with colorful glass balls of various sizes that make it less boring. Don’t forget to add a ribbon arranged from above to make it more festive. Choose a ribbon in a bold color to make it seem more cheerful and exciting. A drop-shaped Christmas tree accented with a bold ribbon from hgtv.

Horizontal arrangement

Create more interesting lines in your DIY ribbon ornament decoration by arranging the band horizontally. The movement is almost like wrapping the tree with rolls of ribbon but don’t make it too tightly. Let the crease form the natural “S” shape as you go around the tree to finish the rotation.

Apart from adding ribbons that are stacked from top to bottom, you can also use ribbons wrapped around the Christmas tree as one of the most passionate and fun living room decorations. Use a white glitter ribbon that will certainly stand out on a green Christmas tree leaf. You can also try adding a ribbon tied in a shoelace for a pretty addition. A white glitter ribbon wrapped around the Christmas tree from countryliving.

Not always with plain ribbons to decorate a drop-shaped Christmas tree in your living room, you can also use red ribbons with a plaid pattern that has a splash of green so that it is easier to match the colors of the surrounding furniture. Wrap the ribbon around the Christmas tree from top to bottom. Apart from ribbons, you can also wrap the chain all over the surface of the Christmas tree on the outside. Combination of ribbons with chains as Christmas tree decorations from countryliving.

To emphasize the Christmas decorations in the living room, you can add a greenery Christmas tree which is equipped with several beautiful decorations such as plain white ribbons and snow accents that hang evenly. This Christmas tree has a size large enough so that it becomes a beautiful focal point and will certainly enhance the overall decoration of this room. Greenery Christmas tree with white ribbons and snow accents from countryliving.

Decorating in a cluster

It’s not a common way to decorate with DIY ribbon ornaments, but it can bring out a distinctive look. You may need to cut the ribbon in certain lengths before tying them or cut it to the desired shape. Scatter the ribbon in different places of the tree and pair it with other decorative pieces like bells and others.

If you are going to use ribbons as a Christmas tree decoration, then choose and match the colors and patterns with other interiors around it to make it look more harmonious. To highlight the ribbons on this Christmas tree, you can change the strands of ribbons into accents that are tied to the branches of the Christmas tree. The striped pattern in black and white will look more clear and detailed, you can try it now. Striped ribbon tied to a Christmas tree branch from hgtv.

This random blue ribbon tied to the outer surface of the Christmas tree will be pretty and add a sweet finishing touch. In addition, you can choose a small ball with a matching color as an additional decoration that you can apply to this white Christmas tree. Place the Christmas tree in the corner of the room or more precisely next to the fireplace so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when you are in the living room decoration. Decorative ribbons and balls that match colors from hgtv.

Trying out garland

Placing a garland in the living room is a common thing to embellish the look with ribbon decoration. Consider different shapes that really catch the eyes with a sparkly surface, tulle, or feather. Go with dried foliage that helps you blend the design best with nature.

To enliven your Christmas day, you can make a DIY greenery garland that is attached to the mantel decoration. Don’t let this garland appear plain and boring, you can combine plaid ribbon with plain ribbons as decorative accents that you can easily find in stores around your home. This DIY garland does not cost a lot of money, so it is perfect for those of you who want Christmas decorations on a budget. Greenery garland with ribbon accents from thecraftpatchblog.

The last Christmas decoration that you can try is a long greenery garland that is attached to a wooden ladder as a decoration that emphasizes your Christmas day. To make it easier to decorate this garland, you just need to add a contrasting colored ribbon in red to tie it to the outer surface of the garland, let this ribbon hang down to make it look more feminine and beautiful. Garland for a stair decoration decorated with red ribbons from goodhousekeeping.

Ribbon strands come in various shapes to complement the look of a living room. Depending on the theme, choose the DIY ribbon ornament from romantic to natural and be creative with your ideas.

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