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Gorgeous Courtyard Garden Design Ideas for Small Space

Unlike the traditional garden that requires a larger area to occupy, having a courtyard garden design gives you more possibilities to enjoy the open sky from your own house. A beautiful courtyard garden acts as an extension of your house, be it wholly or partially surrounded by the wall. If you want to be surrounded by nature while enjoying the peaceful ambiance, here are some gorgeous courtyard garden design ideas to make the most of the space.

The bigger, the better

Even if you only have a small space available, try to make the courtyard garden looks more appealing by adding some bold pieces. You can go for a large container placed in the center or large-leaved plants bordering the courtyard. This way, you can create more privacy and bring out a sense of tropical sanctuary in the courtyard.

The interesting thing that you can get in this outdoor decoration is the use of several potted plants of various sizes ranging from small to large ones. This pot is placed under a glass ceiling so that you can use it for a comfortable relaxing area and of course with a fresh view and not easily boring. Not only plants in pots, the vines that are applied to the fence also become a more environmentally friendly yard divider. Various pot sizes from livingetc.

You can place this large concrete pot repainted with white in the courtyard decoration as a space divider between the small indoor dining room. Use several different types of greenery to fill this pot to make it more colorful and look fresh. This vine that propagates to the ceiling will protect you from the rays of the sun during the day so it is very useful and you can do regular maintenance. Large concrete pot repainted with white color from livingetc.

Add a comfortable seating area

The purpose of having a courtyard garden design is to give you a space to enjoy nature outside. You can pick some comfortable chairs like an outdoor sofa or wooden chair with a table will do the trick. If you have limited space, try to go with built-in benches paired with come comfortable outdoor pillows.

Outdoor living space becomes a relaxing area that will relax you throughout the weekend. Here you will get a different atmosphere with views of greenery and the air that is always cool. Place this outdoor furniture under the wooden pergola so that you are more protected from the sun, which is very attractive during the day. Choose minimalist furniture to save on courtyard floors and of course not disturb your outdoor activities. Outdoor living space ideas from gardeningetc.

Another option to fill your courtyard décor is to place several dining table sets in bright colors. In this outdoor furniture, you will get different dining nuances so that you can be more comfortable and relaxed while enjoying the dishes that are available. Choose a dining table set with iron material to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Place some outdoor furniture directly on the carpet for a more elegant look. Outdoor set iron dining table from gardeningetc.

If you have a small courtyard garden decoration, then you can choose just two iron chairs for a comfortable relaxing area to use to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere. Why should you choose outdoor furniture with iron material? Because the iron material will be stronger with changes in outdoor weather which minimizes the occurrence of porous and weathered. Minimalist outdoor furniture from gardeningetc.

Remove boundaries

You can blend indoor and outdoor areas by concealing the walls and floors that often make the garden appear unfriendly. Place a screen filled with vines, or place small planters around the area. However, you need to be careful with the screen placing as it may block natural lights.

This dining room overlooking the courtyard décor will have a fresh outdoor view. Here you can use the vines as a screen or fence that is natural and environmentally friendly. Transparent glass doors really support the decoration between outdoors and indoors so you can try them well and of course have to use professional personnel to make them. Screen filled with green vines from livingetc.

There is nothing wrong with putting an outdoor dining room in your courtyard decoration for a different atmosphere. Moreover, this outdoor dining room is surrounded by vines that thrive. Just do the right care so that this plant can grow and develop properly and of course it will become a barrier to excessive sunlight. Outdoor dining room surrounded by vines from livingetc.

Brighten up

To ultimately enjoy the outdoor environment, you need to make sure the seating area is touched by natural sunlight. Carefully arrange the planters to give you the coolness while getting adequate warmth from the sun. If you prefer to keep it cool, add some but not too much shade in the area.

You can use this built-in concrete bench that forms the letter L as a sunbathing area in the morning or afternoon. This outdoor area is built as perfectly as possible so that it becomes a comfortable relaxing place to use with your family or friends. You can use a square fireplace at night when the outdoor weather starts to get cold. Built-in concrete bench with fireplace design from gardeningetc.

You can move the iron bench that is placed in the courtyard garden decoration anywhere you want to get the maximum sunshine just before noon. You can complement this metal bench with a blanket to make it easier to use when needed. The surrounding green plants provide shade when the sunlight you get is starting to fill. Portable iron chair from gardeningetc.

This small vintage table set will be more comfortable when equipped with pillows. You can put this outdoor furniture under the reclaimed wood patio as shade when the weather starts to get too hot. Do not forget to use candle lanterns as a lighting idea that will help your night activities, besides that the light produced will also give the impression of a room that is more romantic, warm, and dramatic. Vintage table set from gardeningetc.

You can add many things to decorate your courtyard garden design with planters to wall hangings. If the space permits, additional storage under the benches is useful to store pillows and blankets. Embellishing with ornamental wall decoration will make the area look more modern.

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