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How to Decorate Farmhouse-style Living Room with Cotton

Decorating a farmhouse living room with fabric is common. However, what if you want to use the actual cotton balls? Cotton décor farmhouse is surprisingly common, including for living room, giving your house a rustic, rural charm. Round cotton balls are also easy to combine and turn into crafts, which give you a lot of design options.

Here are several options to create cotton decorations for your farmhouse living room.

1.     Simple Cotton Stems

Faux stems are popular models for cotton décor farmhouse crafts. You can peel off pinecones and use their scales to wrap the bottom parts of the cotton balls. Stick them to dry stems with hot glue. This arrangement will look like unique branches full of white flowers. To create a stronger farmhouse look, arrange them in a used metal bucket or milk container.

The rustic ornate decor in this farmhouse house is enviable. Because the unique design can fool your eyes. Using cotton and tree branches, you can make your own using these materials. You can peel the pine cones and use their scales to wrap around the bottom of the cotton ball and attach it to the dry stem with hot glue. After that you can put this artificial flower arrangement into an unused milk container. To get an interesting result, you can place it on the console table to get an attractive room design.  Cotton and tree branches from homebnc.

2.     Cotton Flowers

Cotton flowers are slightly more complicated, but still manageable. The forms have more resemblance to actual flowers since you stick four cotton balls together to form the petals. You can stick them on long stems and arrange them in a glass bottle, used planter, or clay vase.

The making of this ornament made of cotton woven into a flower shape will create a stunning decoration so that it becomes the focal point of the room. You can attach it to a long stem and arrange it in an antique ceramic vase for an interesting room decor idea. You can place this type of decor on your dining table to create the perfect focal point for the room. Antique ceramic vase from shelterness.

Farmhouse home decorating ideas by using cotton petals attached to a twig and arranging them in an antique vase are the perfect room decorations that attract the attention of many people. With this idea you will have a stylish home and will become the focal point of the room. Adding an antique tray will also complement the decor of the room. Cotton flower on antique vase from shelterness.

You can add DIY cotton flower arrangements from cotton flower petals with twigs to make your farmhouse ornament decoration even more attractive. You can use antique gold pots for an elegant look at this dining table. You can add some green leaves to complete the décor to create a stunning ornament that’s pleasing to the eye. DIY cotton flower arrangements from shelterness.

Using a glass vase, you can add cotton flowers and a slightly more intricate but manageable tree branch. You can make it yourself, just use a hot glue gun to join the cotton flower arrangement and the old tree branches so that it becomes a unique decoration to try. Placing it in the corner of the room will make the decoration more attractive. DIY cotton flower on glass vases from shelterness.

3.     Cotton Wreath

This decoration is perfect if you want a holiday décor that is not too obviously “Christmas-looking”. The wreath consists of cotton balls tied on a grapevine wreath, which lend a more rustic, natural look. You can easily find clean grapevine wreath and even cotton garland at online craft stores. All you need to do is tying the cotton balls around using craft wires.

This décor is perfect if you want a holiday décor that’s less obvious. Using cotton flower arrangements gives your room a stylish look and gives it a more rustic and natural look. All you need to do is tie a cotton ball using a craft rope. You can attach this flower arrangement to the wardrobe door so that it will produce an interesting room decoration for you to try. Cotton flower wreath from shelterness.

Doing farmhouse decorating by applying a wreath of cotton is the perfect choice for you to try, so this wreath gives a more rustic and natural look. Choosing to make it yourself will not take up a lot of the budget that you spend so that it will make your room decor more stylish. You can put this wreath on your front door for a stunning design. Wreath cotton from shelterness.

Stringing cotton petals will give it a more rustic and natural look. You can make your own with a few cotton balls tied to a tree branch. Hanging it on your door will also make your farmhouse décor more attractive and will catch the attention of your guests. Having the perfect contrast between the garland and the door will create an attractive room decoration. Hanging wreath cotton balls from  shelterness.

4.     Cotton Crate Arrangement

Do you have an old crate box? Use it to create a cotton arrangement, suitable for any farmhouse living room. You can create simple cotton “flowers” like in the above, and combine them with greeneries, dry stems, and pinecones. They can be centerpieces for coffee tables or decoration next to the front door.

You need this DIY cotton arrangement because it will make your room decor more stylish and make your farmhouse look even more attractive. Placing these cotton straps on reclaimed wood frames and complementing with ribbons at the corners of the grid will complete this look. You can hang it next to the front door to welcome guests who come to your house. DIY cotton arrangement from shelterness.

The unique arrangement of cotton petals will be the perfect focal point for the room so that it will create an interesting farmhouse family room decoration for you to try. Placed it on the galvanized vase will give your farmhouse a rustic effect. Cotton petals on galvanized vases from shelterness.

Cotton décor farmhouse is a perfect option for simple, unique, and rustic decoration. Make your farmhouse living room more cheerful without spending too much with the humble cotton!

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