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5 Tips to Turn Old Clothes into DIY Home Décor

Have a bunch of old clothes lying around, but already run out of donation options? Try turning them into DIY home décor! Your myriad of old fabrics is a great material for decorative items. With creativity and some spare time, you can turn unused clothes into things to beautify your house!

1.     Flannel Christmas Socks

Convert your old flannel shirts or skirts into cute Christmas socks. The patterns are easier to execute than actual socks (which must be fit on someone’s feet). You can add embellishments like ribbons or buttons. The patterns look cute when you hang them for holiday decorations.

You don’t need to pay a lot of money to decorate your home, DIY Christmas socks are one of the favorite decorations that many people like. This DIY decoration is made of disused flannel plaid shirt material so that the appearance is not too plain and boring, you can hang the pine cone on the top of the socks with a string that is strong enough so that it doesn’t fall or fall off easily. Flannel shirt plaid becomes DIY Christmas socks from diyncrafts.

Your mantel Christmas will appear more creative when equipped with DIY socks decorations made of colorful flannel skirts. Don’t let this DIY decoration look boring, you can add faux fur accents or tassel according to its color and beauty. A coat decoration will be more perfect when complemented with green plants, candles, and colorful pillows. DIY colorful socks on the mantel Christmas from liagriffith.

2.     Denim Flowers

Denim is a popular fabric to make decorative flowers. The stiff fabric allows the petals to stick in form. Various flower-making tutorials with denim range from simple flower cutouts to complicated layered shapes that look like roses.

Do you have torn or too small denim clothes or pants? If so, then change its main function into easy home decoration and of course on a budget. You can shape this denim fabric into an ornament of a blooming rose. Not only that, but you can also put this denim flower in a mason jar vase made of transparent glass. DIY denim rose flower ornament from pillarboxblue.

These flowers and pots made from unused denim are some of the most creative home decorations that you should give them a try. This denim flower look will appear even sweeter when complemented with a ribbon accent on the pot and pearls on one of the flowers. You can put this denim flower ornament on the table that is often visited by guests or your family who come to the house. DIY denim flower with ribbon and pearl accents from diyncrafts.

3.     T-Shirt Pillowcases

Pillowcases are popular DIY home décor ideas to be made of old clothes. T-shirt is a great option to make a small pillow: it often has interesting colors and patterns, and the shape is easy to convert into a square case. You can create accent sofa pillows from your favorite t-shirts, with amazingly simple tutorials.

Cover your pillow with a pillowcase made of t-shirt material so that the impression is more colorful and more unique. Of course, you can sort out unused t-shirts to make them more useful and not become trash. Throw this pillow over a plain, dark sofa to neutralize some of these t-shirt pillowcases. Choose a theme that you like according to the colors and patterns on your t-shirt. T-shirt pillowcases with different patterns and colors from diynetwork.

To get colors and motifs that are unique and different from the others, you can use a pillowcase made of t-shirts that you have in your wardrobe. Cut the t-shirt according to the pillow size, don’t forget to add tassel accents on the right and left side of the pillow to complete the appearance of this pillow when placed on your living room sofa. DIY your favorite jersey pillowcase from diynetwork.

4.     Sock Snowmen

Sock snowmen are fun to make, and various tutorials do not require sewing. You can use one white and one brightly colored sock to create the head and body. Fill them with dry lentils or rice and tie them strategically with twines to create round bodies. Hang them on the door, window frame, bed post, or holiday tree.

These plain white socks will be one of the most on-budget Christmas decorations and are very easy to make. Before tying the middle of the sock to form a snowman, you can fill it with a dacron to make it look more fluffy. Next, decorate the outer surface with doll eyes, a mini scarf, buttons, and a knit hat that has a soft texture and neutral colors. DIY snowman with white socks from allfreesewing.

If you use white socks as a snowman, then use patterned and colored fabrics as complementary accents to this DIY home decoration. For example, a sock snowman accented with a scarf and headband decoration with a colorful plaid cloth. You can also add a button accent on the belly with a bold color like red. Snowman that made of socks with the addition of plaid fabric accents from diyncrafts.

5.     Potpourri Bags

Clothes with thin or porous fabric are great as potpourri bags. You can make them with simple patterns and stuff any potpourri combination you like inside. Sew them tightly before tossing them into the cupboard or shoe rack.

These potpourri bags have a thin fabric texture so you can know the contents of these bags without opening them. For a sweeter look, you can tie these bags with a matching white ribbon to make them blend more perfectly. These bags can be used as storage containers for small items so they are not easily lost. White potpourri bags with ribbon accents from feltmagnet.

Choose a potpourri cloth as the main ingredient of the bag that doesn’t overdo it with a vintage feel. This cloth has a smooth texture and a thin material so it is easier to wash it when it starts to get dirty. Tie it with a rope that is put into this bag when finished filling it so it doesn’t spill. Vintage style potpourri bags from thinkmakeshareblog.

DIY home décor ideas give your old clothes opportunities to “serve” you one last time. Try this inspiration to reuse and recycle your old stuff into something pretty.

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