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Tips to Create Colorful but Cozy Farmhouse-style Home

Farmhouse style is identical with neutral colors, but you can apply bold colors to spice up this interior design. Colorful farmhouse style has become more popular among daring homeowners, combining cozy elements with cheerfulness. If you want to use bold colors in the farmhouse, here are several recommendations.

1.     Coral Farmhouse Cabinets

Coral is not as bold as red, so it still offers an “earthy” look, suitable for farmhouse design. You can incorporate coral in farmhouse cabinets. Surrounded by neutral shades, coral cabinets will light up the entire house and give unexpected visuals.

Change the look of your farmhouse kitchen to be more colorful by using a wooden kitchen island with a coral color which will become the focal point of the room. Green plants with ceramic vases on the kitchen island emphasize the natural farmhouse style and of course environmentally friendly. The kitchen island is more functional when equipped with a stool so that it can be a comfortable dining table to use with your family. Wooden coral kitchen island from hgtv.

2.     Turquoise Décor

Ever thought of using turquoise for your colorful farmhouse style? The color is bright enough to attract the eyes, but not too overwhelming. You can get a “beach farmhouse” vibe when using this color for the bolder spectrum. Pair it with white to get a relaxing vibe.

If you choose a cabinet with a turquoise color, neutralize it with a countertop and plain white room nuances. This wooden cabinet is equipped with a stronger and sturdier iron handle. This transparent glass window is a light source that can brighten up the overall kitchen decor, attach some of the small ornaments you have in this room for a more beautiful and unique look. Turquoise kitchen cabinets with white kitchen shades from homebunch.

The combination of turquoise and white in this modern farmhouse kitchen will do wonders for a satisfying finish. Apply turquoise color to the kitchen cabinet while white color on the tile backsplash. This cabinet door with chicken mesh wire emphasizes a vintage style that matches and matches the kitchen theme you are currently using. Turquoise cabinet with white tile backsplash from sebringdesignbuild.

This wooden kitchen cabinet you can repaint with a turquoise color for a different farmhouse kitchen decor this year. This color will be more striking when perfected by the reflection of light entering through your glass window. Use and place greenery on top of the cement countertop for a refreshing decoration and soothes the room as a whole. Turquoise kitchen cabinet with cement countertops from sebringdesignbuild.

3.     Eclectic Farmhouse Furniture

If you are not confident with painting the walls or ceilings, use bold colors on the furniture. Eclectic furniture makes your farmhouse look more interesting; upgraded for the more contemporary era. Choose one or two “center” furniture items to attract the eyes with bold colors. Settle with more farmhouse-standard items for the others.

Usually, the farmhouse living room decor uses neutral and warm colors, here you can enter a deep blue color on the carpet and one of the pillowcases for a more striking appearance and give the room a newer and unique look. An eclectic farmhouse living room will be even more perfect when equipped with living plants such as a rose that is placed on a glass table with an iron leg. Don’t forget to use a white vintage pot. Eclectic farmhouse living room with a splash of deep blue from bhg.

The bold vintage carpet in the living room of this eclectic farmhouse is able to accommodate all the furniture legs around it because it has a larger and wider size. This carpet will coat the floor to be warmer, besides that this interior also adds to the elegant and of course boring style of the room. Enter sofas and chairs with earth tone colors that are easy to mix with any colored interior around them. Carpet vintage bold color from bhg.

4.     Dusty Pink Farmhouse

Want a pink shade for your farmhouse? Try dusty pink, a dull, yellowish pink that looks demure enough for a cozy farmhouse. You can use this shade for the walls, carpet, or upholstery. Dusty pink accents will not overwhelm the earthy, neutral colors you use in the farmhouse.

Do you want a more feminine farmhouse home decoration? If so, you can use soft pink wall paint, the flower pattern on one of these chairs adds a vintage impression that is not consumed by time. Don’t just use one pattern, the striped sofa is also a good blend of furniture, and of course, it is very suitable for a vintage farmhouse decoration. The walls are painted in soft pink color with a patterned sofa from shelterness.

You can easily create a modern farmhouse with a more colorful feel for a room, starting with the use of soft pink and white paint combinations. The combination of these two colors will work well so that it displays a more cheerful decor, neutralize this wall paint with indoor greenery, and accentuates the wooden furniture in this room. The combination of soft pink and white on the walls paint from shelterness.

5.     Red Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors will add the literal “farmhouse” feel to your home. To make the interior more interesting, choose sliding doors with bold colors. Red is a great shade, which you can pair with a wooden floor or beams, a neutral palette, and even brick walls (if you have them).

The red sliding door, which is equipped with wooden floors and roofs, reinforces the farmhouse style in your home. This wood accent gives an impression and feels that is natural and of course environmentally friendly. The more colors in the room, the more colorful and energetic it will be. Red sliding door equipped with wooden interior from sebringdesignbuild.

If you need a room divider in farmhouse-style home decor, then a sliding barn door is the right design that you can try. Repaint this barn door with a bold red color to make the room more colorful. This barn door can be installed in your bathroom decoration to save space more effectively and efficiently. Repaint the sliding barn door from sebringdesignbuild.

Colorful farmhouse style can look and feel cozy if you combine the elements properly. Try these ideas to create a comfortable farmhouse interior without a garish look.

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