Best Colorful Succulents to Build Indoor Garden

If you think succulents only appear in green, think again! Many succulents can develop unique colors due to factors like direct sunlight, slightly cooler temperature, and even a little “stress” like reduced watering. However, there are other succulent types that tend to grow with unique shades.

If you want to have colorful succulents without adjusting too many factors, consider choosing these plants.

1.     Purple Heart

Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida) is a popular edging plant, but you can keep it in the house. The wide leaves grow in floret shape and produce bright purple shade. It produces beautiful pink flowers. Since the foliage is a bit brittle, you must place it on a slightly higher spot or in a hanging basket.

Using the purple heart (Tradescantia pallida) is a popular edge plant, but you can keep it at home. This purple heart-type succulent is complemented by a tall, blue pot that creates an interesting room decor for you to try. You can put it on the table for a fresh, natural-looking room. This decor will create the perfect focal point of the room. Purple heart (Tradescantia pallida) plants from davesgarden.

Hanging succulent plants in purple hearts will make your home decor even more attractive and will give fresh air into the room. Using a wire rope equipped with coconut fibers will accelerate the growth of this succulent species. Hanging it on the front porch would be a perfect focal point worth checking out. Combined with several other types of plants will complement your room decor. Hanging succulent plants in purple hearts from hgtv.

2.     Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce (Sedum reflexum) has a unique spruce-like shape and blue-green foliage. During summer, it produces beautiful yellow flowers. This succulent is a short growing one, so you can plant it in a small container and place it on a table.

Sedum reflexum is a stonecrop which blooms, with tiny yellow flowers, in spring. A similar Blue Spruce Stonecrop in a 4-inch pot is $8.95 from Annie&#8

The blue spruce in this terracotta pot will make your home look fresh and have a natural feel. Placing it next to a window will provide enough sunlight so that it will nourish your plants. This succulent is a type that grows short, so it can be planted in a small container and placed on a table. Besides that using large windows will provide a spacious and bright room decoration. Blue spruce in the terracotta pot from gardenista.

3.     Desert Cabbage

Desert Cabbage (Kalanchoe luciae) has large, round leaves that earn it the moniker “paddle plant”. The leaves have a bold red color that slowly morphs into the yellowish shade in the middle. The best thing about this succulent? Its yellow flowers grow in the late winter and early spring; a perfect choice to brighten your house during cold days.

The idea of decorating your home can add green accents to provide fresh and natural air into the room. Using these cute character pots is also a highlight when your guests enter the house. You can mix it with several other types of music to create an attractive and stylish room. Placing it on the table also creates the perfect decoration for the room. Desert cabbage succulent from thesprucecrafts.

Using desert cabbage succulent plants will enhance your room decoration. Choosing a plant type with red accent leaves will make for a stylish green plant. You can use a green ceramic pot and complete it with a few small pebbles that complement the decoration. Putting it on the table will create a room that is fresh and has a natural appearance. Desert cabbage succulent plants from thespruce.

Choosing a cabbage plant with terracotta pots will produce a fresh and attractive room decoration for you to try. Placing it on the table will also produce an attractive room decoration. You can combine it with several other ornaments so that it will complement the appearance of a stunning room. This will make the room the perfect focal point. Cabbage plant with terracotta pots from gardenista.

4.     Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Santa Rita Prickly Pear (Opuntia santa rita) is a beautiful cactus with flat leaves and pale green foliage. Each leaf has reddish-purple thorns that create unique dot patterns on the foliage. Make sure to prepare enough space, since it can grow to four to eight feet high.

Owning a Santa Rita Prickly Pear plant will make for an eye-catching financial decoration for a gorgeous look. This cactus has red branches and fruit so it will produce a stunning garden view that will pay attention to many people. You can use a clay pot and you can combine it with several other succulent plants for fresh results. Santa Rita Prickly Pear plant from balconygardenweb.

The idea of using pear thorns and placing them on the table will also create the perfect space for fresh and natural décor. Terracotta pots also have a unique appearance and will be watched by many people. With this plant, it will produce an attractive room. Coupled with all-white nuances, this will make a clean and airy room decor. Small Santa Rita Prickly Pear plant from thespruce.

The prickly pear cactus (Opuntia) is one of the unique genera of cacti. Many varieties have large, round spines, while others have small, hair-like spines that fall apart on contact. This succulent plant grows upright so it will make the perfect focal point of a room. Using terracotta pots will also present a unique room. You can add a corner to the room to complete the decoration. Small Santa Rita Prickly Pear plant from thespruce.

5.     Campfire Plant

Campfire Plant (Crassula capitella) is considered a low maintenance plant, but it grows into a magnificent red-yellow succulent. It has the perfect size to be grown in an indoor container. The flowers, unlike the bold foliage, are white and dainty, making Campfire Plant a great option for an indoor garden.

Crassula capitella campfires have long, thin, pointed leaves that are shaped like propellers. They tend to grow on top of each other, with larger leaves on the bottom and smaller leaves overlapping on top. With this plant, it will give a tinge of color to your home. Using this ceramic pot also creates an attractive appearance for you to try. Crassula capitella campfires from sublimesucculents.

Green succulents are not your only option for an indoor garden. Experiment with these colorful species to create a unique plant collection.

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