Creative DIY Storage Solution for Family RVs

Going to a family camping with RV is a fun way to spend time together. However, if you have a lot of family members, you must provide adequate storage solutions. Luckily, various DIY storage solutions are available to solve the capacity problem in family RVs. Here are some simple but creative ideas you can try for a family RV.

1.     Towel Rods with Containers

Maximize the wall space by installing towel rods in the RV bathroom. Hang several cheap plastic containers there to store personal things. Each family member can have his or her own container with a label. They are great solutions to keep small personal items in one place.

Take advantage of the wall area like an RV storage idea by installing stainless steel towel rods equipped with a small white plastic bucket. You can put this small bucket in the sink area as a soap storage container and brush your teeth to make it tidier and less messy. Stainless steel towel rods with small plastic buckets from thesavvycouple.

If you have an empty wall area then use it as a floating storage idea that saves the floor of your RV. For example, installing two towel rods vertically, then you can hang a plastic basket that has a thick texture to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Vertical towel rods with thick plastic baskets from thriftyoutdoorsman.

Your wall will be more useful when used as a storage area, install metal towel rods that are equipped with transparent plastic baskets to organize your shower needs according to their functions and needs. This transparent plastic basket will make it easier for you to find out the contents of this basket. Metal towel rods with transparent plastic baskets from thewanderingrv.

2.     Canvas Shelves

Solid shelves are often too bulky and space-consuming for an RV. Canvas shelves are great solutions if you need extra storage spaces without the bulks. They come in various sizes, from thin, small pocket shelves, to large canvas squares as tall as a cabinet.

You can try storing clean towels that are arranged vertically with canvas shelves to save RV space more effectively. This canvas storage is easier to wash when it looks dirty, besides that you can use this storage according to the width of the towel you are folding. Vertical canvas towel shelves from thewanderingrv.

Hang these canvas shelves on the RV ceiling using metal hooks to save RV floor space so it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. These canvas shelves are equipped with a lid that will protect your clean towels from dust. When going to use a towel, you can open this storage container by folding the canvas door upwards. Hanging canvas shelves from rvshare.

3.     Hanging Baskets as Pantry

Install a metal rod or hooks in the kitchen area to hang metal baskets. They can serve as your pantry, taking up the unused space RV owners often overlook. This DIY storage solution only needs a little modification, but you will be surprised on how much space you can use.

Currently, you don’t need to use metal rods to hang your metal baskets as an idea of storing your food stock safely and more efficiently, instead of hanging it in a wooden cabinet on an empty part. With this, your food stock will be guaranteed its safety and will not fall easily while on an RV trip. Metal basket that hangs in a wooden cabinet from thewanderingrv.

4.     Shower Curtain Rings with Clips

If you have an RV, you know how tiny the shower area is. Make your shower routine more convenient by hanging the bathroom supply tubes instead of placing them on a surface. Hang several shower curtain rings and connect them with metal clips. Use them to hang the bathroom supplies within convenient distances.

If you need the idea of storing soap in the shower area, then installing metal rings with hooks on the shower curtain is a smart idea that you can easily try. This DIY storage idea does not cost a lot of money, besides that with the idea of hanging this soap, the bathroom will avoid the mess caused by scattered soap. Metal rings with hooks for storage ideas in the shower area from thesavvycouple.

You can use different storage methods in this RV bathroom decor, namely by hanging metal towel rods which are equipped with hooks to hang baskets and bath soap sponges so that they don’t look messy. This metal material will also be sturdier and not easy to rust, so it is highly recommended for decorating your RV. Metal towel rods equipped with hooks from thehappyhousie.

5.     Hooks under Cabinet

Use the empty space under the cabinet by hanging metal hooks. You can hand cups and kitchen utensils there, preventing misplacement and keeping them within reasonable distances. Anyone needs to use them can easily spot the things.

Floating cabinets are a storage idea that saves space, plus the bottom of this wooden cabinet is equipped with a hook that is used to hang some of your cooking utensils without taking up much space. Use a sturdy hook so that it does not easily become porous when used for a long period of time, for example, a metal hook. Metal hook for hanging cooking utensils from rvinspiration.

In addition to cooking utensils, you can also hang several glass cups under this cabinet using sturdy stainless steel hooks. Give distance between these glasses so as not to cause a collision during your RV trip. With the right hook and distance, the occurrence of broken glass is very minimal, you can easily try this idea to produce the desired RV decoration according to your heart’s desire. Don’t forget to add a dining table set under a glass hook as a comfortable sitting area while being able to enjoy the whole trip through a transparent glass window. Hook the glass under the cabinet with the dining table set under it from rvinspiration.

These simple DIY storage solutions not only improve your RV but also make your trip experience more convenient. Enjoy a nice trip with family without losing small stuff again!

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