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Entryway Inspiration and Ideas with Mini Benches

An entryway is a great spot to place a bench, which gives various practical benefits. You can place coats or sit while wearing shoes and socks. Adding a bench also creates a more “welcoming” atmosphere for anyone entering through the door.

You can do more than just placing a bench near the door. Here are five ideas to consider for your entryway inspiration.

1.     Bench with Patterned Floor Tiles

Even the simplest bench will look more interesting when paired with patterned floor tiles. Patterns also create a strong impression for guests entering through the door. Try pairing beautiful geometric designs with a solid-colored or old wooden bench.

This reclaimed wooden bench repainted with green paint will look more attractive when placed on a patterned tile floor with a combination of black and white. Tile floors with neutral colors will be easier to mix with some of the other interiors around it, for example with boho-style pillowcases and floor pots with fresh green plants. Reclaimed wooden bench on a black and white floor tile from thespruce.

Choose floor tiles with neutral colors like white to make it easier to combine with any furniture in the surroundings, including natural wood accents. This unpainted wooden bench will look more modern when it is covered with colorful carpet with graphic patterns underneath. The decoration of entryways will be cheerful and certainly not boring. Neutral color floor tile with wooden bench from thespruce.

2.     Bench with Pillows

Create a welcoming touch by placing pillows on your entryway bench. Choose pillows that match the aesthetic of the entryway. You can also match a vintage bench with contemporary pillows, creating an interesting look to welcome guests.

Make your wooden bench more comfortable and soft when used by adding a beautiful contemporary patterned throw pillow. This stool is equipped with hairpin iron legs so that it is stronger when used for a long time, under this bench it has an empty space that you can use to put a wicker basket to make it look tidier and more organized. Wooden stool with throw pillow with a contemporary pattern from thespruce.

There is nothing wrong with adding a few pillows with different motifs to produce a more colorful entryway decoration that will welcome guests who come to your house. This pillow will make your wooden bench get a softer sitting surface and of course, it will be more comfortable to use for a long time. Cover your wooden bench with colorful pillows from thespruce.

3.     Entryway Bench with Storage

Do you have a tiny home? Utilize every corner by choosing an entryway bench with built-in storage. Some benches have open shelves, while others are more secretive with their storing abilities. You can place anything, from shoes to old magazines and shopping bags.

Use furniture in entryways decoration that saves space, for example choosing a wooden bench that leaves room underneath as a built-in storage idea so that it becomes one of the functional furniture. You can use rattan wicker baskets so that the items stored are more well organized and of course more effective and efficient. Wooden stool with wicker basket underneath from homedit.

Select and use a rectangle wooden bench with storage built in underneath. Plastic baskets that have a smoother and thicker texture will become a container for your equipment to be better organized. In addition, this bench also presents a vintage impression that never goes out of style. You can try this furniture easily and it is very cost-friendly. Rectangle wooden bench with built-in storage underneath from homedit.

4.     Bench with Decorative Mirror

If you often find yourself checking your appearance in the mirror before going out, you will appreciate a bench with a mirror. Place the bench on the strategic spot near the door, and hang a decorative mirror above it. Make sure the mirror matches the aesthetic of the bench and entryway. Do not stick with common square mirrors. Experiment with round, oval, or even contemporary mirrors.

Decorative mirrors that are installed right above the sofa bench will help your entryways decor seem wider and of course brighter. This mirror will reflect sunlight into the room as a whole, use a mirror with a unique design and not many other entryways decors have. If your mirror is small then hang more than one to make it look more optimal. Modern design decorative mirror from decoist.

Take advantage of the empty wall entryways to hang a round mirror that is larger than usual. This mirror will help check your appearance in detail before leaving the house. Add a rubber tree with a rattan woven pot as a decorative accent suitable for placing in any room including the decoration of your entryways. Round mirror design from decoist.

5.     Entryway Bench Area for Prepping

Create a special spot for preparing before you go out in the entryway. Place a long bench under a mirror. Arrange your bag on top of the bench, while your shoes are underneath. Place a small container or wall nail nearby for your keys. Hammer a hook to hang your coat or jacket.

Entryways are one of the rooms that will be the storage area for all your items that will be used before leaving the house. These wall entryways are equipped with hooks and floating wooden racks that are used to hang bags and store some clean cloth. Put a standing iron container next to the bench as good umbrella storage and of course, it doesn’t damage the umbrella. Floating wooden shelf with hooks from hgtv.

The gold hook that is installed in this wall area becomes an area to hang your bag or hat properly and will be easier to find when you are in a hurry to leave. The mirror is an important accent that will thoroughly check your appearance, use this bench when you are going to use shoes so that it will be more comfortable. Gold hook with round bench and mirror from hgtv.

Entryway inspiration with benches gives you a combination of practicality and beauty. Try these decorations to improve your entryway right now.

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